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December 5

About Yourself

I'm 69. Great grandma. Spiritual, conscious of what is going on. Very open minded. Love to learn. Love my freedom and very much want a bright free future for all. Probably overly giving and I don't reguire much materialism. Love making herbal medicines from my own yard and walking through nature. So much love this beautiful planets existance and the history of it. I buy a lot of books going all the way back to Sumeria. I need knowledge. Way passed my family telling me I'm crazy because because each day they find I'm just actually informed and do what I think is best for this world and beyond.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Well, from a child, my grandmothers, for my children, private schooling and family worship. But anymore, I'm into my friends throughout the internet, which I'm not happy with negativity throughout technology but it had its wonders too. I admire peoole and follow Simon Parks, Michael Jaco, and Marfoogle, as just a few who have brought me into consciousness and meditation. Even though, prayer and meditation has been my life and now at my tender age of the real world I seek helping others more then myself. I feel great and ask nothing in return. Not bragging but I am my own person, finally.

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"If you want to determine how trustworthy I am, you can ask me a question that you already know the answer. Ask me, for instance, 'where is your home', and then see if I will lie. But then there is a prerequisite for this to work: You must know that…"
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