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May 17

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hello my name is john although you may know me by jim clarson as thats my online name, but whichever name you call me i'll respond to either, though john is my birth name in real life. i was born with aspergres and bipolar disorder and ive been medicated and i strongly advocate for meds with certain mental diseases due to life experience and seeing others suffer when they dont take their meds. my mom lost her best frend donna because her husband killed her when he went off his meds, and my family's frend's kids have fucked up their lives from feeling like they dont need their meds and is been an overal disaster, also from my own experience from when i was taking antibiotics and they knocked out the effects of my meds and i was hospitalised from having un-safe thoughts, ive moved past that now and with my awakening it's brought a much more peaceful state of mind as well as being able to see the cup half full rather then half empty, but its not full proof, i mightve improved my outlook on life but it still doesnt change the fact that my brain is disable with bipolar, hence why i keep taking my meds as they have no real bad side effects on my ability to sense energy, if anything it keeeps me clear enough to know whats really there in energy and whats not. as far as my intrests go im into crystals, philosophy and social interaction dynamics and understanding how people interact with one another, i also mix this with concepts like karma, past life things, and the dimensions and i enjoy spending time talking about how it all adds up to form who we are now and also thinking about whjere we wanna go from here and removeing blockages that staand in the way. all this geared towards planetary ascension through learning and growing as people in all aspects of life. im all for acknoledgedging the bad and understanding that it exists, im a firm beleiver that denial solves nothing and only perpetuates avoidance of truth, even if at times i controdict myself when i see it i make my best effort to recognise it and set things right, i know though im far from perfect, and that there is no being here on earth thats perfect. im also into things concerning dark luminotti and goverment coverups and things of that nature, and ingeneral finding out the truth behind something that seems fishy. i know for a fact free energy exists, i know for a fact that the oficial story on 9/11 is bull, and i know ingeneral that so much is hidden from us by cleverly getting mass public to go into denial when these topics are brought up through social programing by useing audioand visual input through television and radio. i also am a beleiver in spiritual things but i am definatly not religious. i treat spirituality and things dealing wth the 6th sense as a subject of reality that needs to be looked into and as an extenion of who we are but are not aware of, i feel theres many things available to us energeticly that we simply havent even conceived of yet to ask, either that or we ask with the wrong mindset and intent. thats another thing, i beleive that the mind and heart go hand in hand, as we were born with them both for a reason, and i fel alot of new agers are only looking at one shard at a time of the complete puzzle. also im a beleiver in that we dont exist in one dimension at a time, but the we exist on all levels in parralel aspects as we connect ourselves progressively into one multidimensional being the more we acsend. i think though for most, thinking that 5d will arive on earth is more apealing to them and fits the linear mindset more easily. my basic philosophy is not to exchange one idea for another, but to look at them both and take the parts from eachj one that feel acurate to me with my feet planted firmly on the earth. also as far as being a starseed goes, i beleive we came here for a reason and as a soul we're not leaving until that mission is completed, and the mission is for earth to ascend, and im outof space to write...

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

my teachers are the people i talk to on a daily basis, however the bigest ones include my imediate family, my good frend april who is a member on here, as well as my other close frends in the 3d, also the various people on the inernet like youtube who put stuff out there that alows me to learn from what theyve experiences and add it to my knoledge reptituoir, if anything, life and a physical existense is my teacher in a nutshell

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  • hey jim, I'm reading over that Laputa article you posted about, thanks for that and. . I'll get back to you on the posts you made, I read most of them but did not catch the last bit of that thread before it was deleted hehe, yes I think I know how you feel, but, hmmm, well. . . . their are all sorts of neat plugins for firefox you know, and um. . well, I'll tell you in a bit

    cheers and hang in their, don't get too bummed by all that if you feel kind of shit bout it all, perhaps. . theirs an avenue forming. . hmmmm.

    also sorry for not getting around to responding, as I have had some small slump going on that I don't understand, though it seemed to make me ponder, to come around and try to cheer you up, hehe



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besides healing, learning about oneself, the world around them and creating coexistence in harmony between all life on earth [which are all good], i see most of this ascension as bs and a way to turn people into tolerant softies so when the false…
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"the intention of the video has nothing to do with orgasms, frankly its a cure for those with parasitic tendancies who cant seem to help themselves. a reboot system restore to the system if you will. i developed it so energy vampires whom i beleive…"
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a little gift for you all, if you can figure it out it will benefit you to imense levels and propel you in your times of lack, consider it an intelectual interpretive cure for any sense of lack you might…
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theres alot of bullshit asociated with this website, some emotionaly and mentaly toxic, other parts just intelectualy dangerous. alot of people on here who chant the words love and light but do the oposite in action and cant take it when theyve been…
Apr 14, 2013

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