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i didnt want to be a ascended master i was quite happy being a dimensional tourist.

but i got stuck in this dumb dimension of duality and feedback! blah! so many ppl want to prove the necessitous of this and that to me. i never cared about the "facts" when traveling through the multiverse i existed and so did a whole heck of a lot of other things and every one and everything  was a awesome sight to behold!none ever took hold of my attention like this plane has been an eye opener foshow!boy what a tricky sticky silly lesson!what long strange trip its been!… Continue

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i made a free 2012 calendar if you would like one you can print it too

Metatron is the name of that art i did btw

Added by hedoknight on June 22, 2011 at 10:30pm — 1 Comment

you are a great and beautiful explorer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are all free to explore the is of all its done no one and i mean nothing and no self can stop you go explore be free i got your back it is you not them its your turn to be 

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mother earth birth

mother earth she begins to tremble slight shivers ripple through her skin her insides begin stirring

 the stirring increases to a swirl of heated self 

she begins to shake and sweat the sweat cools her in places other places heat up her inside dance the pressure builds 

more liquid escapes she ruptures and pure inner heat escape liquid flowing in pure streams

she is still reeling when she notices her skin has changed it is alive her inner self has spilled…


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i have traveled to 100's of dimensions heres how i did it and what i saw

When i was a young boy 2yrs old and younger i saw this reality as an infinite space it had a character to it,here and there where things best described as hills of energy rolling into forever changing colors as they spread into the horizon pretty uneventful place to tell the truth. next i noticed my self i was a plasma ball of purple orange blue red pink and green like an electric ball shifting through i saw a red electric ball it came to my vicinity and slightly merged with me i…


Added by hedoknight on June 13, 2011 at 8:00pm — 2 Comments

how to describe the unknowable

my ego gets frightened when i use a different observer filter, the only one that works is the observer who doesnt label the things it witnesses the ego melts away. a new realm is viewed a undescribable one. if i try to describe it this is how i go about it i am blind u r not can you please tell me what red is?no, you say  you just have to experience it… Continue

Added by hedoknight on June 13, 2011 at 7:33pm — No Comments

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