my UFO dream

the only dream i had with UFO's up to now was like that:
i woke up in my bed(pretty weird stuff), looking out my window seeing a lot of military, when i got out to look what happens a big ship looking like a huge cigar with 2 smaller ones connected to it beside it and a circle at top with some other smaller ships flew around shooting stuff(especially ppl) with laserbeams...
i just remember people running around crying and feared to the bones one dying after the other...
then in a blink of an eye i realized theres a laser comin my direction and i dont know how but i created a shield around me like a egg just much bigger and build out of light or something, that protected me.
then there was only darkness and my shield for a few seconds and i got teleported to a kind of island where i stared at a big lake in which the water i looked at it began to move, a few moments later i started to control the air and water around me...
then i woke up again and i was lying in my bed same thing as in dream only that the curtain was down...

that made me feel pretty much like neo in matrix when you dont know the difference between dream and reality cause it was so real i mean i waked up in my bed just like i allways did in "reality"
so that i ask myself every morning isn't this another dream where i wake up in my bed?

btw. i watched X-men like 3 days After this and i was very speechless when that lady did nearly the same with that lightshield around her, i never seen something like this before i had the dream and a few days later i watch it in a movie ;D

looks like a message to me saying "YES ITS POSSIBLE START BELIEVE IN IT", isn't it?^^

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  • @Wasser.  I have almost identical dreams, many of them.  It is my opinion that your dream is extremely prophetic.  You are seeing glimpses of your future self.  In the future, your super natural abilities will be your protection and your strength.  Get ready and BELIEVE.  Much love,



  • ..woW your dream sounds very is this kinds of dreams that make us wonder whether what we are dreaming is actually taking place..perhaps in another reality, time, or place. I couldn't help but smile as I read about your dream because I have had so many dreams involving aliens and ufos I even keep a journal of all my dreams. It helps alot! I hope you do too. Anyway, the dream that I had (which yours reminded me of) is one in which i found myself staring up at the nights sky, along with other people. It was dark and we were all staring up at the stars that were so bright and colorful it was just so beautiful. And then the moment i looked down for a second someone pointed out "Look! they're firing at each other!" and i looked up once again and it seemed that the "stars" which actually turned out to be alien spaceships were engaging in a battle right before our very eyes! I could see the "stars" moving everywhere so fast and I could also hear laser beams being fired...I felt so sad and scared. And at the end of the dream the biggest of the spaceships suddenly went off in a huge explosion that illuminated the whole night sky, thus ending the battle. After that the spaceships started descending towards earth and we were greeted by luminescent "gray" type beings. Oh and by the way let me add that in a book I was reading not too long after this dream happened, I found an article about a UFO dogfight that happened somewhere in Africa. After reading the article, the details just struck me and i couldnt help but wonder if I had actually witnessed an event that took place many years ago. Its a really wonderful thing.

    Anyway, thanks for letting me share my dreams with you and i hope you post many more...we can all learn from each others dreams, after all.
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