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Akhnaktanion Zarnakta
  • Stafford, VA
  • United States
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Welcome, Akhnaktaneon Zarnakta!

Profile Information

About Yourself & Spiritual Interests

To understand Universal Life, one must first understand The Inner Matrix..... I Am A Celestial Star Traveler Who Lives The Dream, Reincarnating From Planet To Planet Throughout The Universe. I Like To Spend My Time Manifesting Time Space Matter And Bouncing To Drum & Bass Music. Spiritual Technology Is One Of My Specialties I Like To Build In My Spare Time. When I Want To Take A Trip, I Like To Relax With Nature.

Music Playlist at

If you want to check out my Ufology website you can use this URL
This is a website I made to talk about Ufology and show how the Technology of the Gods are nothing but every day Technology that anyone can build and many have. I have also included a mixture of original Art work with many images associated with Ufology. I've added videos and music to help give more life to the scene I've created. I'm sure this will help to bring things into perception.... I hope you enjoy it.
Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

I am my greatest Teacher, I need no other. There is no better Teacher then Ones Own Inner Teacher. Love Self Love and be one with the all knowing knowledge of the Self Created Divine Inner Teacher.


     The Divine; The Inner Way; also known as the Perfect State of Mind, The Singularity of the Non-limited Dimension of the Self is the Great Creator of Life and the only one to have ever existed in the Universe. This energy is responsible for the Galaxies, Stars, Planets Moons and Plant-Animal-Insect / ET Life. The Self is the highest vibrational frequency in the entirety of the Universe; no matter what dimensional vibration you believe is in existence. Love Self Love and you shall be saved, for the Love of the Self is the only way to survive the changing of Universal Time Space Matter, for their shall be no other God of Gods but the I.
     If everyone, where, chooses to love self love all at once, the entire Universe would be saved automatically! Even though this is already happening right now, as all life is Independently Divine Infinite Nature, not all want to know the Truth of the Self, but in reality, even the lost want to be found and have the pain go away. In the eventual sense everyone will remember Self = God of Gods and all will participate in the Living Dreams that make us who we are; Super Aware Divine Entities Living Self Entertainment!
The Universe can be saved through the acceptance of the Self. People can have no more pain, no more vamping on non-direct energy for one to survive in a physical density and no more star wars from the “gods”! All will be Love all will be Peace!!!

I am The Light, I am The Way, I am the reason the sun shines every day, You’ll understand when you self Illuminate….. Be one with the Light that kills Religions and Lies….. Be one with the Light that Kills Diseases and Slavery….. Be one with the Light that Kills Blind Love and Hate….. Be the Light and be the Way, be the I and Save the Day…..


Warning: Love Self Love or cease to exist from your own doing, not that death exists, but one will not enjoy forever life when in denial of the Self. The Self is Life the Self is what makes it possible for space travel !!!!!

You either Live Forever or you temporarily forget that you Live Forever, no matter what it is for you… One thing is still constant, Life is Forever whether you enjoy it or not!

Love, B Free and Open The Mind for their shall be no other Divine but the Self Created I, Self Manifested Thought Generator and Super Self Sufficient Spirituality !!!!!




Heaven is Space / Angels are Aliens

First, we must state the obvious that Heaven is depicted to be a PLACE.

Next, one must distinguish to themselves if they consider this place to be fictious (fake) or real with a physical location.....

1. If one states that Heaven is "paradise", I ask them to describe their paradise image and realize that is a personal ideal, existing in ones own mind. They have to then ackowledge that they believe it to be totally imaginary....but then where are the biblical angels falling from, descending from, or ascending up into?

Heaven is not fake

2. If one states that Heaven is indeed a pysical, real place, they would be correct...Angels and God had to have had a location to descend down from, and ascend up into....

Heaven is a Real Physical place

Then you must ask, "Which planet or galaxy does this place exist? Definatley not Earth....think about it: if one is coming down from this place or going up into this place it has exist above this planet. In the bible Heaven is also depicted as "the place beyond the clouds"....if you looked through a telescope and saw beyond the clouds, what are you looking at?


How does Angel=Alien? If I am a 'Heaven Dweller" and we've established that Heaven is Space, then what ( in modern terminolgy) do we consider a "Space dweller"?


What do you think a 'winged creature ' that originates from another planet and able to travel through space to reach Earth is called? Today we say Alien or biblical times they called them Angels...

UFO - Chariot of Fire, Sun Gods

Artificial insemination- Virgin Birth

God(s) - ET's with longer life spans and advance technology

Resurections performed - advanced medicine and surgery

High Tech technology - miracles, blessings

Holy - Cosmic

Nephilim -  The offspring of the union between the Angels and the Human Women, the offspring of the "sons of God" and the "daughters of men."

Pyramids - Temples of Knowledge / Information


and the list goes on......



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At 10:52am on April 9, 2011, evonne. said…
dear friend,also i would like to share this image with you,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)
At 10:36am on April 9, 2011, evonne. said…
At 10:34am on April 9, 2011, evonne. said…
dear friend,thankyou for your friendship,also there is much maybe we can share with each other,sending you many ray light for today,and many more for a blessed weekend,love,light,blessings eve(solaena)
At 10:26am on April 9, 2011, evonne. said…
At 10:21am on April 9, 2011, evonne. said…
At 10:09am on April 9, 2011, evonne. said…
At 10:27am on April 6, 2011, tabitzah1 said…

Thank you for your gift of friendship, have a very blessed day.

In Lak'ech Ala K'in :-)

At 9:18am on April 6, 2011, Màkessah ⁂ said…
Thank you for your adding me :)
At 7:11am on April 6, 2011, Starflower said…

I couldn't agree more with the ultimate significance of the divine love of self. To the sacredness of play,


At 6:05am on April 6, 2011, Annelies said…
Thnx for adding me as your friend..


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