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E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing and How it works:

Revolutionary E-Clinic of Natural Self Healing and How it works:

Some of you will be asking where I have been for the last year , let me explain what we have been doing. Dave Stewart (Lightworkersxm & E-Clinic)

This is new and this is living in The New Golden Age.

This also is the end of disinformation on health matters:

Most of you have your own good health but some of you know that you can do that little bit more to…


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Benjamin Fulford 28th Jan 2013

The Vatican P2 lodge, with their plan for a fascist world government, has started a massive world-wide offensive on multiple fronts. In Davos, Switzerland, for example, they are making wonderfully optimistic pronouncements that are totally in contrast the underlying reality. In Japan, meanwhile, they handed out massive bribes via Lord Sassoon to set up an 82-member faction of MPs within the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, according to White Dragon Society sources. In the US, their man Obama…


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Phase one is about to end for us light workers Phase 2 about to kick in

Full article here : …


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Portal 2012 Conference : Now Booking for the Caribbean : The Energy Island of Sint Maarten : Fri 30th Nov All Weekend to Sun PM 2nd Dec : 2012 :

 Portal 2012 Conference SXM Announcement 

Email for tickets :

Main Booking Zone…

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Caribbean spiritual energy : Brazil : why HAARP now Political? 7 year old explains crystal geometric patterns of energy and more

Caribbean energies from Sint Maarten/Saint Martin Written by Dave Stewart and Fellow Light Workers:

Firstly we begin with a 7 year old boy presenting us his Crystal Grid perfectly explained in 7 minutes

Thanks to the…


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Drake Update 19th April 2012


  • ~ Drake is waiting for substantiation of this intel he got “about a day or so ago” ~
  • “THE SECRET SERVICE IS EXTRAORDINARILY ‘TICKED’ — as well as the Delta Force — because they’ve been ‘dumped on’! “
  • “There’s been pictures floating around of Clinton [Hillary] partying in Columbia. The Secret Service got…

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Portal 2012 Scenario Cobra : The whose who? and the build up to the Mass Arrests

Very interesting article which explains The Light The Dark and some in between and some forward motion whicxh is exponential these days


Here is the direct article link



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594 Bankster resignations graphs Link Very Interesting

I like the second one Exponentially of course

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The Committee of 300 Named and shamed and need to be brought in

Does any one agree with me that we need to focus on those at the top who need leins and genocide notices served on them ?

These people are the very people who are guilty of one major thing among-st others.

They are keeping us from Free Energy and Anti Gravity and they prevent us from progression.

We are 150 years behind our times because of these people of power Gold OIL & Drugs and Satanism

Not to mention the genocide plans they have for all of us…


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Following Mass Arrests

Please follow postings On Mass arrests on this site We will be expecting Rothschild's Genocide charges and Cease and desist orders are expected this week

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