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Stop the World...I Want to Get Off!

Lately, the sense of standing with “one foot in each world” has been amplified about ten-thousand fold. I dare say, this past weekend left me ready to call a halt to both worlds, “stop the ride…I wanna get off!” was how I was feeling inside. Fortunately, the operator didn’t hear my plea, and those orbs kept a spinnin’.

I’ll say it…


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stardate 8172.1 training and thoughts

i change my physical training routine to the practice of yi chaun or mind boxing very new agey i think and keeps me fit and can defend oneself if needs must. thinking about this whole light,love, peace thing as an adult child of abuse mental, physical i still get pulled down by lower vibrational energys like you cant, or i dont want to change or the vibration of judgement. i do try be lighter but there are people in my life that are of a lower vibrational state then i stating the facts here.… Continue

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Superconscious Society

Hey, do you like social networking?

How about progressive thought orientated social networking?

I love it, and I love meeting with good fun people who ponder similar ideas as me.

This is my good friends new website. She helped me find alot of cool information, and her site's are always full of stimulating conversation. Come join us!…


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SaLuSa 16-August-2010

You will note that we have said that it is “you” who reviews each life, and there is no one else that does so.…


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stardate 81620.1 updates and stuff

several things to update first is i have ordered the l-glutamine 1000mg capsules 240 now foods im waiting to recieved it . that was suggest to me take for my ibs hopefully it was help my ibs. secondly i ordered the book series Revelations of the New Lemuria (TELOS, Vol. 1-3) by one Aurelia Louise Jones i heard went 5 deminsional (died)recently. what i read,heard, seen about it seems interesting as many of you know i think im assuming here telos is a lumerian city phase…


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Star Beings in My Dreams

The following is a dream or possibly vision I had on July 24, 2010. I sent in an email to a very good friend out ours, Cynthia T. Crawford <a rel="nofollow" href=""></a>; because I wanted to see what her thoughts were. In addition, I want to post the event here to learn if anyone has had similar…

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Sacred G Fusion

I bought the sacred g fusion from Cory Herter and I haven't been using it anymore so I decided to sell it.…


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MONTAGUE KEEN MESSAGE: Sunday, August 5, 2010

We ask that you come together in Light and Harmony.…


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FEDERATION OF LIGHT/Blossom Goodchild - August 15 , 2010

This dream is coming to an end. And you are waking up into the reality ... into the TRUTH. You are miraculous BEINGS OF LIGHT.…


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stardate 81520.1 log entry musings and thoughts

as a follower of franz bardon i did my exercises tonight with my new atlantean headband with fishing line as a temporary thong until the leather thong arrives. also did some lightwork for a friend . saw the video that our commander alerted us to about source energy i arrive that same conclusion after much experimentation and exploding experiments in the faces oy. it was very good i tend to agree about humans strange creatures dont get them heh i kill me. about the movie avatar i hated it .…


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Please Join The EARTH HEALING DAY on 15 August, 2010 from 12:00 Noon ~ 1:00 pm

This Sunday, August 15th is important - it's Earth Healing Day. People from all over the world are setting aside one hour (from 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM) to join together to create a massive healing wave for the planet. Organizers are calling for 500,000 people to participate. Everyone who Loves our planet is invited to join in.

Sheldan's webinar on Sunday, August 15 from 12 noon to 1:30 pm coincides with the Earth Healing Day event. So for all of you that…


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It is easy, given our cultural framework, to imagine spiritual learning as analogous to education - that spiritual learning is an accumulation. The idea we have is that one must keep learning, keep reading, keep listening to teachers, keep doing yoga in order to "advance." However, in truth, spiritual learning is nothing more than learning to be fully who you are. There is no "better" as you grow older and have more experience. There is simply more of who you… Continue

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EmPowering Feminine Energy

Empowering Feminine Energy

A woman’s sense of compassion and inner voice demonstrates the depth of her strength.


So often in our world we tend to think of strength as…


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MATTHEW’S MESSAGE – August 13, 2010


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Arch Angel Michael

Message from the Archangel Michael

Channeled by Meredith Murphy |

Telepathic Transmission 12 August 2010

Remaining still is a balancing act for dealing with the ever present emotional surges that are taking place right now. These emotional surges are happening as your inner being realigns with your cellular structure and then the love-vibration flows… Continue

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Message from SaLuSa for 11 August 2010

SaLuSa 13-August-2010

We refer to Ascension often, because it is the most important issue that you will have to decide. We have mentioned that once you decide to ascend, you are creating a pathway to it. The point we wish to emphasise is that many paths lead to it, so you need not be concerned if others follow one different to yours. You will find that they all lead to a moment in time, when there are great changes involving Mother… Continue

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SaLuSa 13-August-2010


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stardate 81320.1 first log entry

i been kinda ill from ibs and a sore throat for the week and half i sign up here pardon me. although i made my second atlantean headband in the traditional fashion 24 gauge copper sheet,silver disk, and an indigo aura crystal. following the instructions set fourth in the tome crystal power. and made several atlantean lighted power rods from 9 led highbeam flashlights and said crystals and silver furnence tape. very powerful devices i do say myself. tonight was first time i had enough energy…


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