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For all that have seen and work with Angels. Others that would love to know more. How does one connect with angels and what are the various types.

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Welcome To Angels Group!

How does one connect with angels?

Become more sensitive, meditate, and ask for experience. Angels say that they communicate with us through what we think of as intuition, by making what seemed at the time as a chance decision, like you think of someone and call, later you find that this was exactly the right time to call for one reason or another. They also communicate through dreams at night, bringing ideas to the subconscious mind whilst the conscious mind is unguarded, finally they communicate through revelations, like when you are really working on something and you get stuck, the ego’s control of the mind can be weakened and then you can have a flash a eureka experience and great idea. But the key thing is that you need to be open and allow such communication. Angels are trying to help you, they want to help your soul move through its growth as efficiently as possible. The easiest way to connect with angels is to meditate regularly and to focus on your spiritual growth especially on working to open your heart and to become loving and open hearted.

The word 'Angel' is taken from the Greek word 'Angelos' which means 'Messenger'. Angels are those souls who from the beginning of creation never lost contact with the Creator, never had physical lives, and seek only to fulfill the will of the Creator. Angels can vary in form, depending on the needs and expectations of those requesting help.They may appear as either male or female, but are neither. They are beings of light energy.They came into being as a link between the Creator and humanity.They bring us messages to guide and protect us during the spiritual transformation that is taking place now on the planet. Angels are different in many respects from Spirit Guilds. They usually come with a frequency of unconditional love whereas spirit guides have personalities and are often humorous and talk a lot! In the Middle Ages Angels were depicted as bringing messages, such as the birth of Christ.They were usually depicted as human-like beings, which huge wings, halos, and radiating white light. Angels have been recognized by major religions as having a very important place in the overall plan of creation. The idea of Angels is significant in Judeo-Christian religious thought. In both the Old and New Testaments, angels are identified as belonging to specifically named groups, in a kind of celestial hierarchy, consisting of Nine Orders. Before the advent of Christianity, angels as messengers had their belief counterparts in Ancient Greece, Rome and The Vikings also had a messenger God called Hermod. As we prepare to return to a higher level of consciousness many people are connecting with Angels. Though they usually do not remain with one person exclusively, they can come to when you call them.

"In this, your moment, right now, there is a beautiful Angel looking at you...

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Melanie Beckler .....

Get ready for a profound energy shift this week as Mercury turns retrograde, and we have a New Moon! This is a profound time of letting go... To surrender and release the outcome and allow the Divine to conspire with you to manifest and align things in your life in a way thats even better than expected.

This week may also bring many opportunities for Emotional Healing. Check out this Simple Emotional Clearing process here:

Then... To learn more about the profound energy shift of this New Moon click here:

With love and bright blessings, Melanie

P.S.This video was recorded amidst the magical energies of the Xaman Ha Mayan Ruins in Mexico...

Infinite Blessings of Divine Love, Light, Peace, Joy, & Abundance to All of You,


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Melanie Beckler - You Are Being Influenced by Spiritual Beings WITH or WITHOUT Your Knowing It ... You NEED to KNOW This! Here's how: Whether you're aware of it or not... You're always being guided and influenced by beings in spirit in four main ways... The more conscious you become of these levels, the more beneficial the guidance and support of spiritual beings can be... And the more clearly you will be able to discern whether to act upon, listen to and follow the guidance or impulses to action you're receiving from Spirit... Or whether you should ignore it! 

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