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Suiris's Discussions


Started Nov 22, 2015 0 Replies

I want to share an event, involving sinchronicity, that ocurred 22 minitues ago. As I'm starting to write.Time 10:11 - 21/11/2015I was checking out starseed traits, while trying to avoid a giant moth…Continue

The Desert

Started this discussion. Last reply by Ara Nov 20, 2015. 2 Replies

Looking for life inside dreams, ever since life took away all dreams.Fear disguised as perseverance, always leading the way inside the unavoidable loop of self.My hope soon became rain. Blurring the…Continue

Tags: search, inspiration, discovery, self, acceptance

I'm sorry

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sky Oct 12, 2014. 7 Replies

This post is about my last posts. Yes. In the last days I've hit bottom. It was hard, it was painful. I was able to know my multidimensional self nature, many voices, speaking within myself.…Continue

Tags: lot, a, Light!, Light

What is real?

Started Aug 31, 2014 0 Replies

I got tired of seeing most of your kind, being played with like nothing.They make you a product with government, they enslave with money, they defile you with science. It's like taking a piece of…Continue

Tags: Science, Government, Education, Religion, System


Suiris's Page

Latest Activity

Suiris commented on the blog post 'A plan to end the Crimes against underway'
"Raise above evil? Misunderstood aspects of yourselves are what is called evil. Aspects in need of integration and understanding. But understanding is not possible in the presence of ignorance, fragmentation and mental illness. All of them prevalent…"
"The creations of this logos, under the law of forgetfulness, resulted in the polarization of love as the intention that drives the illusion of the human experience in all its facets. How is it possible that the mind of the plenum void has become so…"
Dec 21, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Junk Food In Stores Is Creating Junk Humans.. Unfit And Third Class Humans ...The Shift : Eat Healthy...Live Healthy And Live Longer'
"But humans are junk, act like junk, eat junk and produce junk. It's all a perfect reflection. Not without consequences, of course. But this consequences are part of the learning process, much like a child getting closer to the flame, or a moth…"
Dec 17, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Valiant Thor/Ashtar Command ships footage taken in Nevada.'
"Flush, flush, darkness is to be integrated, not get rid of, unless one wishes to remain ignorant of oneself. And this tells how far humanity is from understanding the nature of our universe. Universe as in ONE. I don't think it's time to…"
Dec 14, 2019
Suiris commented on the blog post 'Just Be Honest....'
"You are being distracted by the illusion of maya, so I would humbly suggest to center yourself in the eye of the hurricane to better see this cosmic dance from a place of inner peace. Everything is perfect as is. It always has been, the polarity,…"
Nov 30, 2019
Suiris commented on the blog post 'Just Be Honest....'
"To be honest inside the maya of reality. A formless form, an identity without name. A nothingness that is all things. Past beyond the contradiction of duality. One with the unknown, wisdom without knowing. This is honesty."
Nov 30, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Netflix Documentary Called "The Game Changers" Is Making People Go Vegan, And Here Is Why'
"This pseudo-conscious movement is getting tiring. Earth is in need of depopulation. We wish to see true spirit, which is something so rare for humankind. I don't think a great portion of the population deserves to inhabit this beautiful…"
Nov 27, 2019
Suiris commented on the blog post 'All We Are Is Dust In The Wind, Dude'
"If you can make silence and listen to nature within and without, there's immense wisdom in the rhythm of the universe. Conflict lies within oneself and is reflected externally so we can begin to understand ourselves. An earthworm is intended to…"
Nov 25, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'About those vegan posts ....!'
"Within the isolation of society, human beings have begun to question their role, their sexuality, their s**, their place in life. A dissociation from nature, a dysfunction carrying the same symptoms that led many civilizations before memory to ruin.…"
Nov 25, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Help Us Keep the PAO Alive! - Social Media Expert Volunteer Needed!'
"An acquaintance of mine got targeted in the testicles with a DEW. It was hard for his family, which is strange considering we orchestrate our own life experiences before incarnation. So, it's really difficult to tell why someone would want to…"
Nov 23, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'The Shift ..Cows Generally All Over The World Are Not Treated Lovingly So The Milk Humans Take From Them Has Low Vibes, Low Energy And Low Taste'
"The human specimen is growing weaker and weaker within the illusion that is this social construct. Soon, they will be treating prey like they do themselves. All societies come to an imminent collapse to ensure the cleansing of degenerative patterns…"
Nov 18, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'ALONENESS'
"The other self is a vital part of our development. We reciprocate mutual awareness. In any form you can think of, positive and negative, the interaction of life serves this purpose. Don't forget that, especially when talking of other people as…"
Nov 16, 2019
Suiris commented on the blog post 'Re-Introduction of Myself'
"Find the personal dysfunction that difficults your integration, rather than looking for an alien identity as an excuse to further reinforce this dissociation. Come back to reality. The people you see in the world are not different from you. Just…"
Nov 16, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Pleiadian Chant – Galactic Frequencies (djFreefall)...By STARSEED'
"Made up?! We call that "channeling" here."
Nov 14, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'My Final Discussion'
"You can own yourself, or keep playing the victim. It wouldn't be the first existential drama played on earth. If anything, the cabal, or whatever name you wish to call your demon, is trying to show you something about yourself, something you…"
Nov 11, 2019
Suiris replied to the discussion 'Where are the mass arrests, Where is nesara/gesara, and Where is disclosure all talk no action?'
"Everything is always perfect. But this perfection may be flawed in the eyes of those who can't recognize themselves in the external world. Conflict only lies within oneself and the lack of understanding thereof."
Sep 10, 2019

