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Time Codes

How could a system of time have any meaning? Especially any specific time. The reason we break down the days into two twelve-hour segments is because the greeks used a twelve symbol zodiac because there are twelve moons in a year. Seconds and minutes are arbitray units that were just invented by someone a long time ago, so long ago that we don't even contemplate what a minute or a second or even an hour mean. It's just a way of getting to appointments on time, or no less than five minutes late.… Continue

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A matter of vibration...

"Unconditional Love is an attribute of the Being in its highest level. It is a matter of vibration. Or one vibrates at that wavelenght or does not."


Photo of Angel of Light

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Sananda, September 16, 1991

"Since we now write for the first issue of the Newspaper format, I will discuss a bit about WHO I AM and give a bit of introduction. I AM called Esu, Jesus Christ, Immanuel, Emmanuel, The Pale Prophet, etc. I AM now called SANANDA, which means "One with God". This is my inherited name given of Our Father God/Aton. Druthea means Teacher, One who brings Strength and Gift of God. She is one of my beloved human scribes to bring you THE WORD.

I and… Continue

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9 9 9 Activation of the Emerald Crystal of Healing

'9-9-9 Activation of the Emerald Crystal of Healing' - Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn - pdf, scribdPosted by ramsiel on August 28, 2009 at 2:25pm in James Tyberonn

AA Metatron Channel :

'9-9-9 Activation of the Emerald Crystal of Healing'

Archangel Metatron via James Tyberonn

"Masters, no place on the planet will reverberate as powerfully with the Crystalline frequency on the 9-9-9 as the crystal vortex of Arkansas. Indeed the… Continue

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Mental reprogramming to improve our immune system and better combat Influenza A (H1N1)


The Noesiterapia was invented and developed by Dr. Angel Escudero, Spanish surgeon who performed 40 years surgical anesthesia without chemistry at the Chiron Clinic in Valencia, with whom we were honored to learn this method personally that not only applies to surgical procedures, but to everything that you want programmed or ordered for delivery to the brain.

Through all that Noesiterapia regulates the conscious and unconscious brain is… Continue

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THE Ultimate 3-D Virtual Reality Game

Serapis Bey, August 10, 1996

I am Serapis Bey. Greetings, my brother. You know me. I am around you quite frequently these past few years. I come within the Light of the Totality of Light.

I represent the Fourth Aspect of Creator's Spectrum. I represent purity and balance. The Fourth Aspect is balanced by three on each side, thus making up the seven. Picture me as the stabilizing fulcrum at the center of the balance bar. I encompass all of the Aspects of Creator and I… Continue

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Intergalactic Aid available.. Please vote now!

The Intergalactic Family of Light have said there is a solution to the child abuse and neglect problem the Children of Light are enduring. It is having a knock on effect on your ascension efforts.

Please see the video for full details and be sure to vote Yes for Mary Celeste. (Just

send out a mental vote will do and have everyone in your home do it too!)

Please forward this to everyone you know and translate &… Continue

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Inka andean workshop 03-04 july, In the most beautiful South-coast of FINLAND performed by Pedro Inkari. (workshop in English) If you are traveling from outside Finland ask info about the traveling from

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The Basic Illuminati Structure

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Live Kryon Channelling

Sedona, Arizona

Annual Kryon Summer Light Conference

June 13, 2009

"Becoming Quantum"

As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon

Greetings, dear ones, I am Kryon of Magnetic Service. Twenty years ago I said those words to my partner. Do you know what he said to me? "You're going to have to change your name. It's not fluffy enough. It's not angelic…

Added by Steve Filkins on August 27, 2009 at 3:30am — No Comments

Funny, funny------

This is just a slapstick controversy,

dolphins made of stardust, snakes

made of moonbeams and dragons

made of sun powder------

Just another miracle of the universe,

all the work, has not been vasted,

funny feelings are transformed energy,

in a symbolic way-

Have a good laugh, and then try to

understand, have a good laugh, and

think it all over again, oh it's very

funny, all so very funny,funny--------

Bubbling inside,… Continue

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The Power of Love

" When the Power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will finally know peace"

I deeply feel within by heart these beautiful words said once by Jimi Hendrix... We are made of Love and Light. As soon as man discoveres who he really is, meets his true identity, man will learn to overcome… Continue

Added by Angel of Light on August 26, 2009 at 8:40pm — 1 Comment

Christ returns

Look at the 4 vertical center dot's for 30-40 second's , realxed look is best. Then look at any solid colored surface and a wall will do. You'll see a 'VISION: of a figure with a radiating H^lo. ::: ENJOY :::…


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The "Grounded" Crew


I've always been bothered by the phrase "down to Earth". Since I was young, I have never used it in a positive way, and I have always taken it as an insult (usually quietly) when directly towards me. It is the perfect verbal summation of all the limitations and problems that I see on this planet and with Humanity. However, I feel there is a difference between being "earthbound" and "of the ground". It is not correct to blame the planet Earth for anything. Humanity, perhaps… Continue

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Its All About INTENT

I submit for consideration the writings of Robert Anthony, Ph.D., from the article "The Secret of Doing Without Doing" at

The one line that resonates the most for me is "It is not your action that makes things happen, it is your intent."

The word "Intent" seems to be THE keyword among the writing of those seeking ascension, enlightenment, etc. as of late. The word came into my mind earlier this year to describe part of my own focus on the… Continue

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I Am A Bridge

All of us, at some time or another, ponder why we were born/incarnated, etc. To be a good father, husband, son, mother, wife, daughter? To be successful at business and/or at family relations? To be rich, famous, generous, saintly? Is there a more fundamental state of being? Something more basic, more purely function, that can describe a person's reason for existence?

Bridges span a distance, usually over basic elements such as Earth, Air, Water, and, on rare occasions, Fire. They… Continue

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What I Am

[Note: What follows are my personal feelings, and are not meant in any way to judge those who are sure of their Intent. I offer my views so that others may consider all trains of thought, of all options, on their path towards Peace, Progress and Enlightenment.]

Greetings, my name is Mark and I live on the East Coast of the USA. I have joined this site to offer my small part in the coming changes for the Human race and the planet Earth.

For years I have been investigating… Continue

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Denial of Love

It's not so hard

for hearts to go dark.

The beautiful women

smirk and laugh at my love

behind bugeyed sunglasses

reflecting the evening light.

The warmth turns to coldness,

the love into pain,

slowly dying

as I sit alone

every night,

watching the sun set.

I deserve better than this,

everyone does.

This love is right and real,

but only when accepted.

The denial of love

makes it… Continue

Added by J~{Shaar'Ah'Ai'La}~ on August 25, 2009 at 11:40pm — No Comments

Getting Over the Past

We all have (or have had) things from our past that haunt us. No matter what we do they seem to be there with us especially when we aren't being distracted by other people and events. Sometimes we deliberately keep ourselves busy to avoid thinking about our "ghosts" and "skeletons in the closet." But that is not the solution; it is just postponing the time when you are forced to deal with it.

Why do we continue to focus on things from the past? The answer is because we haven't… Continue

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Moonlight Embrace

Moonlight embrace

By: Steve Castro

Shining moonlight so dim yet so bright, how wondrous are the heavens above and so it be as the stars above. Clouds cleave your shining moonlight, how untimely that I may only see you for just moments of my life. Sing to me of your grace so that I may hear you once more, let me feel your luminous frailty oh divine beauty my heart felt majestic. I gaze above oh heavens I dream of you, I see the heavens with limitless glory, light and darkness...… Continue

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