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Technological prowess or cowardice?

      Shouldn't it appear curious to us that knowledge gained by man falls to the ground to be recovered by him much later? Do we pretend to be unaware of this, or is it that we are so terribly distracted in our activities that this remains unseen? Remaining unseen and inaccessible due to what reason? It would be like a seed being left to sprout, expecting some new manifestation of life both varied and greater than its predecessor; and this is done quite unconsciously and unintentionally. So…


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Not Too Late?

      In previous generations, mankind confronted his dark side through wars fought with weapons and technology.  Today's society faces a far subtler manifestation of its proclivity towards evil, an evil that is far more pervasive and compelling.  We find also this war is far more desperate and decisive.  Evil can take many shapes, forms, and sizes, never molding itself to any common dictates.  Our generation finds itself embued in a conflict against tyrannical forces which require a resolve…


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A Great Secret

When viewing our planet from an evolutionary standpoint, one should sense a fundamental glitch in the panorama.  The present mindset supports the assumption that something exists that cannot be identified.  This something, grandiose and macabre, lends a feeling of helplessness and eventual doom to an otherwise tranquil existence.  What is it that pervades our world like a vast vaporous monolith evading detection?  Centuries of pondering appears almost to aid in camouflaging it from the human…


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The Fool

In the tarot, there is a card labeled "The Fool", also known as the zero card.  This card is directly related to the development of spiritual consciousness and discovery of the higher form of love and life.  This more profound sense of love we may define as unconditional, "no strings attached".  On this path, we rise above our egoic needs with the statement to others: "I don't care what you've done or been, I love you.  I release my cares and concerns about you, you are a fragment of God as…


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It's not about the money

I was abstracting today about how our economic system is actually representative of an occulted form of energetic vampirism.  Opportunistic power moguls seized the monetary system a few centuries ago, why?  Because they knew something that would take people by surprise.  They preyed on a basic assumption that all people believe others to be basically good at heart, working for the 'common interest'.  We know this to be entirely false.  However,  were those years in college or school worth…


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Indoctrination vs. Education

Where did the concept of a school, an organized, systematic method of thought development, develop from?  Sumerian texts speak of groups which in ancient times carried the responsibility of mentoring the next generation.  This was called the "Order of Melchizedek", an institution that transmitted the knowledge in circulation among the elders to the younger.  Education prepared people for the rigors of life, developing social, hunting, building, and farming skills.  You might say they were…


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Beliefs and Opinions

What are your beliefs?  How were they formed? Did you choose them, or were they pushed on you by parents or siblings?  Our beliefs determine much of how we structure and color our world.  Without our knowledge, they may be perceived and picked up by others , filtered through what society has largely dictated as acceptable, and pushed back in your face as how they see you viewing yourself and your world, and may actually be far removed from how you really are.  

    Beliefs are about…


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path of empowerment -excerpt from book

     The current fashion in Western civilization promotes doubters and skeptics who are recognized and rewarded for their worrisome speculations.  And because of an ancient ingrained fear of the body and it's wisdom, people can no longer tell the difference between what they are told is the truth and what makes sense to them.  This collective denial has now achieved a critical mass, and ages of emotionally toxic debris are rising to the surface to be identified and safely released.  From a…


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HR 347

URGENT" Obama signs anti-protest bill - Free Speech & Protest will get you JAIL TIME!  1st Amendment guarantees free speech; " Congress shall make no law prohibiting the exercise of free speech", this amendment has just been abridged to provide felony charges against citizens engaged in political protests anywhere in the US.   Secret service can decide whether a person is a threat to the president or other member of gov't with HR 347.  

Check it out on YouTube:

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self awareness

Has anyone felt or wondered why it seems that others seem to have little or no recognition of why they're here (seems they dont want purpose in their life, or wish to relive teenage dramas)?   It looks as if a lot of people do not have a real purpose or something truly meaningful happening in their life, as if they wish to "trash" their existence.  Possibly a jab at the creator for not allowing them a happier or more fulfilling life?  Any ideas?

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