I will soon be 91 and I have a real Alien contact story to tell.  I have tried to tell it since being online but each time I tried, it all seemed to leave out a very important part of the 1950 story.  

A part that did not fit.  I had a session with a top Psychologist in the Ufoogy field and he told me the part tht did not fit was a false memory placed in my mind when I was tken by earth men and a woman and harmed because I would not tell them who Val was or where he was going the night he left to try to catch the plane to Washington.  He had been shot, he was weak and I knew they wanted to kill him.


The Psychologist, Dr. Richard Boylan, assured me my story of Vall being an off world being was true and the other story was embedded in my memory so if I began to remember any of it, by telling all I remembered would cause no one to believe my story ass the parts do not fit.

The following are facts I know are true as I've had proof of their truth. 

First, my chidhood story of contact with an Alien I caled Pop, perhaps because his little girl called him Pop, I do not remember.  But Pop showed me a star map as I sat in his lap on what I called Pop's Round House in the sky.  This was in early1930we had no computer screens nor TV screens but Ppp did.  

Pop wouls show ,e a star mapwith a dipper and point out each star going up the dipper handle to the top and tap over and over on the three stars.  When I came online in 1997 I told the story and founda star map just like it of the little dipper and Polaris and another star over the handle.

I knew what a dipper was back then as w had a well in the front yard and a bucket and a dipper in it I could drink cool water from.  I told my stry and many told me there was only two stars in the Polaris sector But I kept telling the story as I remembered it and in 2006 NAS found the third star of the Polaris secor..I have their Bulletin on it here somewhere in my full sory of Pop of my eary childhood.

It's important for this to be told as it proves the existence of Alien beings much like up in the ships the Department of Dfense have recently admitted were real but they claim they do not know what they are and it is importnt they know that some are not evil with evil intent towards this splanet but some are though they presume they all are as always people fear the unknown..

That has been my ministry throughut the years I've been online is to convince peope, especially Governments that they are not necessarily evil tough manythousands have reported otherwise as many have been abductd and used inexperiments. I could explain what those esperiments were as Val has written on it long ago but it is not a part of my story here. 

No one can deny my story of Pop and the three stars in the Polaris sector as it was posted in many of the Ufology and Abduction mailing lists, in Ufology newsletters, in a magazine that was sent by snail mail called "The Third World Journal" or a similar name, perhaps it was Fifth World but I wrote for it several times and the publisher and his wife were onmy ProET miling list in the late 1990's.  It was published in CAUS online newsletter, Sssy's "World of the Strange" newsletter and website, on Dr. Boylan's large Ufology mailing list and other websites before 2006 when NASA said they pushed their technology to the zenith nd found a third star near Polaris....that should stilll be on the NASA website if you search for it and it is posted in this group somewhere..

The reason I am telling this is that my Pop and Katie story cannot be denied as fact.   Pop was reaal and he was kindly and good.  He never harmed me nor used me as an experiment but wanted me to remember that star so when I told it in later years it would prove the reality of real people, just like us, from other star systems.  That is what I believe.  

My years on this internet have been in trying too convince others the ships are real and those within them are not all evil though thousands of stories have proven otherwise  People have been harmed beynd words, they have been frightened and have brught back real signs of being used in some types of experiments.

Not all in our skies are benign and there's a lot of good stuff and channeling saying otherwise but the real truth must be told.

There is a lot of good stuff being told but very few have had actual face to face experience with real Aliens some call ETs.

I personaly have never had a bad experience but I've known people that have and I believe them.  Do any of us know the whle truth? I do not believe we do.

I believe this story of Pop and the thrird star of Polaris must be told.  I did not start this to talk about Pop but I was led to do so for two reasons.  First, because it needs to be realized by the Governments and military of the world that not all the ships are of evil intent. Second and most important...if I were taken as a child it means they had plans for me to be in contact when I grew up to convince all I could that they were not all evil and they wanted to contact us.  I'm not meaning the channeling of the great beings assisting us to develop spiritually I mean the real facts that we are not alone and dour Governments know much more than they are telling the people...they have known at least since 1950 and I'll talk about  Val and the parts of my story I have proof myself were real....Cmdr Val Thor is a real Alien being though there was a U.S. Agent with  that cde name who is now dead, therefore I can speak of him.

