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Andromeda You Are Non-Violent Beings, Become Family, in Light

Started this discussion. Last reply by amparo alvarez Jun 15, 2014. 1 Reply

You raise me up, so I can stand on mountains; You raise me up, to walk on stormy seas; I am strong, when I am on your…Continue

Tags: andraste, andromeda

Andromeda Truth is Relative to the Observer

Started this discussion. Last reply by Gustavo Munoz May 3, 2012. 5 Replies

So we say this, beware anyone who comes to you claiming they have The Truth, or they know The Truth, or even if they say…Continue

Tags: andraste, andromeda

Andromeda It is Time now, Dear ones, To Choose..

Started this discussion. Last reply by Esshna Apr 21, 2012. 1 Reply

Do you believe, dear one, that we Andromedans have many deities, gods, angels, and other beings that we associate with? Yes, we do,…Continue

Tags: peace, love, light, andromeda

Andromeda The Universe is Bigger Than You Realize

Started this discussion. Last reply by kingjeff Apr 29, 2012. 2 Replies

Dear One, it is less important that it be True, and more important that all understand the essence of our message, that the…Continue

Tags: Gaia, Andromeda


andraste's Page

Profile Information

About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
Andromeda welcomes you, to the New Age, the Golden Age, of Love, and Peace. Allow the waves and oceans of Gaia to wash over your bodies, lifting the spirits of who you are on high. As you connect to the grounding energies of the Divine Feminine, balance the oceans of your own emotional and etheric bodies with the energy of movement, come to a place of peace.

As Galactic Beings, we practice diplomacy:

In treating all life forms with respect and tolerance.
In honoring all sentient life forms with unconditional love and compassion.
In being intelligent beings in our choices related to intake and output of our energetic systems.
Of being Divine Examples, for all beings that we come into contact with.

As Divine Diplomats, we welcome you on New Gaia,
as Compassionate Beings, we guide with tolerance.
As loving beings,
we issue forth the New.

Allow what once was, to drift,
bonding to the current of the planetary Spirit, Gaia,
connect to her crystalline grids.

Being intelligent, heartful beings.

With Love, Honor, and Respect,
for each of our differences.

The White Wolf represents Family, Universal Family, and the One Pack that we are as beings present on Gaia.

~We are all one inter-galactic being, and all are beautiful in their own creation. Unconditional Love, and acceptance for all. For me, there can be no less. All are beautiful as One, not judged, for who and what they are.

The devices of separation are past, let Union and Respect for our differences, unite us as One.

Image: Victor Habbick /

About us:

Welcome to my page, I am an eclectic Wiccan, and have been an eclectic Wiccan for 16 years now, though I have read in other areas such as the Qabalah, and various other traditions over the years. Wicca, or what some might term as witchcraft, or "wise-craft", meaning "The Craft of the Wise", is an Ancient Religion, though it was established as a religion by Gerald Gardner. I do not follow Gerald Gardner's teachings directly, but more of the natural earth magick that Scott Cunningham brought forth in his original books, especially his Earth Magick book.

We believe that there is one source (I call that Olodumare) but that infinite source broke into two basic parts which we honor as the God and the Goddess (The 7 Orishas/ 7 Pleiadian Sisters), the Horned God, and the Triple Goddess, representing the Sun and the Moon. Wicca, or Witchcraft, though having got a negative label, is actually a very peaceful, nature based religion, that honors the sacred elements, the four directions, and the Divinity of Each human being. The God and Goddess, as energy forces themselves, have been called by many names over the centuries, and their aspects are seen as a oneness that is expressed in various forms. When we call circle, we invite the energy of the God and Goddess to watch over our ceremony, but they are only there as facilitators for the energy, it is always our own personal power that is the Divinity within that does the work.

I am part Cherokee, and I found a great deal many of the same teachings that were inherent in native american religion part of Wicca as well, it can be a very open system of practice, depending on what tradition you follow, and there are others who are witches, but claim no set tradition. I have always found Wicca to be a good starting point, with the basic Witches Rede, that is summed up in, "An it harm none, do what thou wilt."

Which I have interpreted of my own self to mean harm none, including yourself.

