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The real human beeing *

I am here to make you realize
the knowledge you already have.

You can call me Ambres. But what my name is and who I am does not matter, only what I teach matters. What I speak of is nothing new. You can recognize it, often without knowing why; as if you already knew it. You have surely met it before, but in different forms and through different angles. The esoteric knowledge about man and the wholeness has been taught and taught in many ways so that it can reach out to as many as possible in the new era. But the variuos rivers, streams and creeks have the same source.

Man talks about mysticism. About the unknown. It tickles his thought. But it also creates mists and veils, and it becomes so easy to get trapped in that land of shadows. Man puts mysticism apart from his daily life, and what he calls reality, and approaches mysticism at certain occasions and places, where he creates rites and rituals. That which in itself is natural and obvious, is turned into something enticing and secretive. If you could approach that which you call the hidden secret with an open mind, it would dome to meet you and open up the doors to all its secrets, instead of as it is now, a well over which mysticism puts its not very educating misty curtain. Everything that exists has an explanation. What you sense, suspect or think you see is also a part of reality. But rid yourselves of the mysticism around all this.

There is no mystique, only ignorance. It is the same thing with what man calls spirituality. He separates it from the daily life. He speakes about a "spiritual life", and also here does he create rites and ceremonies. He thinks that this spirituality should be performed in certain places and by certain people. He beats his breast in his spirituality and puts himself above those who do not follow the same path as he does. Thus spirituality becomes something that separates instead of unites. The word spirituality should be deleted and replaced by human compassion. To be a fellow human, and use compassion and love where you live and work, that is truly to live a spiritual life. It is in everyday life that you live and work.

Everything is a unity.

There must never form any soceity or association around my teachings. It shall be open and without constrainst for each and everyone that wants to take a part of what is offered. The one who listens to me and wants to hear more, I invite to come back. And the one who listens to me and then chooses not to come back, I give my blessing. Then another, teacher will await along that man´s path.

This is not a religion. Religion is man´s way of binding and petrifying that which is given to him. This teaching is aimed at the contrast of petrification, namely freedom from dogmas, paragraphs, ceremonies and prohibition. So the one that seeks a religion in what I speak of has then come to the wrong place. It happens so easy, that what is growing freely upwards, is forced down towards the ground. This is man´s way of constantly trying to make the inconcievable - concievable. He always wants to pull everything down to his subjective level of understanding, instead of looking up to the plane where his own wisdom awaits him. As a treasure.

Man´s distrust towards himself and others is his greatest obstacle. Like a chained prisoner he walks around with a heavy ball linked to his ankle. He shuffles around with his guilt, his mistrust and all of his hereditary conception from countless generations back. I would like to argue, that if he only looked down and scrutinized it, he would find that the heavy chain is only a thin thread from a spiders web, and that heavy black ball is only a red balloon.

But man must want to see this. If he does not want it, he will remain in the Old Thought. And there he can find the religion he is looking for. But I, and what I speak of must never be associated with any kind of religion. What I give is knowledge about life. I share with you my Knowledge of Life. And that is what I want to reawaken in you. Let us continue together and give to man all the New that belongs to The New Era.

By Metatron *
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