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I do not like Anunnaki....I like the truth....I am a truth seeker.... I know about the Ancient Ones, and i know they got first on planet Tiamat(the Earth).Anunnaki want to enslave all the people.It is other races on Earth,so people never been alone all this time.Good or evil , it is the choice you have to make...... I know about Brothers of the Serpent, and Space Command. If your intention are good it is fine and i will join. PS:Anunnaki use the new age mov. to put the N.W.O in place.So be Warn!.They watching you.

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I am a self aware.I know THE TRUTH.I know the future, and if the people do not react to this it is gonna be bad..... I have all the study i need, but i will not stop seeking and study to become a new man.I am not lie.It is the truth....

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  • Sorry I am late very busy as of recent events  are unfolding for me and I am moving ahead with something I call the Hollywood project and my future needs me to work hard right now I am to tierd even to catch up on to days great works here at ashtar rest well dear friend I am liking to know what you wish to focus on a dream or goal larg or small what might fulfill your self ultimate
  • your  not at all crazy ,your just awake to the truth of existence and you are well lite rite now  that is good to be so bright hold on back in 15 min.
  • Might I add that you are a very chivalrous and pure heart and sole ,slow down for me a bit so I have time to read all you data I do not wish to miss anything you have
  • found the grail myself and  left it for the next night to find the ark however is  somewhere I can not get to and the word that the operator needs must remain with Michael for now tell me  have you seen thisYouTube - Forbidden Knowledge, The Secret Of Creation, Part 5
  • There need to be solid gold cap on pyramid first and they have not enough gold and they need the 5th  element and they do not have that for certain and they are F-ed dear friend honest
  • Oh ya ALF I am loving your heart and mind and your mission And I am here to see what can I do for to help you dear one , I do need to work as slave today , I can latter on get focused on what we can to together just remember you are very special and important as one who has such a gifts.are you in a focus group yet?
  • OK, I love manly p hall ,we see eye to eye then yes ,please bare with me ,you flooded me with some very good data ,I am OK with that ,I need to absorb and reflect ,and go to work for the man ,so sweet ALF, we can focus together, on some good ness ,and do something good here ,do not worry yourself any more, things will work faster and better soon,really we can and have made a difference - YouTube - ChristyJoeDay's Channel
  • yes ,much better, I can relate to maysons very well understood buy me not all bad my godfather one to be sure to see you soon
  • * Drome enters Alf his cabin *


    Hi alf, how are things going? Just wanted to say 'hello'.

    See you later around bro.


    * Drome leaves the cabin *

  • I will do.

    Another nice tool will be the Joulethief (google it), it can load batteries up from energy out of the grid/atmosphere. I've seen it working already and I think I'll reproduce it for the sake of free energy for us all.

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alf replied to Luke Skywalker's discussion WE ARE GOING TO BE STUNNED !
"Thx Eve...you are very gifted to explain such things...
I explain just what i feel or just i know for sure from my personal experiences or
from my soul.. from my identity ..if you like...with my own poor language...
And all that things come from a…"
Apr 7, 2011
alf replied to Luke Skywalker's discussion WE ARE GOING TO BE STUNNED !
"Thx Luke...i see your point...nice done...
Apr 7, 2011
alf replied to Luke Skywalker's discussion WE ARE GOING TO BE STUNNED !
"Nice one Luke...i like that one..
thx man..love you
Apr 7, 2011
alf replied to Luke Skywalker's discussion WE ARE GOING TO BE STUNNED !
"Eve they already know who i am...
For who have eyes to see...it will understand Eve...
Apr 7, 2011

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