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40 Ways to Create Peace of Mind by Lori Deschene



“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” ~Brian Tracy

There was a time when I thought peace was a destination, in much the same way I imagined I’d eventually arrive at happiness or success.

It seemed like something I needed to chase or find-definitely not something I could experience without…


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DL Zeta: Activating Healing Timelines brings us into the ‘Blessings Zone’ Sep 30

As we move further into the new time we enter new levels of awareness and empowerment. Our attention naturally turns to aspects of ourselves still struggling with wounds of the past. If we have judged our younger selves, now is the time to replace that judgment with compassion. The first steps toward oneness are taken internally as we embrace and assist ourselves throughout time.

Separation Wounds and Isolates

Parasitic thoughtforms of separation not only separate us…


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Metatron: Codes of the Law of One - via James Tyberonn


In This Archangel Metatron Channel:

How to Use Crystal Skulls Origin & Purpose of Crystal Skulls The Atlantean Reunion of the Law of One Codes of the Law of One Explanation of the Ascension & 12-12-12 Max, Sha-Na Ra & Mitchel Hedges

Archangel Metatron Channel



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The Arcturians Speak about Fifth Dimensional Leadership - Suzan Caroll - 9/28/12



Suzan Caroll Ph.D

We have spoken with you before about Fifth Dimensional Leadership (Please see the Blog for 8-20-12) and would like to expand on that information. If you have said, “Yes, I want to be a 5D Leader” when you are not even sure what that means, you have put yourself in the “fast lane” of…


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Hilarion: You Are Your Own Greatest Treasure

Hilarion: You Are Your Own Greatest Treasure

As channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff/Tsu-tana - 30 September, 2012

Beloved Ones,

A great many of you are experiencing fear in ways that…


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The Crystal Dolphin Pod. ~ It’s All About L❤ve. ~ By, Bella Capozzi. September 30, 2012.


* This is one of 2 posts I’ll be presenting, in which I touch upon the heartbreaking issue of the Taiji dolphin hunts, as shown in the movie “The Cove.” After seeing this movie several years ago, I became a supporter of several conservation organizations, and became peacefully involved in the Anti-Captivity movement.

In many parts of the world,…


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Caribbean spiritual energy : Brazil : why HAARP now Political? 7 year old explains crystal geometric patterns of energy and more

Caribbean energies from Sint Maarten/Saint Martin Written by Dave Stewart and Fellow Light Workers:

Firstly we begin with a 7 year old boy presenting us his Crystal Grid perfectly explained in 7 minutes

Thanks to the…


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The Allies of Humanity   By Marshall Vian Summers

Fourth Briefing  “Manipulation of Religious Traditions and Beliefs”

In order to understand the visitors’ activities in the world today, we must present more information regarding their influence on world religious institutions and values and on the fundamental spiritual impulses which are common to your nature…


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So when he finished his final bestowal and his return on what is called the Pentecost and he ascended up into the sky, he kept his promise that he would send down a special spiritual helper “to strengthen mankind”, from our down fall which was not our fault. This Spirit that he sent down at that time was…


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It's not about the money

I was abstracting today about how our economic system is actually representative of an occulted form of energetic vampirism.  Opportunistic power moguls seized the monetary system a few centuries ago, why?  Because they knew something that would take people by surprise.  They preyed on a basic assumption that all people believe others to be basically good at heart, working for the 'common interest'.  We know this to be entirely false.  However,  were those years in college or school worth…


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Galactic Event UPDATES!!!

As you probably have heard, the Annunaki and the Orion and Zetha grays are ploting to start and galactic war, because they concider our planet their territory and the humans in it theirs. As you all know the Annunaki joined the GFL including the Orion grays 3 years back! This was nothing esle than a strategy to bee able to spy on the GFL for the draconians and their followers! The Annunaki and the orion grays where kicked out not to long ago. Not to long after they got kicked out the…


Added by Archeia Luciela on September 29, 2012 at 7:53pm — 3 Comments

we should do what Iceland did

check it out

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Mary Magdalene: Enhancing Your Inner Reality


Natalie Sian Glasson

Note from Wes: I am moved on more levels than can be expressed by this message. If any of you are in doubt or fear at this moment, this entire message will be a clear and healthy dose of understanding and for me, it has helped in attaining quite a shift in perspective.

Enhancing Your Inner Reality by Mary Magdalene

Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 29- 09-12

With love and truth I come forward to you now, I am the essence and…


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Shazi - Ascended Master Saida Khatoon: Nothing is Ever Lost but Spiritualized

Hello Son,

Nothing is Ever Lost but Spiritualised

Man often misunderstands that our life is full of experiences that give rise to other experiences all around the world. It is like a birth but not a birth as we know it.

A thought can originate but is never lost. It roams freely in the cosmos ethers of space and then is stored in the akashic records for eternity.

The mind churns away millions of thoughts during its life time, but this is of one person; now imagine…


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Visionkeeper - Let Us Be Lanterns Of Light - 28 September 2012



It is getting more unsettled by the day, people are getting harder to communicate with, not a whole lot makes sense right now and it is imperative we continue to carry the light into the dark corners of the world. I see so many people now unable to make sense of what is going on around them, they are not truly awake and cannot see past the haze…


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Helen Demetriou Channel - Sophia Rising


Channeler: Helen Demetriou /channeler/160186/helen-demetriou September 27 2012

Note to all readers: Please know that Sophia uses many words which are metaphors for others things pertaining to occult symbolism. You must understand that this is the RAW energy of Sophia, otherwise known as the Shekinah, the pure and…


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New Aguarian Age Map of the Cosmic and Planetary Spiritual Hierarchy by God ,Christ ,and the Holy Spirit

As is been released by The New Planetary Logos

Lord Buddha - Planetary Logos and Lodge …


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