new world

Can you imagine a place where there is no polutants in the waters or air. The animals are in abundance, free and healthy just like us. We too are abundant. No fighting, no war, a planet filled with peace, hope and love.

It can be, it will be.

A girl stands alone, transfixed on the sight before her. A beautiful being sharing the waters from her Soul, allowing it to enter into the depths, helping to cleanse and to make our waters pure once more. New formations rise from the within creating new habitats for all creatures.

With Love and Light Always


(c) - My copyright means that you are not allowed to download or print any of my artworks, or to use my artwork in any other form other than sharing.

If you wish to purchase any of my artworks, please feel free to contact me or go to my website, thank you again.

You can also see my videos on Youtube. These are:

Spiritual Awakening Art by Leanne M Williams

Universal Healing Art by Leanne M Williams

Affirmations from the heart by Leanne M Williams

Copyright Leanne M Williams 2011 All rights reserved

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  • Thank you Semile. I really like your sparkley "Beautiful " Very pretty. xxx
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