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The Arcturian's ~ Worker's For The Light - UNITE! ~ Ute - April 29, 2012

Now is the time that all those who are here to work for the light join together...In spite of differences in perceptions of spiritual matters and spiritual paradigms, in spite of differences of culture, personality, preferences and life style, we ask you to put all of that aside now...Everything is now at you finger tips, beloved ones...Dear ones, workers for the light, now is the time to acknowledge this and act…


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Jesus ~ You Will Find Yourselves Steeped In The Wonder Of Who You Truley Are ~ John Smallman - April 29, 2012

Humanity is on course to awaken as divinely intended...Your destiny is to awaken, and so you shall. Release your fears, your doubts, and your anxieties that suggest you are unworthy because they only confuse and disturb you... you will find yourselves infused and steeped in the wonder of who you truly are: divine beings of infinite value



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Archangel Michael ~ The Surf Is Up ~ Ron Head - April 29, 2012

It is time to talk about the month which is about to begin, dear friends...There is...the possibility for the...alignments and frequencies to bring out strong reactions from those not aligned with love and light...You now begin the full-on run to your ascension and your attention and focus on that goal is more important than anything that may occur around you...The veil which was in place has been…


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The Ancient One ~ Solene ~ The Choice of NO FEAR - April 29, 2012

We are here to tell you of new mining techniques from the dark energies. These personal documents that you all are creating and saving on the boxes in front of you for later access are being retrieved through the guise of FREE SOFTWARE ...You dear beings understand all government is an illusion. You are believed to be puppets. But you know more. The sovereignty of your being is here…


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Archangel's Michael & Raphael ~ Keep Your Eyes On The Prize ~ Ron Head - April 26/27, 2012

You are feeling new and powerful energies of light that have been gifted to your bodies and minds... You have felt this coming on, but you as yet have no real understanding of what this will entail...Things which you have worked hard to release, and which have clung to you stubbornly, will be released now... You will find no let up now....Reach out in your quiet moments and you will find us....“Keep your eyes on the…


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Archangel Michael ~ This My Dearest Friends, Is the Secret ~ Ron Head - April 24, 2012

Our message today is for you to maintain your center during the coming three weeks...The alignments and energy which begins these for you now may cause some discomfort, but allow that to settle for you...The most important saviors of Earth are landing right now.  They are landing in your own hearts and bodies...Allow the seedling which you are the opportunity to grow and amaze you



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Hilarion's Weekly Message - Peeling away the layers of subconscious patterns - April 22, 2012

The peeling away of the layers of the subconscious patterns that have been carried within you are now beginning to be dissolved and dissipated...which in turn brings up more layers that have been deeply hidden within you... Dear Ones, and being willing to experience the uncomfortable feelings and pain involved in this process says much about your inner strength and resolve to see this process through to the victory...Keep your…


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Archangel Gabriel 2012 - "Cultivating balance is a fine art that requires diligence and perseverance"

Beloved Ones,

We wish to have discourse on the quality of Love which manifests itself as balance. This is an attribute that is extremely important for these changing times upon the Earth. Without the ability to maintain balance within your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies, it is very difficult for a person to…


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Jesus ~ You Are The Wonder-Children of God ~ John Smallman - April 22, 2012

To awaken into Reality is humanity’s divine destiny, and you are making it happen. During the time that remains before you awaken, keep reminding yourselves that what you are doing is absolutely essential to the process that is unfolding all around you. Make a point of connecting with others who, like you, are heavily involved in this noble and demanding task, either physically, by phone, or through the worldwide communication…


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Sainte Germaine & Lord Metratron ~ The Eyes of Wisdom ~ James Tyberonn - April 22, 2012

The Eyes of Wisdom are yours Dear Friends, and in this amazing time, wisdom is received, for it has been you. You have come so far, and the lights of your true home are shining...You are now ready for the Ascension... and Human Angels, you will see many changes from within and without!...The old adage of "be careful what you wish for is going into over-drive. As we have told you before, you are given the gifts of gods.…


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The Pleiadian High Council: Consciousness of our Craft and our Earthly Lineage ~ Wes Annac - April 21/22, 2012

Our ships vary in size and structure, and each and very Light Ship and Mothership of course is constructed uniquely to fit the wants and needs of the souls inhabiting such ships...we have also taken to purposefully constructing many ships that look exactly like the common clouds in your skies, and we have stationed many Motherships that are both cloaked to look like clouds and that have been built to look like clouds...Those large,…


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What is Ego? A report from the trenches.

In the end it really is black-and-white. But of course it all depends upon the sincerity of our interest in genuine and truly radical transformation. That's why there is so much confusion about the question: What is ego? Because our ability to recognize the true face of the ego, to see it for what it actually is, depends entirely upon how far we want to go on the spiritual…


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Saul ~ An Enormous Change In Perception ~ John Smallman - April 18/19, 2012

When humanity awakens it will be to a fantastic welcome from all who have been watching and encouraging you on your homeward journey since it began, eons ago...This enormous change in perception is the driving power that is propelling you forcefully forwards towards the grand awakening that is both your desire and your destiny...




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Michael ~ Shine My Beloved Friends ~ Ron Head - April 18/19, 2012

When you begin to know the feelings of others within yourselves, you will have no desire to harm another being... when you begin to feel the oneness of all, then causing harm will not be possible for you any longer....We know you feel the moment approaching. The momentum has been created by and for you...Shine, my beloved friends! You are indeed the ones you…


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Michael ~ Allow Your Imaginations To Run Free and Play ~ Ron Head - April 17/18, 2012

A great deal of what you are being told seems like fantasy and science fiction to you now.  We assure you it is not...You are beginning to see more and more that what you think and believe becomes your reality with ever increasing rapidity...This focus is your control... It has been said, if you can imagine it, it is possible...Allow your imaginations to run free and play.  It is time to create with…


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Saul ~ Something Of Great Importance Is Missing From Your Lives ~ John Smallman - April 15, 2012


Separation is an imaginary construct that you chose to build for your own amusement, and it has brought you much dissatisfaction and suffering...let it go and awaken into awareness of your true nature...The key to releasing yourselves from fear is forgiveness....You will remember and you will awaken – because you have a very strong sense that something of great importance is missing from your…


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Wes Annac ~ May We Get Going Already? - April 14, 2012

As every single day goes by and I continue to look at the state of the world around me, I feel divided at best...every day is a constant effort in myself to find the purer paradigms in myself that will see me (and hopefully all of us) exposed to the changes we have been waiting for.... This is a tough lesson that I am learning right now...It’s not going to be easy...We know this is all going to happen, it is just taking longer than…


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The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies - April 14, 2012

The Galactic Federation through Wanderer of the Skies…

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SaLuSa 13-April-2012


SaLuSa 13-April-2012

There is nothing that you cannot do inasmuch that you have much more power than you realize. You are not yet at the level where you can achieve instant results, but the energies you put out for change will bring about a response. More so…


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There Are No Separate Hearts

The Messages from God

through Yael and Doug Powell

Beloved ones, your hearts are being used. Your hearts are being used continually, for you are the presence of Real Love and you are bringing in the vibration of the truth that only Love is…


Added by Neal on April 10, 2012 at 10:30pm — 1 Comment

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