I specifically have branched out over the years to include the Faeries and the Orishas in my daily practice, which I have found has brought a lot of love and joy to my life, as well as my totem animals, the panther and the hawk. The panther gives me clear sight through the jungles of life, while the hawk helps me to remember to soar above, always seeing beyond, like the Great Eye of Horus.

There is no "devil" in Wicca, we believe that we create our own Karma through our own actions, and so each person in responsible not only for their actions, but all that they do to another as well, and so the basic tenant comes, that what you send out, will come back to you three times.

I love to work with nature and to help others to find themselves amidst the great storm of life, always working with the various energies of Gaia, as I find my greatest familiarity there.

Animals have always been a great love of my life, I have three dogs, and two cats, and have had many other animals over the years. I always found I could communicate better with the animals than people, and so there was always a great bond there. I have also over the years adopted the wolf as my totem as well, being a pack leader, I feel that he/she helps me to remember to never break the bonds that is the sacred family.

Welcome to the Sacred Circle, we are One in the Great Tribe that is Gaia.

Blessed Be.

My best friend of 16 years now taught me how to work with Archangel Michael, and he has always been a big part of my life, even though I never was interested in Angelic work, over the years I have also worked with various other Angels and Ascended Masters, and work with the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Andromedans, and Sirians, all of the Light, in service to humanity, with humility, love and respect, to provide Loving service, Healing, and Guidance, where I am able, but my Heart has always been with Gaia and my Cherokee Ancestors, with whom I find the most comfort and a feeling of home.

Talking about African-Carribean aspects, of the Yoruba, and of the Orisha, I have found over the years that people work with the Orisha energy different, depending on where they are. Some use a tradition, others have no structure, yet, I have never found the Orishas to require anyone to be part of a religion or tradition, at least from my perspective. They have always seemed to be more than willing to work with me, and have always found intuitive and unique ways for me to work with them, always a learning experience. The energy here where I am at has a large history of native american and yoruba energy, and so those are the energy patterns on the grid here. I think of the Orishas as nature her self, Gaia herself, but represented in various forms, and so they allow you to tap into that Gaia energy. However, they are all one. To say that any energy of Gaia is separate from another would be, in my humble opinion, false, so all the Orisha energy to me is just that, Orisha energy, some times taking different forms. Working with the Orishas is very grounding, as it always accesses some part of nature, and it is always a positive experience. The Orishas are kind, compassionate, loving beings, who help humanity to find their Heart, in Gaia. May The Orisha's Bless you in all you do, Ashe, Ashe.

Andraste's Blog

Conversations With My Shadow 2

Posted on May 1, 2012 at 11:10am 0 Comments

My shadow self, what have you come to teach me today?

That is very interesting, in regards, to what you consider teaching, because nothing in life can be taught, all is a serious of transformations, and, in some ways, it is a series of remembrances, where we remember, who we Truly are, through, understanding, who we are not, yet, there is a process here. As life is an evolving process of…


Love Letters from Andromeda: Iliana

Posted on April 11, 2012 at 2:24pm 0 Comments

Andromeda comes,

Hello dear Ones, I am Illiana, and I am grateful to be present with you now, in this embodiment, I am startled at the coming changes that we have all endured within the last week, but how grateful I am for the changes that did occur.

Has anyone else been feeling these changes lately? Have you felt the water in your body move? Have you felt the grids of Gaia move?

This has all been a lot of us, has it not? And our children, how dearly we have kept them…


Unconditional Love: Your Gateway to Ascension

Posted on April 10, 2012 at 10:58pm 0 Comments

Greetings Dear Ones, Galactic Humans, and beings of infinite Light, Councils of Star beings, Star Seeds, Ascended Humans, and gatherers amongst the fields of Light.

It is I, EL Anora, though there is no EL left of I, nor an Anora, only the Presence I am that remains, and so dear Ones, this is my re-introduction to you at this time, as the group present I am, and also as a humble Diplomat, representing this now time period.

I was not sure, dear Ones, if I was…


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At 7:51pm on April 29, 2012, Obi wan said…

ooooh , we need to speak soon

At 4:27am on April 19, 2012, Cassandra said…

Thank you for your friendship Andraste.  To answer your questions about the Draco...I will reply in my blog.  Love and peace.



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