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About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
I'm the first and the fourth.
Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration
My life, my entire live was my teacher. I love her to hate.
Books You have Read and Would Recommend
I don't like to read that much. I just channel information from my higher being.
Movies and Music you Would Recommend
Not really, anything is about light, o dark alone. When in fact, both are necessary.
Your Goals, Visions and Desires
Find my brother before it's too late.

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At 1:06pm on May 12, 2016, In Betwena said…


At 5:24pm on April 22, 2016, Roaring Lovely said…
Never assume that when pple take such and such path, they are trying to go to where you went to through this and that path, no no no no!! Our motives are often hidden in us and we often find no good way of expressing it to other pple. If you find someone along the road riding a bicycle, don't assume that he is trying to get to where you are going to by going with a motorbike no no no no!!

It would be very foolish to go about advicing everybody on the road to ride on a motorbike. This is essentially what your doing on ACC, wasting your time with too much peaces of advice to pple who donnot give a s***.

Mind your own business.:)
At 4:42pm on April 21, 2016, Feather Winger said…

Suiris...hey,,,have you done soul retrieval, it will bring all those trauma fragments back into sync. Here is a simple way to do can do this for yourself.  Also read in the comments for there is more info there...

At 3:56pm on September 8, 2015, Kelly Lightchalice said…

Thank you for your friendship :-)  Have a wonderful day :-) 

At 4:47pm on January 8, 2015, Crystal Heart said…

Thanks for your friendship Suiris

At 5:01am on December 12, 2014, evonne. said…

dear Suiris,many years ago a male soma reader drew this to give to me,he said i had a very important mission on Earth,and the written message on the bottom of the drawing was to be given to me,and in the future i would know what my mission was,do you yourself know what is written in this drawing(yes i believe it is light language,your insight of translation would be,light,blessings evonne.

At 4:44am on November 30, 2014, Tally said…
Are you serious, Suiris? : ) Thanks for the friendship, and everything else you share here, and everywhere.
Hearty Blessings...
At 11:05am on October 28, 2014, Caitlyn Claire said…

Just recognized that your picture was of the Wadjet Eye. I like it. ;)

At 10:22pm on October 6, 2014, In Betwena said…

You are a writer....

At 6:15am on August 9, 2014, evonne. said…



Latest Activity

Mike Indovina VI replied to the discussion 'Bombshell Plea From NYC ICU Doctor: COVID-19 Is a Condition of Oxygen Deprivation, Not Pneumonia! Ventilators May Be Causing the Lung Damage, Not the Virus! +Videos'
"this is exactly the message the world needed to help uncover what is going on with the…"
5 minutes ago
Mike Indovina VI liked Krishna Kalki's discussion Bombshell Plea From NYC ICU Doctor: COVID-19 Is a Condition of Oxygen Deprivation, Not Pneumonia! Ventilators May Be Causing the Lung Damage, Not the Virus! +Videos
6 minutes ago
Krishna Kalki replied to the discussion 'Bombshell Plea From NYC ICU Doctor: COVID-19 Is a Condition of Oxygen Deprivation, Not Pneumonia! Ventilators May Be Causing the Lung Damage, Not the Virus! +Videos'
"What this means is the hospital staff instead of curing patients may be actually killing some of…"
33 minutes ago
Krishna Kalki posted discussions
37 minutes ago
Agarther commented on Agarther's status
2 hours ago
Agarther posted a status
"We are learning much about the Invisible Enemy. It is tough and smart, but we are tougher and smarter! - DJT"
2 hours ago
David Claros Paredes posted a blog post


                                                                                   Chapter 62 The…See More
5 hours ago
Agarther posted a discussion

Cmdr Ashian - Each lightworker has an invisible team - Jennifer Crokaert

Jennifer: Ashian, what do you have to say at these times?Ashian: My dearest Jennifer and those who…See More
8 hours ago

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