I will just tell my story in full and leave it up to the reader t figure out wha part is real and what prt was implanted  memory so if I remembered any of it, it would not be believed.  They did not count on my living as long as I have as those kind of things wear off I've been told by more thn one psychologist.

I want to tell all of my story briefly, the parts that don't fit but happened.  One thing I know.  There is a real Alien Commander and I've been on his ship and he calls himsellf Cmdr Val.  I am not just bragging on myself when I have said I've been told by two different Air Force officers on two different occasions I was the best telepth they ever met.  One was after a surprise test I was given at Air Force Headquarters, Randolph, where I workedin lae 1980s. The other was directly over a writing I did for Cmdr Val Thor for my President at the time. 

I also blieve the real facts ordered by Presiden Trump to be declassified were many of them shredded as was rumored before they were given to the public.  There is something your Governments do not want you to know...they do not want you to know they have had dealings for a long time with different groups of Aliens and have allowed some to take the public as xperiments.

I'll write more in Part 2 of this.  I know many here do not want to believe everything is in the hands ofwhat you call the GFL and we are safe.  People, that is not the case. I know this will not be well accepted and no one likes to be considered a liar or foolish but I feel I have to tell you what I know to be true.  Not all is well.

I'll try to write mre later.  I must tell this story correctly. There is no one power in control of our sskies.  There is a battle going on too far frm the planet to be known by the average citizen  At one time Val and I identified the friendy ships from the unknowns though I do not have that kind of contact with him today.y.  The one I call Cmdr Val is real...he is shumanoid just as we are.... was he the man I called Pop of my childhood? I am not sure I just know he is real.  

I want to tell my story as I remembr it...all of it....kyou figure it out if you want to but it's real, it hppened, Ive not made any of it up and I want to tell it all...both good and bad.






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  • Part 3 Please read Part 2 first or you will not understand this part as I'm going to just add some of what I feel are important parts to the part of the story told in Part 2.

    The first thing is that at the first of our private discussion as we parked by the BBQ pit that was still smoking he mentined that someone must have been here prior to us.  He excused himself as he said he needed to find a bathroom would be right back....As soon as he closed his door  the door opened on my side of the car and I asked if he wrere Hudini and he looked puzzled as though he'd never heard of Houdini.  He then sent around t the other side and got in the car...as I look back on the happenings it's obvious it was not the same man thugh he looked very similar.  The smoking BBQ pit showed the place...the first man was an agent...who was the second man? Think about it as yoou read the rest of my story?

    He first said I needed to look at him closely as I might have to identify him years later to "get him back in"....as I looked a ight from his ring, that seemed to reflect the full moon over the lake (July 14, 1950) if you check a moon book or Ephemeris (Astrologer's star book) it shows only a smal moon on that date and location....there was no full moon!  But that's one thing I remember very well as later, while dancing to car radio music by the water he stopped dancing, held me close, pointed our hands towards the full moon and said, "Isn't SHE beautiful"....  I thought at the time it was a very strange moon as it was round at the bottom but seemed flat rather than a round balll and light seemed to stream from it...I'm sure I thought, "That's like Pop's round huse in the sky" however I do not remember this explicitey so have not made it a prt of my story though I do remember thinking it was not round like a ball but seemed to be right over the lake and fllat...of course it was a ship not the moon...that's obvius. It was the next few minutes the light flashed in my eyes and I have no memory from that point until I was playing a part of my extensive piano repertoire for him at the YWCA the next fternoon or so it seemed...it could have been more time had elapsted as this was the day he left to pick up his things at the motel and we were driving to Washington to sight see and were going to be mrried there in a chpel he knew of and I was going with him wherever it was he was going for awhile, then we were coming back to the States, go out west, find a place in the mountains above the city vibrtions, and he could do the work he was to do for the Government...no mention of working in the Soviet Union...we had plnned our family, two boys and two girls...we had chosen the names we were to be known to my governnment...Val and Nancy Terese..not sure if he put down both names as he wanted to know my best friend's name in school as he said it would bring him to mind when I thught of her, he wa always saying "can you remember this or thiat as we devised the names..for instance he asked for my mother's sfancestry names and when I said "Routh" and said some have changed it to Roth as the "u" was the old English spelling, he said it would be find and turned the letters around for "Thor" and asked could I remember the ancient God of Thunder...Thor....why he kept asking me that is obvious he thought he might have to block my memory...he seemed to be very psychic about the future...for instance, he said ur work was to take down Communism and I'd see the walll come down in my time though at the time there was no Berlin wall...however later there was one....there were other things he said that later happened, not important to mention as I'm trying too simply outline the story but include important parts.

