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About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
hey! I'm Olivia but the name Ramona pops up in my mind alot, same as the name Leona, and Aurorica Aray.. All kinds of names for myself come to mind. I enjoy learning new things and contributing to this world as best as I can with the information I have stored up.
Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration
My mother, who is also my elder teacher from Lemuria and Sirius and is my shaman. My friend Brian, who is my lover from my past lives and who is also my shaman friend from past lives until now. My grandmother, who is also my daughter since I was her mother before this life, she is very psychic and so lovely and has taught me that it is okay to be psychic and to trust my instincts. Jesus is also my teacher and spiritual source of inspiration as well as other Masters that have contributed to the world greatly! Allan Watts is also my spiritual source of inspiration, I absolutely agree with and love his quotes. Drunvalo Melchizedek, David Wilcock, and so many many others have taught me alot! Not personally with the last 3 I mentioned, but through their work they have contributed to society. My other teachers are not mindfully known by me.
Books You have Read and Would Recommend
The Onion Girl, Trader, Dreams Underfoot, Trader (all from the same author, Charles De Lint). His books have so much truth to them and I resonate with them deeply! as well as the reoccurring character ,Jilly, she is basically Me haha. I would recommend those books to anybody who indulges in their imagination and loves fiction and has had dreams of the Spirit World or have experienced the Spirit World, anybody honestly should read these books. It has an old and ancient energy to them that the author has put into them! It's inspiring and it's comfort food for me.
Movies and Music you Would Recommend
Movies: I Am (a documentary on Netflix), Eat Pray Love, The Giver, Interstellar, The Secret (Law and Attraction, documentary), Upside Down (a world where gravity is divided and so is social hierarchy, as well as has twin flame content, the right side up world is poor and has a boy (flame) there who falls in love with a girl (flame) that lives in the rich upside down world..Two worlds collide, it's a powerful movie)..... I have seen so many eye opening and inspiring movies that have gotten me thinking, too many to list sorry! Music: Enya, Egnma, Rebelution, Nahko Bear: Medicine for the People (I especially recommend this singer!!! good music, great lyrics, and vibes!).... umm can't think of any other music to recommend.
Your Goals, Visions and Desires
My goal is to clean up the environment on Earth by picking up trash and decreasing pollution in the air through meditation groups and speaking out to the public why it is essential that we take care of Earth! To inspire many to love this planet that we are on because for now we aren't going anywhere physically and have time here that we need to spend on awakening to our true potential and unlocking our abilities and living in peace and loving understandings and kind communities. Teaching those that don't know, about giving and using energy in positive ways and how using positive words has great effect on us compared to negative words that are harsh not just for us but for Earth because it is sending out vibrations in a ripple effect that can harm others. I vision a world where there is beauty everywhere, I mean everywhere!!! the laws of nature are restored and taken care of and respected. Everybody and everything lives in harmony with one another. There would be no unnecessary violence. My desire is to be the type of artist that awakens the light inside everybody, that inspires many, gives out great vibrations and loving energies. I desire to reprogram music to better solfeggio frequencies that strengthen, cleanse, protect, and enrich our chakras. My goal is also to alter the education system and the school buildings. Metaphysical science to be taught, math to be unlimited, History to have filled in gaps of missing info, Yoga and Meditation classes included as an option but maybe even a requirement because it is of great benefit to students and a great stress reliever, No More Homework only classwork and the classwork will be simpler and easy to understand but also a challenge to provoke thought into it so the students Do learn, Classrooms to be outdoorsy (walls to be engeniered to suit the outside environment that would have breatheable screens type of walls that can also lock in heat when needed and lock in cold when needed) with no florescent lighting just natural light on sunny days and harmless lighting on cloudy days with plants incorporated in the rooms where students will be taught to love the planets and take good care of them and there to be desks with comfy chairs, Teachers will be required to teach in ways that crystal/indigo/rainbow/all kinds of children can learn better as well as adhd kids and what it takes to grab their attention by being peaceful and loving and kind and treating them with respect and being one with them so you both have an understanding of each other and I feel that that way the student(s) will respect you and help make the classroom environment friendly and tailored to their needs and they will also not demand any dominance over you and vice versa.... I also have a goal in altering psychology courses to incorporate the spiritual element because that is the most crucial element into understanding why we have mental illnesses and why people do what they do and to also be more helpful in finding out who we are when taking personality tests... and so on. I have big goals and visions and desires, I hope to be able to achieve them. I really want to help this world one step at a time while I'm here.

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