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Urgent - Flooding: Qld, Australia

Please assist sharing this message to all Ashtar Command members & those who are interested in co-creating peace through the global support system. Please cut and paste and share the message; for our intentions can transcend & heal. The external damage is exceeding past frameworks for reference - internal modes of support need sustaining from those of us who can send out positively attuned thoughts as mindful energy.

It is now time that we are assisted by the collective energy of…


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When we get our first taste of the New World, it is gentle and welcoming. This happened to those of us at October's Ninth Gate Activation in Bali when we opened the door to the New World. Then when we step deeper into the New World, we experience a massive stripping away of the old which is similar to traveling through a Black H***. This immersion into the New World is not gentle. It's more like being propelled through a time / space barrier. We are thrown off the Map of the… Continue

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2011 brings the discovery of a totally new purpose that we didn't know about. The revelation of our New Purpose is possible because we are now emerging as True Ones. Our New Purpose doesn't appear as ideas or concepts –– it's more like the waft of a fresh breeze. But in the moment that it's felt, we know it to be Real and True. When we try to see our New Purpose more clearly so we can define it, it elusively slips away, but the feeings remain. If we try to apply old methods or old concepts to… Continue

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Many have an awareness that the times in which we live are different and somehow significant, even special and unique. Great emphasis has been placed on 2012, for one, but whether you place much credence in that or not, there are many other indicators that this is a turning point for humanity. Certainly it is true… Continue

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Darn Human Customs

Thought I would start the year off with Laughter :-)


Added by Sunspiritsmiles on January 1, 2011 at 1:51am — 7 Comments



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