Dreams are big for me.

Back when I was following a more shamanistic path I used to partake of herbs meant to enhance dreaming. One was actually called "dream herb". These really opened up the doorways to new dimensions in my dreaming that have never really shut.

I read somewhere that you can actually LEARN to dream. As in, learn to stretch you abilities while dreaming. Things like other dimensions, remote viewing, knowing that your dreaming while dreaming, flying, space ships etc.

I've always been a dreamer, but along the way I learned to revere them pretty highly. I feel that they are generally very true and another worthy aspect of ourselves. Much more than just a night-time processing of the days events.

Some of my dreams are simply amazing and they guide me for years trying to learn to meaning behind it all. This coupled with more frequent than not, dream deja vu. Where I know where I am because I've dreamed it.

I recall one time I drove 18 hours to Chicago and when I got into the city I should have been totally lost, no GPS, no idea of where I was but because of my China town highway dream...I knew exactly where to go.

So I did a little test and just followed the path I took in my dream and Guess what?  It got me right to my hotel, via an early highway exit and a trip through China Town.

ahhh dreaming.

Love it, love it, love it

Sweet ones to you all

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  • Love dreaming too. As a child my dreams were always lucid flying at will etc.. I'm still trying to bring this back to the full capacity I had as a child. My dreams are always far out and have guided me too through some what would have been very difficult times. Like you though I LOVE IT :D

    • Any tips bring them on!

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