The following from the book “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind” by Depok Chopra, M.D.

Val’s comments at end.


These assumptions form the bedrock of our shared worldview. They are:

  1. There is an objective world independent of the observer, and our bodies are an aspect of this objective world.
  2. The body is composed of clumps of matter separated from one another in time and space.
  3. Mind and body are separate and independent from each other.
  4. Materialism is primary, consciousness is

secondary. In other words, we are physical machines that have learned to think.

  1. Human awareness can be completely explained as the product of biochemistry.
  2. As individuals, we are disconnected, self-contained entities.
  3. Our perception of the world is automatic and gives us an accurate picture of how things really are.
  4. Time exists as an absolute, and we are captives of that absolute. No one escapes the ravages of time.
  5. Our true nature is totally defined by the body, ego, and personality. We are wisps of memories and desires enclosed in packages of flesh and bones.
  6. Suffering is necessary— it is part of reality. We are inevitable victims of sickness, aging, and death.

These assumptions reach far beyond aging to define a world of separation, decay, and death. Time is seen as a prison that no one escapes; our bodies are biochemical machines that, like all machines, must run down.




  1. The physical world, including our bodies, is a response of the observer. We create our bodies as we create the experience of our world.
  2. In their essential state, our bodies are composed of energy and information, not solid matter. This energy and information is an outcropping of infinite fields of energy and information spanning the universe.
  3. The mind and body are inseparably one. The unity that is “me” separates into two streams of experience. I experience the subjective stream as thoughts, feelings, and desires. I experience the objective stream as my body. At a deeper level, however, the two streams meet at a single creative source. It is from this source that we are meant to live.
  4. The biochemistry of the body is a product of awareness. Beliefs, thoughts, and emotions create the chemical reactions that uphold life in every cell. An aging cell is the end product of awareness


  1. Perception appears to be automatic, but in fact it is a learned phenomenon. The world you live in, including the experience of your body, is completely dictated by how you learned to perceive it. If you change your perception, you change the experience of your body and your world.


  1. Impulses of intelligence create your body in new forms every second. What you are is the sum total of these impulses, and by changing their patterns, you will change.
  2. Although each person seems separate and independent, all of us are connected to patterns of intelligence that govern the whole cosmos. Our bodies are part of a universal body, our minds an aspect of a universal mind.


  1. Time does not exist as an absolute, but only eternity. Time is quantified eternity, timelessness chopped up into bits and pieces (seconds, hours, days, years) by us. What we call linear time is a reflection of how we perceive change. If we could perceive the changeless, time would cease to exist as we know it. We can learn to start metabolizing non-change, eternity, the absolute. By doing that, we will be ready to create the physiology of immortality.


  1. Each of us inhabits a reality lying beyond all change. Deep inside us, unknown to the five senses, is an innermost core of being, a field of non-change that creates personality, ego, and body. This being is our essential state— it is who we really are.


  1. We are not victims of aging, sickness, and death. These are part of the scenery, not the seer, who is immune to any form of change. This seer is the spirit, the expression of eternal being.

These are vast assumptions, the makings of a new reality, yet all are grounded in the discoveries of

Quantum Physics made almost a hundred years ago.  The seeds of this new paradigm were planted almost a hundred years ago by Einstein, Bohr and Heisenberg, and the other pioneers of quantum physics who realized that the accepted way of viewing the physical world was false.  Although things “out there” appear to be real, there is no proof of reality apart from the observer. Every world view creates its own view. I want to convince you that you are much more than your limited body, ego and personality.


The above was taken from “Ageless Body and Timeless Mind” by Depok Chopra.

 Since coming on the Internet in1997 Val has taught over and over that: 

“We create our own worlds by what we think, feel and speak. 

You are not and will never be God.  That is false teaching. 

But within each living being is the power, authority and dominion

of God over your own life and world of your own creating.  – Val and Valana Thor”

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  • I've had permission to post and teach these ten scientifically proven assumptions from Depok's book after attending one of his Seminars and receving a secret name for meditation purposes.

    Val had actually taught much oof this prior to my reading the book and attendin the seminar but we want to give Depoke the credit he deserves for putting it all ogether in ten eassy sttements.  These teachings are important to understand in the awkening/ascending process of the Earthian.

    Ifeel they are important to be understood and found them on my last page so moving to the front. Have to post on them to move them.

  • Oops this is not the one I thought it was but it's good, but Val didn't write it, we have one by this name I'll find it later...

  • It had not been long, before I wrote this for Val, that I was in ICU a week,my body unconscious but I was with Val at our home on 7th level Venus...I did not want to return but he asked me to please come back and write our book on my experiences with him to both the past and future, how we traveled and by writing my experiences through the years with him perhaps others would be emboldened to write theirs, as so many are taken to higher levels for classes and with their twin flames but fear to talk about it for fear of being laughed at.

    This is one of the articles he especially wanted to write is why I'm calling attention to it... it contains some very good teaching as Val is an excellent teacher of spiritual development. I just wanted to call attention to his teaching on this one.

This reply was deleted.

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