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Divine Willpower's Discussions

String Theory In Sacred Geometry Within Gaia's Creation ~ We Shift With Her In Grace

Started this discussion. Last reply by Divine Willpower Jan 21, 2016. 1 Reply

In truth there is only one timeline that is unfolding; one and only one. And whether we split apart in different directions or not, we are always one, held together by our higher selves. And each and…Continue

Soul Star Map Across the Rainbow Heart & Mind Coefficiency of Our Sacred Geometry

Started this discussion. Last reply by Anne-Marie Sandham May 3. 2 Replies

Hello my lovely and beautiful friends. It is a combination of mind and heart that holds us together as people, sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, or in any other race, creed or system of…Continue

Tags: Rainbow Bridge, Mother Gaia, Revealing of Secrets, Sandalphon, Veil of Secrecy

Revealing of Secrets - Beyond the Veil of Secrecy - Walking the Rainbow Bridge of Divinity

Started this discussion. Last reply by Gary Adams Jul 12, 2017. 2 Replies

Are you spiritual, or are you religious? It has been taught for eons that we have both a temporal life and a spiritual life. Since the fall of man there has been a gradual decline from religion unto…Continue

Tags: Revealing of Secrets, Divinity, Magnetic Shift, Mother Gaia, Grandfather Time

Metatron & Jophiel ~ Love Infinite A Poetic Expression Of Our Sacred Geometry ~ Mother Gaia's Polar Shift

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sky Oct 31, 2015. 1 Reply

Blessings to all.. I wanted to share an updated explanation of one of my favorite works of this incarnation. Let this Poem of Twin Star Synergy be as a divine reflection upon all Twin Flame Pairs…Continue

Tags: Pole Shift, Mother Gaia, Three Days of Darkness, Twin Flames, Twin Flame Union


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Anne-Marie Sandham replied to the discussion 'Soul Star Map Across the Rainbow Heart & Mind Coefficiency of Our Sacred Geometry'
"Could you please explain the concept of Living Mother (Reborn Self). I have been pondering on it, and I feel like I am running around in circles ;-) <3"
May 3
Anne-Marie Sandham liked Divine Willpower's discussion Soul Star Map Across the Rainbow Heart & Mind Coefficiency of Our Sacred Geometry
May 2

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About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
Hello My lovely and Beautiful Friends, I am Jacob, I am here to help empower ALL Humanity alike as part of the Grand Team of Angels incarnate here as "The Ground Crew" in order to bring ALL Humanity into the Higher Realms.. To assist ALL those actively choosing to return to their Highest (GOD)Self, or the KNOWING of GOD and to their TRUE FEELINGS of one's SOUL HEART(Higher Self).

I AM here simply and purely to be "In Service" to Divine Will! -To rid out ALL EVIL from existence as THE ALMIGHTY ONE has claimed Divine Jurisdiction within this Universe and I AM working diligently with our Lord Sananda in research of our fallen / dark brothers fully multidimensionally, with ALL ASPECTS of my BEING in order to assist ALL those "misguided souls" back to the love and light of ALL THAT IS.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE READ MY SCRIBE LINKED HERE: Saving The Lost Children - Guiding The Lost Souls To The Light:

"Look upon me and see thyself... feel my love and know thyself... the love and light that YOU ARE, as we are ALL individual expressions of GOD/Spirit/ALL THAT IS!" ~ Jacob

I DO NOT want to create "A FOLLOWING" I Shine ALL (THE LIGHT)THAT I AM upon ALL THAT IS, in which case is directly in conflict with what I wish to Truly embody. And so it is my ultimate goal to empower ALL Humanity Alike to Truly "BE" ALL THAT YOU ARE! ONLY THEN can we EVER Truly Change ALL THAT IS!

"We cannot ever change the outside world as we perceive it without 1st becoming that which we wish to create from within our own BEINGS, as WITHIN, so THROUGHOUT" ~ Jacob
Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration
SELF! ~ I feel more and more divine wisdom coming through every dayl I also believe only true wisdom comes from the Highest (GOD)Self level where we ARE ALL ONE!

It is my goal to get more people looking within their own BEING for their all the answers they seek, as the Body, or the SELF never lies. I use the body to discern every thought -every emotion -every word I hear and feel.

"When one truly "feels" their way through life, one will never be lead astray from Absolute Truth." ~ I AM ARCHANGEL METATRON


My Website with ALL my Scribes Direct From My Higher Self/Archangel Metatron and from Sananda / RA Immanuel available HERE:

Thank you Lord! Thank you Big Brother! Thank you, Sananda! Thank you, RA IMMANUEL! Thank you for ALL that you do for me and for all the love and light that you shine upon ALL Humanity Alike! Thank you for ALL the inspiration to Truly "BE" ME!

