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Three steps to the BIG changes...

Started this discussion. Last reply by Marco100pc Aug 30, 2012. 4 Replies

Yes i have total belief in GFL,AC etc they are here to guide and inspire us  but WE have to do the work..labour of love!Because of free will,we agreed to incarnate to anchor the light onto  Earth.Its…Continue


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About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
I am a 46 year old musician(includes band leader, composer,producer,teacher,sessionplayer and teacher) and full time parent .My interests are music in all forms esp healing sounds,skyview astrology,nature,the Universe in all dimensions,Yoga philosophy,Taoism,mysticism,Buddhism,Gnostic Christianity,Ascended Masters,Wicca,Earth magic,Angels,Nature spirits,meditation,dance,drumming and other natural instruments,frame drum,didg etc reading,mantras,trees and much more!
Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration
My beloved Guruji Subramanium,angels,ascended masters,my children,my friend Ashana who brought me here and Life!In fact i regard everyone and everything as my teacher.
Books You have Read and Would Recommend
Books by Gregg Braden,Barbara Hand Clow,Neale Donald Walsh,Paolo Coelho,Richard Bach,Denise Linn,Paramahansa Yogananda,Deepak Chopra,Barbara Marciniak and many more i cant think of at the moment!
Movies and Music you Would Recommend
Thrive,The Secret,Kymatica,What the bleep do we know,Lord of The Rings trilogy,Close Encounters,Bladerunner,Monty Python,Life of Brian,Meaning of Life(gotta have a laugh!)and more i cant think of now.
Your Goals, Visions and Desires
My vision is for a peaceful,loving,joyful world with plentiful clean food,water,free energy and shelter for ALL!And i wish this for myself too ie to be peaceful,unconditionally loving and joyful at all times,to be a living embodiment of my Highest nature NOW!(i do my best!)To enjoy this whole process and all life has to offer.To be of service to all life!

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We are the ones here to change the world,here is how...imho

Posted on August 29, 2012 at 2:29pm 0 Comments

Yes i have total belief in GFL,AC etc they are here to guide and inspire us but WE have to do the work..labour of love!

Because of free will,we agreed to incarnate to anchor the light onto Earth.

Its v simple but not easy!Just 3 steps....

1.To raise our individual vibration,stay grounded and connected to source and cleanse our bodies...DAILY!We must BE the change we wish to see.The outer world is a reflection of our inner world,so it makes sense to start from…


Music for ascension...

Posted on August 6, 2012 at 2:07pm 3 Comments

I just wanted to share a piece of music that came through me on 5.5.2012...555 day,which was also used by Judy Satori on her early aug full moon transmission,with love,Marco:)

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At 2:56pm on December 13, 2012, STAR* said…

yipee check ya inbox :)

At 10:05am on December 11, 2012, STAR* said…

Oye yea the site getting pretty retarded lol cant believe noone is getting notifications again lol


I don’t read ben’s posts lol long story, but its always long lolol

I agree spending time doing stuff u enjoy is well worth it. What have u been doing online then? Reading?

Tbh I think your doing what you can do; you cant stress yourself, by being You , you help the world… if u feel to do more music, set a day in the schedule simply just for music; but don’t preassurise urself ;)

Cant believe u don’t get my sodding emails to your private id… grrr



Have u got another email address??


Wow -18 that’s very cold!! How do u manage, what do u wear? Must be big change from London town, lol


Oo hope u feel better soon…. Food poisoning aint fun!


Oh yes emotions are up and down, like waves; perfectly natural… ride it out… and drink plenty of fluids for that dodgy stomach, lol


Im off to rune’s mum’s birthday party tonight, should be nice… she’s a lovely soul <3

At 6:40am on December 10, 2012, STAR* said…

heya M :)

thats so weird with this site, it keeps failing to notify people of their msgs...

i even sent the email to your private ID, did you check your personal email?

gawd technology is so shittttttttttttte lol!!

gawd this place is such a shite h*** lol

haha pardon my english... hehe ;))

u got me curious, i thought music was already a BIG part of your life? i mean you make quality, u do gigs n dat, so .... how to make it even BIGGER than it is ?lol

im good, spent the weekend having a sight see with Rune, weather's been good and not cold, so its been a lovely weekend for us.... as for the big date... ah yes, the energies have been cataclysmic lol

hows it all going for you :)

peace & love my dear wonderful friend!!

At 7:29am on December 6, 2012, STAR* said…

hey Marc! hows it going?

yea i know this site is having alota issues and stuffs... so i sent u mail to your private ID hopefully u got that? ;))

will tell you all there!! this site's getting a bit iffy!! lol

At 7:24pm on November 27, 2012, STAR* said…

Heya mate!! How are ya?!

Thanks for sending me the song link, will check it out!!

