Return of the Lamb a divine dispensation of light by the Elohim Cyclopea of the divine blueprint of God´s Purity.

It is time to get naked to rid ourself of the distorted subliminal fear ~ divide ~ controle programming enslavement. There will be no one here to miraculously save us from the current mad-ness, that is being played out on the world stage. The polarity is being stretched to the maximum as the dark players are desparately aiming to stay in controle and keep the "show" going and keep the sheeple in amnesia. It is time now to rise up and to take on responsability to creating the world we would like for our children and future generations to live in and to bring back heaven to this planet and fulfill our planetary mission. For indeed the groundcrew of starseeds, angelic humans came here to make this change and ensure victory to the light. The forerunners, truthkeepers, system busters, indigo revolutionaries pioneers of light came to usher in the christ light, the purity of god´s vision and we came in the thousands... however many lost track of the light along the way... fell out of grace... and so many of those that so diligently served the light are now serving that which are in no favor of the light.. to some extend not even aware of it, instead of serving love, they have fallen prey to the fear mongering programming. We need to reset our heart compasses now, to be vigilant and crystal clear in our every thought, every emotion, every action... because whatever we do or say will and do have a massive impact on the collective. And we need to reinstore the divine vision of god for the new heaven on earth which is destined to be ushered in thru the gigantic ascension portal entrance to the Aquarian Age on December the 21st. Today the 12:12 massive ascension waves are ushered into the planet, which started on the 11:11 and will also be greatly amplied thru the coming eclipse, it is a divine opportunity to unite in hundreds and thousands to seed the light and the divine blueprint with united intent and bundled light.

The Elohim Cyclopea has stepped forward as the Master Builders (God´s closest team) as they serve at the throne of God to implement God´s plan of which we are all part. Yes you are Elohim you carry the angelic dna and are a divine co-creator of God. You are the mighty I AM THAT I AM and so you are your own savior, you are the Messiah and the Return of the Lamb... the Return of the The Christed One. It is for you to reassure this thru choosing love over fear, thru clearing your heart of all distortion and own who you truly are. You are not less than or inferior to God but you are a replication of God a divine sovereign being of light. However you were told you are less than and just human.... that is so far from the truth. The Ca Bal narrative "The Fall" that was installed thru infiltration in the high civiliations of Atlantis and Lemuria has been paralizing and manipulating us into believing were are separated from God and simply victims of circumstances.

Thus to make it clear... there is no one coming here to save you out of the mess other than the divine spark of love within, your I AM PRESENCE but if you are fragmented and dispersed by fear, you are not available when your God spark guides you and offer its gift of love.... it is time to return to the purity of heart, that is your divine inheritance, to cleanse and clear your mind and heart from the polluted version of God´s Vision of the new heaven on earth that we are here to create. To replace the distorted programming of the te-lie-vision and media scam.
But we need to prepare the soil and the soul for this purity... it can not grow in a toxic polluted soil.... if your mind is blinded by fear and neglecting the truth, you cannot prosper as a soul, you cannot live in God´s purity and light, you cannot embody God´s vision of the new heaven, which you are here to anchor. Instead you become a victim of circumstance.

In tonight´s 12:12 activation the Elohim Cyclopea will offer a download of the original divine blueprint of God´s Purity and Vision, the Eden Template and clear your heart from all the veils of distortion and walls of separation, that have been projected onto you by those that violate God´s plan in favor of their egoic agenda for a downfall of the Aquarian Age, a repetition of what happened in Atlantis 30000 years ago. We cannot allow this to happen once again.

If you feel called to stand up with your angelic family of light to ensure the victory of the light join us tonight in this global activation for the restoration of God´s Purity and Vision for the new heaven on earth. This activation builds on the 11:11 activation which was facilitated last month and will lead up and prepare you for the 21:12 Ascension portal for the divinely orchestrated and long awaited cosmic event, that will trigger a massive awakening blast and force you to choose which path you are going to take without even a grain of doubt, you must choose love with every breath to slip thru the eye of the needle and join forces with love to enter the garden of eden, your true home. Time to remove the mask of forgetfullness and submission, time to stand tall in your true might as the freedom truthkeeper you came here to be.

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Grace and the Elohim Cyclopea

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