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Hello my spiritual family of love and pure light i love all of you deeply

The birthday of our Lord is coming soon and i want to give you some small gift. This is how you can to come in contact with a spiritual being like an angel.So if you want it, take it, it is entirely free and it is my pleasure to give you.


There is no reason to fear at all this action is the need of your soul to became more spiritual. With this action you will felt wonderful feelings, you will give pleasure to our Lord of pure Light.Unfortunately you can not choice the spiritual being you want to make contact with.Because i not have the identity code of each one.I have the code of our Lord Archangel Michael and it is given to my from Urantia book.

Probably you can come in connection without any code with angels of darkness but this may harm your soul it is your choice at all.

So to make a connection you need some material tools like a note book a pencil an erase tool and a  digital   24 hour  watch with 4 digit display no other.

This function works like your e-mail but it covers all the universe and not depended from time. with this function you can to have certain answers at all your questions .You can learn many things about the Father  of universe about universe,planets like earth,your soul, about past present, future. you can send a message to any spirit even to your dead brothers. But don't ask to give you the winning numbers of joker of the next week.

For spirits it is stupid and not honest thing not ask material things. in this function questions and answers is written from you. The spirits have not hands to write  for you.

The spirits carry the messages from you to your receiver and give you the confirmation of this action. Example:on question Was our Lord Jesus Christ an incarnation of Archangel Michael ? To take an answer for this you mast write to sentences one positive

and one negative.I show you the text form below:

                             To Archangel Michael 611.131

Message code: 11,11 . Message confirmation:

Message:Jesus Christ was an incarnation of myself

Message code:22,22 Message confirmation:

Message: Jesus Christ was not an incarnation of myself


This is what you mast write to take the answer you want OK.?

Now, how you create  your message codes.You digital watch displays numbers

Hour from:00 to 23 and minutes from:00 to 59 OK ?

This type of code is the simple, you can use any number at this rate or more sophisticated  just a code for any one of your messages. You put the watch and all your tool close to you.But the watch not in front of you, don't see it all the time.

Look at it only when you feel the desire,and for 3sec each time you want.

But the system not work yet. Any way.

If you see an digit change this not valid for confirmation you want the display must be stable to be valid confirmation of message .To energize the system mast make a prayer.

Say this or something like this: from your inside.

My sweet Lord i permit to you access of my material mind any time you want,because i want more knowledge about You ,your Father and universe. I pay you with my love and i want to be a carrier of your pure light.

From this time the system energized but the first confirmation may come after 3 days because you are a beginner . Relax forget it and the first confirmation will come at unexpected time when you not wait it. Thank you for your attention..  bye.    John........



Angels knows  talk two languages one of our topic universe and a  second of central universe. Angels don't blame you they love you and works for you.!

Between angels and human there is some kind of beings named midledimental  they are

assist angels on hes job.


Message: I want to inform you and please fell free to believe or not.

Pleiadians have the approval of Father of universe to do the ascension of our planet Earth. There is not reason to afraid, relax and be happy.....................John.



Music is a fine art and communication medium.Basically  there are two type of music, one sentimental which apply to your hart, and one spiritual which apply to your brain.

I love music i have compose about 300 songs from 1995 till 2008. I have songs with European technique , some with lyrics and many orchestral . I wrote  and some with East technique with Greek lyrics.

I think to invest my site with my music very soon..............................John.

ABOUT ASCENSION today 18Dec/2012


Your souls have three 3 chances

1st at 21-22Dec/2012, 2nd at 21-22Dec/2020, 3rd at 21-22Dec/2025 and no more.

At this dates will happen these:

All peoples will continue to live here. A celestial gate will open and a flow of holly spirit will spread to all planet Earth.

All souls which will resonate and cooperate with this holly spirit will go at 5th dimension

And never re-incarnate on such planets in 3rd or 4th dimension like Earth today.

All souls which will go to 5th dimension will live here but at the same time will live at Earth's ethereal planet same place at universe.

All souls which can't resonate and cooperate with this holly spirit will continue to live here at 3rd or 4th dimension and will incarnate again and again in such planets like Earth on the past times.


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At 12:56pm on June 23, 2015, rev.joshua skirvin said…

well my UB friend, we try it again and see if it works, its been 5 mo.s. Lets ee what we have in common OK. Adonai

At 6:26am on January 31, 2015, rev.joshua skirvin said…

Welcome home friend. I too have been reading the UB for 43 yrs but now I also read and study the book by Jesus called. "A course in Miracles" daily. Do you know of this book? Adonai

At 6:26am on January 31, 2015, rev.joshua skirvin said…

Welcome home friend. I too have been reading the UB for 43 yrs but now I also read and study the book by Jesus called. "A course in Miracles" daily. Do you know of this book? Adonai

At 10:00am on February 22, 2014, Eddie Servant of the Servant said…

Its hard work but somebodies got to do it

At 10:54pm on December 20, 2013, Ara said…

John ;)

Christmas Greetings! With many good wishes for Christmas and the coming year!

Christmas Myspace Graphics

At 5:38pm on August 19, 2013, Ara said…

At 5:15pm on July 21, 2013, harold tyrone whorton bomar said…
Im on this site to get to know people if i offended you my fault, calm down and approach me a lil better. I dont have no problems with nobody and i was just trying to inform you that im interested in getting aquanted with people here. If you have perspectives on obama i just asked to let me know what they are. I dont know how you took my comment but it was just in the name of the sites purpose. Be cool.
At 2:30pm on July 21, 2013, harold tyrone whorton bomar said…
What is this, that yu speak of mr. Obama? Can i ask yu have yu ever been lied to and if so was it literally. I need yur help. I kno yu have heard of me. Would yu be so kind to reply so i can gather a lil more info on yu. Get to knw yu better!
At 2:03pm on June 27, 2013, Goddess of Beauty said…

you are MAD lol! if u wanna date women, try to search in real life, not here on this site, least of all, a spiritual one who is too far away from u and can never meet u in person.

At 6:26pm on April 22, 2013, tertiusgaudens said…

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