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Genevieve 1LOVE Ra
  • Female
  • Eugene, OR
  • United States
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Genevieve 1LOVE Ra's Page

Profile Information

About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
I AM Pure LOVE~ I AM an Awakened being into Full Consciousness as a continually Evolving Christed One acknowledging the ALL as the One. This One's Carries the Indigo Frequency and De-Lights in Breaking Down the Walls, Actively spreading the messages of Love, Liberation, Equality, Freedom and Justice For ALL~ This One Loves Music and is a Transcendental Dancer and Deep Soul Singer~ This One is Also a writer at Heart and has been working towards a Full Manifesto on God, Truth and Love for the last 11 years. Most of ALL this One Loves to Love, Care and Share Continuously, be a child and Always Be There as a Healing entity through Love.
Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration
ALL in the OneSelf~ But this Incarnation has lead this One to Resonate early on most with Jesus Christ~Sananda, Socrates~ later on Bob Marley, Paramahansa Yogananda, Quan Yin, Rumi and NOW with Mother God and Father God, the Ascended Masters as a whole, the Archangels, Celestial Family as a Whole maybe with some greater resonance with the Plaedians, Torah, the Wonders and Arcturian energies . Looking at my1's list and seeing few female teachers I1 Realize have learned most about the Divine Feminine through my own Evolving Expression of it . Me mum taught me much about LovingKindness and the Golden Rule by reinforcing it everyday and often walking her talk so she is of course included Here NOW.
Books You have Read and Would Recommend
Oh Boy...

Autobiography of a Yogi
The Trial and Death of Socrates
I & Thou
Rumi Anything I've Ever Read
Hafiz Anything I've Ever read
Return of the Bird Tribes
Be Here Now
Mists of Avalon
Tenzin's Deer
Crime and Punishment
Winnie the Pooh
Goodnight Moon
Narnia series
Wizard of Oz series
A Wrinkle in Time
The Swan Princess
"Children's" books
The Bible~ specifically Jesus's teachings, Psalms, John, Mathew, and Revelations
Movies and Music you Would Recommend
Neverending Story I
Adventures of Baron Munchausen
The Red Balloon
The Red Ballet Shoes
Robin Hood Men in Tights
Flight of the Navigator
Batteries Not Included
Purple People Eater
Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass
Original Narnia Series
Sleeping Beauty
The Little Mermaid
Toy Story
Care Bears
Howl's Moving Castle
Princess Mononoke
The Samurai
Pride and Prejudice
Little Women
Sound of Music
Almost Famous
Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Pi ( just not the gruesome parts!)
UP (just saw it for the 1st time last night!)
Our Own Neverending Adventure Story
Your Goals, Visions and Desires
To Be the Fullest Expression of the Love and Light that I AM for ALL in every Blessed moment of Eternity.

To Help Bring Heaven to Earth through Loving ALL Unconditionally and Sharing the Truth of Existence Freely and Openly with ALL who Will Hear while exposing the iIlusion in all it's societal forms and breaking down the walls that have separated beings from one another by helping Us to Trust the Love that WE each Uniquely and Equally Are and the Divine One Love which is Bringing US ALL HOME into the One Heart Christ Consciousness Reality.

To Give other One's a reason to smile, laugh, heal and increase their faith in the Divine and their belief in themselves as Infinitely Creative Uniquely Beautiful Beings of Love and Light, day by eternal day.

To sing and dance my love for the Divine in Every capacity I am able.

To write more poetry with the Divine Beloved in all forms as my1's Muse

To Compile my previous writings and work towards completing the Manifesto on God, Love, and Truth I1 have been working on for 11 years if the Divine desires it's Full Creation to be made available for ALL.

To Love simply, deeply, passionately, continuously and Unconditionally the Divine in ALL that IS

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