The Buddha on the Law of Attachment and Detachment,


Part 2/2
September 22, 2013
(“Transcript: The Buddha Discusses the Law of Attachment and Detachment, September 17,
2013, Part 2/2,” September 22, 2013, at

SM: As you’re speaking, I'm wondering if I have attachment to being a higher-dimensional being,

here to help humanity raise up its frequency and transform into our true divine nature. And
subsequently, being one not entirely comfortable with this lower-dimensional experience, is that
Buddha: Yes, but let us explain. It's part of your evolution and part of why I have asked you and
Sanat Kumara, my dear friend Raj, has asked you to go into your heart all these weeks and we
will continue to do so.
There are attachments and there are false attachments. You are attached to the fulfillment of your
mission and your purpose, and the truth of who you are. And that is necessary because it is your
guiding North Star. It leads you where you need to go.
Now, if you are dismissive, judgmental, of those who are still struggling to let go of the Third,
then that is not of prudence and it is not of compassion and it most certainly is not of love. And it
gives you no joy. That is a lose, lose, lose, lose, lose.
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But if you can look at it and say: “No, that is not where I choose to live. I wish to attach to the
vision of a higher vibration for all and therefore I am lifting up." It is that sensation that has been
described so many times as reaching through the portal and lifting up.
Having them sit next to you - actually or in meditation - and in the presence of your field, of your
sacred space, of your energy field, so that they are being affected, then that is part of the creation.
But if it is “I am now above that reality. I am better than that,” then that is not of love. And I
suggest, dear Suzi, that is not where you are.
SM: No, that’s not where I am. I’m just wondering about the 'not being comfortable here.’ Do I
have attachment to that part? As in, that’s an understandable part of being who I am, that I don’t
exactly fit in here. So I’m just wondering if that's something I need to shift, too.
Buddha: You can let that go because it is two-fold. So now you are going to have the Buddha
speak out of both sides of his mouth. On one side, I say to you, you are not intended to be completely

comfortable in any remnants of the old Third. It is a feeling like “get out of town.”
On the other hand, what we want you to attach to is the higher vibration that makes you want to
stay in physicality. Because part of the difficulty that has been occurring is that you think that we
have not been helping you or not been doing our job in getting this taken care of. But we have
been working quite diligently if I do say so.
There are so many of you that are more than willing, at the millisecond notice, to come and join
me, without form, under the Bodhi tree. You are all ready. But that is not what this is about.
This is part of the uniqueness of the Mother’s Plan. And it was what she had planned all along. It
was to be able to assume and keep form - and, by the way, that will morph into being able to assume

many forms. And you will be happy, my friend, because you will be able to morph into a
whale or into a dolphin and come home for dinner.
So it is attaching to the vibration but staying in form. And that is where some of the disconnect
for the lightworker community is occurring.
SM: That is wonderful news. So this next one might be simply a matter of semantics in my admittedly-

incomplete understanding of the Four Noble Truths. I thought that attachment was seen
to be the cause of all human suffering. Now, that would be attachment to outcome as opposed to
attachment to a that the key here?
Buddha: It is part of the key. But let me tell you, attachment has come to mean – in your human
realm and in the human expression of the spiritual realm – that you are attached, and just the
mere fact of attachment is a negative. That is why telepathic communication will be so much
more efficient. My dream for you is to enter, to be attached, to your creation of total detachment.
SM: Okay.
Buddha: Do you see where I am going?
SM: I do.
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Buddha: Do not judge attachment. What we are asking of you is to be attached to the vision, the
vision and not the delivery of the human collective rising up. Then you detach because we’re not
asking you to organize, push, and decide who’s going where.
So you hold the vision and then you detach from it, and you allow. And it is more than allowing.
It is truly surrendering. And it is not just surrendering to Source, Mother/Father One, to the higher

realms or to the Company of Heaven, or even to me. It is also surrender to the individuals involved

that they will find their way.
It is that honoring that their divine spark knows when they have received that input, that impulse
of light, to jump-start them, that they will find their way.
SM: Beautiful. This is wonderful. Will you please speak to what the Council of Love has said
about any or all of you adding your own elements to human creation? At what point in the process

does that take place?
Buddha: It takes place primarily while you are at stillpoint. While you are in the nothingness, the
void of all, we are doing our add-ons and the adding of elements to create. We are adding the
gunpowder for the explosion, as it were.
So we add our energy plus whatever you may have overlooked because in human nature that
sometimes happens. And then as it drops down, it is gathering force - your force, our force, the
force - and then exploding out into the universe.
Now, one of the pieces we have not spoken of is, in terms of being out in the without, the Law of
Within and Without. So now you have given it to the universe, where we are as well.
And so we are collecting what you think of as the material, the codes, to bring together into
physicality to you. So we work at stillpoint, we work at ejection, and we work at gathering and
returning to you. We are busy.
SM: Yes, you are.
Buddha: And we are happy. We are in joy to do this.

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