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Confused people

There are so many people who are confused, or believe in a lie/wrong information. There are so many secrets and so many things to tell.

Please read "remember who you are" by david icke, 2012. There is a lot of information everyone should know. youtube of lion sleeps no more could get you started or check my blog for good youtube links.

I can also share my thoughts or answer to any questions if someone is interested.

Love and light


remember who you are

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Wake Up! Real information for everyone

These writings present the view of the writer when they have been written. You have to decide by yourself what to read and believe. All writings posted are with love, light and good intention for everyone.

It is really difficult to find truth, but this will change. At the moment there are so much miss information + all lies and deception of the news, government's and private/public companies.

Just watch the youtube videos and decide what to believe. Other links will help you to find more information as you wish to find.

Youtube video's to wake you up.

Why human race do not Thrive (soft landing, for reality)


Lion Sleeps No More! (reality check)



Good and beautiful Chakra healing 11min

More information (for what earth and humans were created)


Some social networking sites with informative blogs and discussions

Information to browse and study


Some information blogs to follow and check

Some light organisations to keep on mind

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