    Another important part is he felt f my fingers and told me I was a pianist...I have lo9ng, tapered fingers that is best to have to play piano....he also said I had no fingerprints....which I did not realize thugh I've played piano since I was three so perhaps the swirls wore off...this however seemed to interest him, he showed me his hand and said neither did he have fingerprints and I felt of his fingers and they wre very smooth....when I worked at USAF Headquarters Randolf back in late 1980's the FBI lab send for my fingerprints four times and the last time the lady head of Security at Randolph felt of my finger tips and said "No wonder....you don't have any" so she got out the ink pad and ink, as they had the new photo way of doing fingerprints and it will not show any swirls for me at all but the ink pad will evidently pick up a few slight swirls as they did not ask for them again but she said it was the last time they did them and they woud have to be satisfied and she put so much ink on my fingers took a week to wash it all off....no I so nor rhink I'm an Alien...I was born in Texas.....some think those with no fingerprints are Aliens...at least Frank Stranges has made that comment and claimed his Val's hands were smooth....  I never heard of Frank not his story until late 1990's when I saw an add abut his newsletter concerning a Val Thor... I have no problem with his story though it is not about my Val as it is totally different story...I have no idea nor concern if it was true or Sci Fi as some think...,.I just know my story is true and woould be very willing to take a lie detector test or testify before a Congressional hearing under oath that what I write is true....I have never changed my story as the person that lied o this site about my staling her aunt and uncle's picture to call it Val and I...and she has yet to tell the truth on this site thoough pretends to be my friend and has told it on a web page she left up a few days no one saw that saw her slander of me here on this site for six whole months or more until I was told abut it, wrote Ben and he took her down....I would appreciate her admitting her lies here on my story and waiting!

    OK now for more of my story....there wass more to what I was to tell Johnny...though when the Aunt told me the lie he had called and said he would be married to another woman when I got his message and I would never see him again I felt it unnecessary to call Johnny with the message he wanted him to get me to him as he would know how, and that he wanted me as his real wife now and did not want to wait until I complted my education .  He also wanted me to tel Johnny that plans had changed, he had "stumbled" upn something too good to pass up and he could handle it and was "going back in" as he forgot something whatever that might mean...was hemeaning the Soviet Union...or out of space somewhere... I truly don't know as part four will discuss a strang man I met in early 70's while stationed in Itally (my husband was Air Force) ....

    Afther the Aunt told me the lies I put him away deep intoo my subconscius and went on with my life...I did not leave a forwardin address and soon afterward was married, lived with an abuser and alcoho9lic for severayears, my son was born in June, a RN friend of my grandmother's that lived down the street looked at him and said he was an eleven month baby...tht's all I can say about it...I had a second child at which time an x-army doctor (female) used me in an experiment aggainst my will that caused me to have the baby withut dialation and I was torn n a way I had to have repair surgery...at the time of the birth I lost most of my blood and was in a coma for four hours from which five doctors said if I awoke I'd be brain dead and a vegetable for life, however, when I awoke I told them my name, cocall security number, address etc and one doctor said to the other "we didn't do this" the other said "I know, it was the man upstairs"....thugh the memory of the assignment and other things were coompletely gone from my mind....I knew somewhere there was someone specil, someone I'd loved with all my heart but White Rock Lake and the rest of the Val Thor story wass gone from my memory...until.....

    I'll start Part 4 perhaps later tonight as I want to finish this and make an end to it in my life as the rest of my life I intend to give too God because franky this world is about to destroy itself and perple cannot realize it's their ungodly ways that is causing it...the Vaccine is being forced on Americans and is killing more than the Covid 19 has killed... man's inhumnity to man has become unbearable and people that talk as though they are so spiritual and brilliant have obvious hatreet and evil in their hearts....when out first two astronauts walked on the moon one came back and became a Baptist minister the other started a center for the study of the mind...I was one of the early members of Astronaut Mitchell's IONS group and he asked me to go with a few of the Astronauts and telepaths to the Soviet Union to meet with soome oof the Cosmonauts and my husgand refused for me to go as he said it would harm his security clearance and perhaps his retirement....so to keep peace and a father for my kids I did not go with them...it's obvious that the reason I was invited to go is because I had some Govrnment connection to Aliens...was it Pop or Val Thor..,.? Or are they the same? I don't kow...read my story and make up your own mind as to who the man I helped to name Val Thor really was..san Agent or an Alien?



