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Healing pyramids of Atlantis

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About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
I'm – researcher of energy healing methods.
Last 7 years investigated medical properties of pyramids. Now there was a book in Russian where the part of materials of researches is presented. It’s researches in the field of energy medicine and pyramids.

New data about structure of subtle energy of pyramids, the subtle energy person and to their interaction are presented.

New data are received by a method radiesthesia (pendulum) and channeling.

Book: ISBN 978-5-9684-0918-8

Energy healing pyramids

Fire cleans Spirit (Karma) inside a pyramid.

Some believe that all sanchita karmas may be burned off.

Fire cleans Spirit

Fire is established inside a pyramid. Sometimes, the shapes of carbon are growing inside fire.
Water is established in a glass vessel in other pyramid. Medical tree (a cedar) is established in the third pyramid. Crystals of quartz is established in the fourth pyramid.

Healing pyramids

Healing pyramids of Atlantis

It's the designs, which height - 2,5 - 2,7 metres or 7 - 8.8 feet
Complex of the energy healing pyramids are constructed of color glass, metal, stone, ceramics, tree, amber, different crystal, turquoise, corals, amethyst, azurite, nephrite, porcelain, ceramics, and other materials. Some elements are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc and cupronickel.

New data have been received by a method radiesthesia (pendulum) and channeling.

Pyramids, which have crystal shape give energy of life, energy balancing, healing chakras, aura, subtle bodies and cleans past life – reincarnations. Pyramids doing it on any distance without contact. It's need your photo only.

Healing pyramids of Atlantis - Karma Correction tools.. Diagnostics of Karma

Healing hands

Rays of energy go outside from fingers of hands

Healing hands

Energy rays of the body & energy rays of the pyramids.

1 - 7 chakras


Anatomy of inner Spirit. Step 2

Healing pyramids

Book: ISBN 978-5-9684-0918-8

Chakras above the head

The healing process for function multidimensional healing pyramids.

chakras above the head

Chakras above the head

It is a design in the form of an obelisk which allows operating streams of subtle energy and carries out functioning of all system of chakras: as the chakras above a head, so and the first 7 chakras of a body and a head, and also the diaphragms (3) are located under foot.

The height of the design is 2, 5 meters (8 foot).


21 chakras go out from a lateral surface of obelisk, 3 diaphragms or chakras of the flat shape are located horizontal plan. One of them (1) is located in the top of part, another diaphragms (2) divides all construction on two unequal parts – 7/1, and the third diaphragms (3) is located in the bottom part of a design.

In the top part of a design are placed 21 chakras above the head. Diaphragms (2) corresponds to chakra 8 from data Syndi Dale and also it is located over a head.

The bottom part of a design under diaphragms (2) contains known 7 chakras of a body and a head. The diaphragms (3) in the bottom part of a design corresponds to chakra 10 from data Syndi.

Multidimensional healing pyramids.

Multidimensional healing pyramids

Multidimensional healing pyramids

Konstantin's Blog

Anatomy of inner Spirit or Ankh model of chakras system.

Posted on November 9, 2009 at 1:30pm 1 Comment

Anatomy of inner Spirit. Step 1

Anatomy of inner Spirit. Step 2

Formation process of structure of chakras system is similar to process of a crystal growth.

New elements are established on the previous model, in the form of a layer of spheres from amber, corals, turquoise, quartz, color glass, pearls,… Continue

Anatomy of inner Spirit

Posted on February 28, 2009 at 6:38pm 0 Comments

In the beginning of my work it’s have given to me (channeled) to construct such design. Further it became clear, that this design represents chakras system.

It is a photo of a real design. Some elements are made from metals: aluminum, copper, brass, iron, zinc, and cupronickel. Elements in the shape of spheres are established from color glass, stone, ceramics, amber, turquoise, corals and different crystal: amethyst, azurite and… Continue

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Приветствую! Константин!
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