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anyone else having internet issues lately?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Cassandra Jul 26, 2011. 13 Replies

for the last four days i have had 5 tech ppl out to fix my spotty service anyone else?

contemplation of the human situation---visual-----

Started this discussion. Last reply by hedoknight Jun 27, 2011. 1 Reply



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i love

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Posted on January 10, 2012 at 8:28pm 0 Comments

encoded light transmissions

Posted on January 10, 2012 at 8:25pm 0 Comments

Align Your Intentions For UFO Friends to Show Up At Occupy Wallstreet Movements!

Posted on October 14, 2011 at 9:50pm 1 Comment

Wouldn't it be wonderful if mass UFO sightings began to appear over Occupy Wallstreet movements nationwide? To show that we do indeed have celestial back up that desire for the planet Earth to change into something more glorious. Imagine the prickly grins of the corrupt bankers and politicians and stock brokers then to see that we have our courageous Space brothers and sisters on our side backing us up! Imagine the absolute high strange weird of it all! After all UFOs have shown up over political rallies and Nuclear reactors and things to that nature to make an obvious point of positive change worth noting.

Align your intentions to the following prayer and let us pray it together so the message goes out to our Space Brothers and Sisters who are good and aligned with our intentions as well for Planet Earth to heal. For our planet to not be succumbed to greed and selfishness any longer but to be the Eden that we so deserve. For the hungry to no longer starve but for food to be plentiful. For the greedy 1% to help humanity out instead of hoarding money like bloated fat ticks stucks on a cow's arse. For sightings to occur over the protesters as a sign of protection from our allies the star people. Imagine it so and as is above, so is below. Anything is possible now during this strange time of change and revolution upon the Earth! Do you desire for our protestors to have celestial back up to make the ones against us all grimace with a worried frown? I do so here I am at least trying to see what happens and who knows maybe a media break out will happen of intense UFO sightings over these areas that are being filled with protestors for our very freedom in support of us the 98%! So lets pray it together no matter how goofy it may appear or humorous. With all seriousness let us come together and align our intentions for these mass sightings to occur over all Occupy Wallstreet protests!

Pray &…

why worry we you can celebrate life?

Posted on October 2, 2011 at 9:53pm 0 Comments

99 solutions but b******* aint 1

Posted on October 2, 2011 at 9:36pm 1 Comment

how many of u know of the underground usa?

Posted on September 22, 2011 at 5:27am 1 Comment

i live a part from my country as many do around the world we be weening ourself from the tit of govt. so be aware when u speak of us in a country we are not that identity we be apart from our media our govt our money our whole portrait of ur sight so labels out the window f***** wake up we be connected


anyone else noticing some of the big dipper stars are missing?

Posted on September 19, 2011 at 10:59pm 1 Comment

i think this is one of the reasons for the chemtrails coming back out i thought the gfl had that situation under control humm though

peace out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted on September 16, 2011 at 6:53pm 3 Comments

i totally believe in the law of attraction it works for me but for the one thing i truly need to happen i cannot get a gfl ship to fly by or pick me up or contact me in any way i have been trying since i came across them in early 2005 i have met dimensional beings of pure love and some of pure experience and even dimensional travelers like me so i am leaving this site i think its a tool of the global elite to bring about the nwo peace out ppl much love too you all! i will check back once in a while but not very often plus i am done watching yall fight

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At 4:30am on September 29, 2011, Geo:) said…

sorry to flood your message box, perhaps I will copy/paste and mail to you soon, (and um, discard this stuff here etc, hehe)

At 4:19am on September 29, 2011, Geo:) said…

um. . . like. . .

(dev shots)

At 4:05am on September 29, 2011, Geo:) said…
also I'v had alot of fun with Capoeira, forgot to mention all that, been integrating it with. . . . things, hehe
At 4:02am on September 29, 2011, Geo:) said…
strange evolutions are forthcoming

hehe, just throwing out a simple thankyou to you, and keep on keepin on, cheers

. .  and love
At 6:59am on September 20, 2011, JMM LOVE said…
Your telling me! It has been a pleasure meeting your human form! LOVE baby! Going to hour of meditate then dream Time! Namaste in La'kech soul brother :-D
At 12:14pm on September 10, 2011, J Ash said…

he thanx for letting me know..its funny coz i just read! u can find that info on google but i will try to find another link.:-0


Cheers ! J

At 4:45pm on August 12, 2011, Lorraine Anderson said…

Hi Hedoknight, I really don't know very much about this Prana Yama thing; but, sometimes my vibe is such that I just don't feel hungry but eat out of pure habit. 

Thanks for your friendship, and you are welcome to tell me what you know about the Prana.:)

At 2:56am on August 6, 2011, Indigo said…
Hello Hedoknight...any thoughts about how we are connected? :)
At 4:46pm on August 3, 2011, Cassandra said…
Thank you for your love and friendship!  <3  Hedoknight, you are awesome!  I love you!
At 4:12am on August 3, 2011, Cassandra said…
I love you Hedoknight!  Thank you my friend!  <3


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