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Angelic Message of Love

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

So many of you want so much more in your lives and dear ones, that is fine, but realize what your soul wants, always and forever more, when you are on this earth and beyond, is to experience an expansion of God's love flowing through your existence. Everything you want on earth, at its deepest level, is an expression of that desire. Everything you want is something you think will give you a greater… Continue

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Splash of Cosmic Rain

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Sacred Passage into Lemuria

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The Mathematics of Love

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Salusa, with forwarded note from Steve Beckow

This may be one of the most important messages that I’ve heard from SaLuSa. In it he confirms the relationship between the galactics and the “host of heavenly beings” – namely, the ascended masters of the White Brotherhood and the angels or celestials.

He mentions St. Germain and confirms the story of St. Germain’s creation of the NESARA funds.

He says that many of the benefits of NESARA are ready to be passed on to us and reassures us that the financial meltdown, which is… Continue

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The RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine

The RE-Emergence of the Divine Feminine

By Rebecca Cherry

As the Divine Feminine spirit continues to awaken within each one of us through her gentle and compassionate voice, the winds of change will continue to break down the old paradigm of the

global patriarchal dominated…


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Mastering The Frequency Of Your Own Vibration - A Message from Faleekastrina

I am Faleekastrina, Head of The Council For The Assistance To Earth, and I am an eleventh dimensional being.

The only reason I am on the eleventh dimension is because I have mastered the frequency of my vibration, because I have learned to focus my mind into a single way of thinking and operating, and I am completely in control of my own mind at all times.

In other words, I am always aware of my mind and I am always aware of my vibrational frequency. It…


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Dispelling the Fringe of Self Reflection

What a journey it has been in this last Full Moon cycle!

The journey began in the days leading up to the Full Moon. In our last

missive, we addressed the energetic origin of original sin. We came to

understand that the true nature of original sin is keeps us separated

from our authentic self, the Goddess and Source. However the real

original sin is that we were programmed to think something is wrong with

us, when in fact we are vibrational reflections of… Continue

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Word of the Day - Council for the Assistance to Earth 30th August 2010

Bless what you see around you. Look at what is good around you, and do not focus on what you don't like about it. People know when you are judging them on a subconscious level. They are hearing you judging them, and it is the same when you are sending thoughts of support toward them, sending feelings of upliftment toward them. Let the people around you know, whoever they are, that you agree with them. The way they are is good.


-- Faleekastrina

Channelled… Continue

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SaLuSa 30-August-2010


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Tonight I will be interviewing Cory Herter creator of Sacred G technology! Listen live or to the recording after the show!

Please be sure to tune in on Starseed radio with Zoh & HeavenlyButterfly interviewing Cory Herter creator of Sacred G technology

8pm pacific time zone

Monday Aug. 30

Listen to internet radio with Starseeds Radio on Blog Talk…

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Stop S.510 - Fake "Food Safety" Bill. THIS BILL HAS TO BE STOPPED!

Stop S.510 - Fake "Food Safety" Bill

This post was featured by Christopher as a blog on OV, but because this video is so important, I felt that I had to feature it on here!

Please pass on this information to family, friends, Neighbours, work colleagues and anyone you can pass this information on to! STOP THIS BILL S.510!

We want to continue to protect organic farmers, keep out the deadly toxic chemicals from all foods and allow the public to grow their own food!

Stop the… Continue

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And yet have you not been taught that visualisation is your most powerful tool? What is real and what is not? What do you chose…


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White Cloud channeled by Blossom Goodchild - Aug. 21, 2010



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SaLuSa 27-August-2010

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation is pressing for the awaited announcement to be made. Our allies include people in exceptionally…


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2012: Declaration of Human Sovereignty

We, the People of Earth, extend greetings to all…


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Master Hilarion

August 15-22, 2010

Thanks to Len.

Beloved Lightworkers,

Many changes are now taking place within you and around you. The dimensions are beginning to come closer together and the veils that have kept you blinded are being lifted from you and you will notice that your perceptions are getting ever more accurate and your intuition is always leading you upon the Path you have set… Continue

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Big things from Little China

Michael Salla: Veteran China Astronomer Claims UFOs are Extraterrestrial Space Craft

August 24, 2010

tags: Michael Salla, Wang Sichao, China Admits Extraterrestrial Lifeby Steve Beckowi11 Votes

Michael Salla takes up Prof. Wang Sichao’s Aug. 23 speech and gives more details on its reception in China.

It’s my impression, as it is Michael’s, that a professor in China would not make a speech with such an impact on policy without having first been blessed by the… Continue

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Word of the Day - The Council for the Assistance to Earth

You are powerful. Understand that everything you are thinking and feeling is going out and affecting everything around you. Understand that this is not just something you have read. This is a fact. So choose your thoughts and your emotions deliberately.


-- Faleekastrina

Channeled by Allinduath Aldebaran

View all blog posts at: …


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