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At 8:52pm on June 15, 2014, amparo alvarez said…

I just passed by to say hello...I love the color of your page...I would say is almost an olive green...on the yellowish side...I love green...At this point I feel it is my soul color...It is good being here sharing with you and with all my Love, my Peace, my Light which is also yours...Blessings to you...

At 5:07am on March 24, 2014, amparo alvarez said…

Thank you so much Divine Willpower for your friendship...I cherish it..I see everyone as a friend...although I am aware not everyone thinks that way...It is good to know like minded people who are enlightened like you...Blessings of Peace and Love to you and yours...

At 1:34am on March 1, 2014, Luke Skywalker said…

Lol ..

At 5:02am on October 21, 2013, Yuriana said…
Def interested in taking to Sam more and you, how do you know we are from the same soul group? Also, id love to be part of the meditation group.
At 4:52am on October 21, 2013, Yuriana said…
Hi beautifuo being! Thank you for the friendship:))
At 11:44am on September 4, 2013, Peter Panayiotis Karanikas said…

My pleasure Jacob.

I AM greatful that you accepted my apology.

And offer of friendship.

These are crazy times and it is a measure of the men that we can see past our differences.So that we can work towards our mutual common goals.

There is hope for us all yet.


At 4:51am on September 4, 2013, Peter Panayiotis Karanikas said…

Dear Jacob,

I apologize for my actions.

And I forgive you for yours.

We can both do better.

And the members of Ashtar Command Crew deserve better from elders of their community.

Please accept my offer of friendship.

And let us be a living example of the unity that we preach.


At 9:44pm on September 2, 2013, faith said…
I have removed all my comments that did not belong on the otherwise light filled thread that I started for Clifford. I don't think that it was appropriate to place your comments that were about a different Kryon video thread on my thread.
Those replies should have stayed where they belonged. Please remove the ones you placed
In response to a different thread, from our celebration of Cliffords return.
I regret things got carried away.
I am passionate about not evoking fear and you are passionate about your beliefs. I will stay away
From your threads in the future.
Please now remove off topic comments from my thread and we can move on.
At 9:11pm on August 31, 2013, Ishtaris said…

Thanks brother, I am so glad that I read this today.It is a blessing to keep finding you all.  Brothers it is a joy to know that some of you incarnated already with the Divine Sword. You give me confirmation to know for sure that I come from Maya, I need it to read this. 

At 11:25pm on August 12, 2013, Archeia Luciela said…

love blessings

Goddess Aphrodite

Divine Willpower's Blog

Twin Flames Align in Togetherness ~ Perhaps Seen As A Threat By Those Seeking To Control Our Light

Posted on July 17, 2015 at 4:00am 2 Comments

What do I fight for? I fight still for TRUE LOVE!!! My twin star and I fight even now together for acceptance as one; the fire that we are live forever as we continue to wait as Twin Flames set a world apart. My love, Amanda and I wait in due time for the beginning of all things malevolent to end. Together we hold a key that will turn in the test of time that lives on in the hearts of all that we are.

So long as we are tempered through time, we hold in patience the gravity, her and I,…


Tree of Knowledge ~ What Are We Learning?

Posted on May 27, 2015 at 11:00pm 0 Comments

As each pedal of the flower we are, we are also the flower, residing hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. As each flower we are, we are that branch of the tree carrying new buds of divine nature within. As each branch of the tree we are, we are a family as a part and piece of a Tree of Learning. And so what do we know on the Tree of Knowledge if not accountable for each pedal that we are, each flower yet still blooming, each branch carrying the weight that we are, but each and every…


One Sight, One Heart, One Mind, One Love, One Voice, Once GOD, One Truth

Posted on May 23, 2015 at 8:26pm 0 Comments

Hello my dear Sisters and Brothers. Blessings to all. Since the fall of man so long ago. We have all been tested to reach ever more and again that ONE SIGHT, a manifestation of ALL THAT WE ARE seeing through the light that we are as ONE GOD, both MOTHER and FATHER manifest and self-witnessed as ABSOLUTE TRUTH. We have ALL been tested to do no harm and to find that ONE HEART, a manifestation of ONE LOVE incarnate; unconditional for ALL THAT WE ARE. We have all been actively tested in…

Hold On To Divinity

Posted on June 4, 2014 at 6:24pm 0 Comments

Hello my lovely and beautiful friends, I wanted to remind everyone the importance of always holding onto our “Awareness” or our “Divinity” while waking up the sub-conscious mind. While crossing that bridge of consciousness, there are many blocks and obstacles there along the way, as so many know, but what happens when we rely solely on our metal acuity alone, or those intentions there within each our own incarnate beings without embracing that which is our Highest Divine Intentions? Well,…



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