WORLD EVACUATION PLANS - Cmdr Val Thor Through Valana


the Desk of Supreme Cmdr Val Thor

Universal Proection Command

Hqtrs Altair Five under the dome

 In the advent of necessity world evacuation plans will commence according to the Ashtar Galactic Command directives.

Cmdr. Ashtar Sheran and myself wil be in charge of the evacuaton assisted by several other Command Leaders in the Solar System. at this time. 


Do not take the mark in yourhand or forehead, you will not be allowed to board the ships.  

This is not yet begun but we are moving into place still hoping it will not be necessary.

If and when orders are given my official channel, Valana,  will post that information.  

Telepathic Tramsmission by

Valana Thor


Note by Valana:

The Commander wants to emphasize the fact that this post is to calm fear of being trapped in a nuclear war on the planet.  Evacuation orders have NOT been given.  We are only trying to alleviate fear in the world consciusness, not cause it.

No one will be forced on ships. It will be entirely vountary.  If the ships land or suddenly appear it will be the evacution and it will be your choice to enter.

Some that already have connections will know to take off jewelry, step away from metal and will be transported.  

The book mentioned was not found free on the web so I deleted the name. We are not seling books. It is offensive to our Star Visitors to use them for financial purposes as they do not deal in money.  We do understand people have to charge for books for the cost of publishing as well as CDs.  Truth should be free when it is life saving. 

Commander Thor especially frowns upon his name being used for commercial purposes, especially when based upon fiction rather than truth. 

He also predicts we will not have to evacuate the planet  but an era of peace is dawning.  We are attempting to raise the level of consciousness by this preparedness statement.

Commander Thor wants to assure the people of Planet Earth that they are not alone, the ships you see in your skies are friendly and not here to take over the planet but to prevent this situation from occurring.

Be in peace and trust our Creator and the Chrisst that lives within us all.

Cmdrs Val and Valana Thor 

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  • Has there ever been nuclear war on earth thosands of years ago? The speak of nuclear war in ancient manuscriptures.

    • Hellen Dear, I know nothing about it other than Val wrote years ago when we ahd the website a history of the planet and I remember he sais we are now living in the fifth civiliztion. That one was destroyed by a space war, one destroyed by war between nations and I have no idea how.

      I have heard there has been found evidence of a nuclear exposion in the vacity where Sodom and Gomorrah were thought to have been but do not know if that is a hoax or not... 

      I have recently read a confirmation of what Vl said of this being the fifth civilization in something of Gregg Braden's research. Also the Asteroid belt, Val is supposedly caused by a space war that's al I have ever heard I'm not a student of that, I don't read all of what is posted as so much is false.  

      I don't even claim all Val sayss is gospel truth I'm only a telepath and I write what I believe he is saying... up to now he's not been wrong other than the election however he didn't say Trump would be President he said he would win the election which he did in fact do but for voter fraud... LOL

  • Does the Red Planet exist I asked my friend about this and he showed me on his mobile phone of this planet below the sun it had this hazy redish glow and many indigenous people know about this planet. Thousands of years ago this planet passed though the civilization of Atlantis. How far is this planet from earth?

    • Hellen, are you meaning NASA has found another planet nearer the Sun than Mercury? I have not read this but there is a comet or small plnet they call Nibiru not sure if that's the official name or Sci Fi name but it moves very long orbit and appears thousands of years apart...that is the one Stichin says are Aliens that created us...  Val does not go along with Stichin or that we were created by liens...  

      Created beings  have no belly button which is why he makes a deal of having one, as he was born of a woman and had ajn umbelical cord like we do... one without a belly button is a very high tech robotnic type and is to be feared and I'd run from him... Val told me it was his identification mark I'd need to know much later in life... so if you hear of any  claiming to be Alien I'd run from them if they were not born of a woman, that's how the creator arranged for life to multiply in this great universe and there are many civilizations just like ours ..there are also extraterrestrialss which are non- humn nd I do't know if they have souss or feelings or are lijke the psychopaths of earth but Val that I met on Government assignment does hae a belly button and is human as we are only born on another planet, acurtally  he was born on a sship but hd parents and a mother....

      We used to call Mars the red planet but the closest to the Sun I know of is Mercury... you are probably reading aburt Nibiru which hass an orger and is coming close ssoon...therre are extraterrestrials (which means those that are different or extra from humans, and Va doe not like to be called that as he is like us and wants to be known as just a man from another world... that is the objective of our new book we are writing...

      Love light and blessings,


  • Hi.Valana. This have to do with the alignment of the planets?  on December 21? or something else?

    • Dear Hellen, no it has nothing to do with the alignment.  Val has predicted the alignment will not be any problem for us other than Astrologically important.  I'm not an Astroloer so don't know wht it means.

      This has to do with possible nuclear war as much is going on at this time tht is not in the news.  Chinese troops in China being one of them.  Do they think they might be needed to come take Trump out of office I wonder?  The UN would love to step in and control America and the Patriot`ts are arming for battle...Texas has put in to leave the Union...

    • I've been hearing a lot about this coming aligment of planets this why I asked this question. Acording to astrological predictions this one of most powerful alignments in 800 years it may not take affect now perhaps next year. Humanity went through 2 world wars but this war has been spoken in biblical as inner dimensional war and they could materialize on earth or we could become exinction by destroying ourselves.

    • Hi.Valana. For a fews weeks China has been mentioned in the news and I am aware China has processed in many areas espeically in the field on techology. Its unfortunate your state leave the Union. But why? Is this good or bad?


  •  Yesurday on the news NASA mention solar storm is happening  in space is there any truth to this?


  • I have a question : How serious is the situation on Earth? I have heard a lot of things going at the moment from various sources of information.

This reply was deleted.

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