I think this site has been having issues,

Cos no one’s been able to upload comments properly (least 3 people I know haven’t been able too) and other issues, so im not surprised you don’t get email updates when I leave you a comment, lol

I reckon its best you check every other day here (just incase u miss a comment)!!

Otherwise it can bit a annoying lol

Or you can email me to my personal mail if you want? totally upto you!!

------------its how i keep in contact with irina too ahaha!! :)))------------

ooo the island i will visit is the neighboring one! should be fun!!

Its been really good over here, and quiet warm (warmer than england) which is shocking lol

aha... today went out trekking for some hours was good :))

ok regarding the chakra system issue, here is what i think.... you can even send my reply to your friend…

tell me what you think? LOL !!

I agree that Our original state was to have energy that emits from our "Core" or Sun/Star in the Chest / Solar-Plexus area. This is still true.

 5th dimensional & plus Galactics still have this wonderful system.


I agree also that a lower vibrational entity cannot access a human being's core because of the ultra high frequencies, so the best way to access this pure energy is to use the Chakra system. Yes the chakra system can be abused.


However, in my view;

To shutdown Chakras, does not make one immune to implants, because constantly signals are being sent out which impact the auric field/ aura… by those who seek to control… 24 hours…


and astrals never stop *trying* they can come at a person in dreams, or wake state,

negative entities can still implant elsewhere, other than a chakra system since energies run all over *merideans* in the body!! we have thousands of points they can enter, one is being via the feet!!


Of course if someone feels *safer* to do shut the chakras down, let them…. That’s their free will and their choice. But its not totally necessary to do that to *ascend* ;)

this all sounds like fear mongering too. People on this planet have ascended with chakras, such as ascended masters, so its not the end of the world.


The angels, (if we call them) are always there to balance the crap energies out! (within the chakras) so we don’t get stuck!! We are not alone to deal with crap alone!!


so really and truly, faith, perseverance and calling upon our guides/ angelic team and sticking to positive food, people, being creative & having fun,

maintaining a healthy body all help to alleviate any crap to do with chakras !!

It also ensures we will maintain a high vibe, but because we are in 3d, we cannot totally close down our systems…. Because it’s the energy of the chakra’s… which flow upward to prime creator (if utilised properly) !


If you believe you will ascend, and go higher regardless what happens, YOU WILL, and no chakra will be able to stop you!!! You’re a soul with a  body, the body is a temple, but it cannot control the soul!!


At 1:52am on November 10, 2012, STAR* said…

heya marc, yea i dunno why the site doesnt send u email updates? i guess u need to keep checking up on this site regular, to make sure u dont miss comments/ postings lol

yea i really did like the song actually; i could feel you put much effort into it :) personally i thought it was great, good performance can sense your dedication & determination, so keep it up! lol

so hows the weather like in cz in winters?

over here its mellow tonite, good air, and clear night, not cold at all,,, ive been busy trying to get myself out in gaia alot more cos of the coming changes, it really helps to have the auric field around gaia and away from dense crap lol

as for outings, yea mainly family stuff over here, and next month we should be visiting another island.... btw do u have plans to visit the UK next yr?

anyways have a good 'un mate!!

At 5:36pm on November 5, 2012, STAR* said…

hey mate, yes im good thanks!! havent heard from ya in ages!!

hows it going?

over here is good, just planning a few outings... beautiful weather here too,

xmas soon, my 1st xmas out here , lol :)

 Thanks for the add

At 2:17am on October 14, 2012, STAR* said…

hey mate,

hows it going?

i saw your link, all i gotta say is:

Don't you want to live in a different society,
where people dont f*** each other up?
Your starring role is coming to an end,
so pack it in and start all over again!


ahhhhhh brilliant, i loved it... the music was real uptempo, and i was jigging in my seat ova here ;) aha!! and the words, what can i say, you really gave them THE message,

subtly ;) ;)

im so proud of ya mate, well done for continuing to wake up people through the music and lyrics you do; (did you write this song and compose yourself?)

the 2 of you did an excellent job, im gonna watch your other vids and subscribe!

love @ ya... & before i go (i quote) :P


Big it up,big it up! I'm in your face!
The curtains going down theres no time to waste!
We better get it right before its too late,
the curtains going down theres no time to waste,wasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!




stay blessed my lovely friend :)))

awakening angelic

At 3:18am on October 12, 2012, STAR* said…

hey mate, hows it goin?

lol u found the december blog, so u all clued up now aha!!

alls good, i got home from a photography session and finishin up some work, listening to music (dance cos i love it) lol


At 12:49am on October 10, 2012, STAR* said…

yea i do voiceovers cos ive been told i hav a nice voice, LOL

aww well all's good here, prepping and getting ready for dec 2012... as u know its fast approaching :P

enjoy this song and video bud, i know u love animals ;)


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