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About Yourself & Spiritual Interests
I am a SCIO quantum practioner. I work with people and animals.
I am currently volunteering with Pegasus Rising with a herd of rescued Arabian horses. The ranch will be theraputic for abused children, woman or those returning from the war.
DNA Tuning Forks
I work with people in person or in subspace.
Atlantis healing Wand
InfaRed Light
Dimensional clearing
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Jesus Buddah Mother Theresa
Books You have Read and Would Recommend
Re-member by Steve Roth

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At 3:05am on December 18, 2011, Admiral Matthew said…

As with a evening sunset vibrant with color and subtle secrets of solitutde for a quiet evening we are also excited for the coming of tomorrow a new day to rejoice and live for the next .  Today we are no longer alone in this world watching a sunset just with ones self but with good friends all around seeing the same sunset in differing variation yet we all wayching together.  So very cool it is to be here to watch it with you and share in the delight of new experiences tomorrow.


Admiral Matthew

At 2:11pm on May 11, 2009, meera said…

Beloved Master,
Can a married man also be a rebel?

Anil Bharti,
The question that you have asked is really complex. A MARRIED MAN certainly can be a rebel, in fact he HAS ALL THE REASONS TO BE A REBEL. An unmarried man may not even think of rebellion, he may be thinking of getting married. But the married man cannot think of anything else except rebellion, although he only thinks of it.

THE BURDEN OF MARRIAGE IS TOO MUCH ON HIM: the burden of children, of parents, social responsibility, honor, and prestige -- he has too much to risk. Hence he can think very easily about rebellion -- but to take an actual step will need great courage. MARRIAGE, in fact, IS A PRECAUTION TAKEN BY THE SOCIETY THAT NOBODY BECOMES A REBEL, that nobody becomes an INDIVIDUAL.

MARRIAGE IS, IN ITS NAKED REALITY, A STRATEGY BY THE SOCIETY TO KEEP EVERYBODY UNDER CONTROL. And it is such a subtle way that nobody thinks -- at least in the beginning -- that IT IS GOING TO BE AN IMPRISONMENT, A LIFELONG SLAVERY. But marriage has been used by all the societies in the world, in all the ages past, as a PSYCHOLOGICAL IMPRISONMENT; putting so much burden and responsibility on every individual that he has to kneel down, and in Zarathustra's words, has to become a CAMEL, A BEAST OF BURDEN.

CAMELS DON'T REBEL. On the contrary, the more burden a camel can carry the more precious he becomes. THE SAME IS THE SITUATION OF THE MARRIED MAN: the more burden he carries, of the old parents, of the small children, of the wife, the more respectable, the more honored he becomes in the society. These are the ways, INVISIBLE CHAINS, THAT WILL PREVENT A MAN FROM BECOMING A REBEL.

But this is only one side. The other side is, IF THE MAN HAS SOME COURAGE, some intelligence, the very burden, THE VERY IMPRISONMENT WILL BECOME THE CAUSE OF REBELLION. It is just a question of shifting your focus.

In all the religions, THERE IS A WAY ACCEPTABLE TO THE SOCIETY: that is OF RENOUNCING LIFE AND ESCAPING INTO A MONASTERY OR INTO THE MOUNTAINS... it is an escape, and every escape is cowardly. But the escape is acceptable -- not only acceptable but very prestigious. In the name of religion, in the name of searching for truth, the society allows the individual to escape and drop all responsibilities. THIS IS A KIND OF REBELLIOUSNESS, BUT THE REBELLIOUSNESS OF THE COWARD.

The married man has been doing it for centuries. It is part and parcel of the old civilization. It is just a small outlet. All doors should not be closed, otherwise the situation can be too suffocating. And there is a limit to tolerating suffocation. AND IF TOO MANY PEOPLE BECOME ANTAGONISTIC TO THE SITUATION IT WOULD BRING A REVOLUTION, A REBELLION. Hence every society gives an honorable escape. And nobody has ever counted how many people have suffered from this honorable strategy.

THOUSANDS of Christian monks, thousands of Buddhist monks, thousands of Jaina monks, thousands of Hindu monks -- their total number will be in the millions all around the world -- HAVE BECOME DROPOUTS, BUT IN A SOCIALLY ACCEPTABLE WAY -- religiously, in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of Gautam Buddha.

Because of these millions of monks, sadhus and saints, millions of parents have suffered in their old age, have become beggars; millions of children have become orphans, have become beggars, have become criminals; millions of women have become prostitutes. AND THE WHOLE RESPONSIBILITY GOES TO THE RELIGIONS because they honored the escapists.

JUST TO KEEP THE SOCIETY UNDER CONTROL, THEY HAD TO GIVE A LITTLE OUTLET, so the suffocation does not become too much. AND THEY HAD TO MAKE THIS ESCAPISM PRESTIGIOUS, SO NOBODY CONDEMNS IT, but on the contrary these cowards are being worshiped as great saints, sages. All that they had was a certain rebelliousness in their minds, but they were without guts. AND JUST A REBELLIOUSNESS IN THE MIND IS OF NO USE -- unless you can act accordingly, UNLESS YOU CAN RISK, unless you can take the danger.

The married man or unmarried man, the problem is the same: Are you ready to go against the whole past? ARE YOU READY TO GO AGAINST THE WHOLE WORLD? DO YOU HAVE THE COURAGE TO STAND ALONE? Will you not start feeling dizzy, seeing that the whole world is against you? Will you not start thinking that "Perhaps they are right, because they are so many and I am alone? Most probably I am not right." And the moment you start feeling this, you will start losing courage. You will start moving towards the prison again.

The Rebel
Chapter #30
Chapter title: The slavery of marriage


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