  • Part 2

    I will just outline the story as parts of it in detai is here in other posts.  It begins as a very yung child which I have told above.  

    My Aunt heard of a special testing that was to be in Dallas and being given everywhere for a specia assignment uinvolving the President... She heard about it from the Navy Dept where she had worked at the Pentagon several years...so she signed me up for it though I truly had no desire too work for the President..She had believed it was in his office...and to her that woud be a dream come true, not for me..

    I almost didn't climb the stairs to the second foor of an older buiding in Eat Dallas, fairly sure it was Coommerce Street as that was the street that had the Street cars (eectric buses) at the time.....

    I amst didn't climb the stairs...I've wondered what mt life ooud have been as I was tod by two music teachers and a few others that knew music welol, that I had the secia touch of a concert pianist and if I continue mty music training I coud well become a famous pianist.the special touch is a taent, one can hear it if you isten t the piano videos of the famous and the unknowns....there are few with that tuch, I had it, the last time I played was for the man I named Val Thor, at the YWCA on the Baby Grande piano in the paror..I platyed al afternoon just a part of my repertire I had in memory.  My  last teacher was a graduate of Juliard and she had prepared me for a scolarship, actully all the first year requirements I had in memory....I have never played since..all my music was taken in the htypnotics that took the assignment from my memry for twenty years....that in itself is a crime of the US Govrnment that is un-repayable! That's how I feel about it.

    OK now to bein the story.

    The Gov test lasted a week... 8 hours a day... the memories I have of it is being put in a small booth llike a teephone booth...most don't know what that was but in the 50's we had pay teephones in smal booths sme on the streets...with phnes one culd put money in to make calls....the cel phones have taken over now and doubtful most of you have never seen a pay phone.

    This was simmiar to the small pay phone booths and an object was placed over my head...I presume it culd have been a hearing test but it is the ony part of that week I trully remember....but how many can remember every detai of a week from 70 years ago?  

    I remember what was told me that Friday, Juy 14, 1950 when I finished up evverything around mid afternoon

    I was toold I was the only one to finish the testing early, that none finished it.. I was told I was top woamn given the tests nationwide..  That I was in top  two percent ever tested in IQ tests, and asked if I woud work foor my Government? 

    I was toold to change my major to European languages majoring in Russian and becoming fluent as I could in the langauge.   I was to be sent to the Embassy to work....my educatioon was to be paid by Government. I was not to discuss it with anyone.  Then told to wait in the outer office as a had to make a phone call.. Then he came out said a little job had come in unexpectedly and wuld I take it and I agreed to do so and he gave me a slip of paper with an address and time on it and said to be there that night on time unti "something better comes aling" and winked, holding thd door open for me... I had abut three hours to get there.

    It was a drive in on East Grande Ave someone tooldme was managed by the man that shoot Oswald, the accused assasin 9of JFK....rumor was that the drive in was a meeting place for the CIA/KGB agents....like I said, it was rumoored..you can draw yur own conclusions....

    At exacty 6 pm. I was there, told the car at the end of the lane wanted me to wait on him and when I went to the car he motioned to look down where he held an ID with smal flashlgiht ....it was picture oof a spread winged golden Eagle and United States of A,erica curved over the top half and a name  across the bottom...R$nnie Walker......I later was shown a drivr's icense where his birthdate was July 15,1914..

    He wanted me to finish the shift, come back and tallk to him and he'd be there to take me home so we could talk in private...he would ask me questions about mysef and when I got in car he said, "I think yoou'd be fine for the assigment we need to go somewhere private and discuss the assignment if you want to take it or not..." he seemed too know where he wanted to go, we drove around White Rock ake unti he found a smoking BBQ pit, he pullled up to it and told me about the assignment.

    The first part was to be his wife on paper only I would be free too do whatevertr I wanted to as he did not want a wife from "here".... I thought he meant Texas.  I did ask why he didn't like Texas women...he just looked at me like I should know....The second part of the assignment was to take his messages to my President only,, and a man he called Johnny would make arrangements for me to meet with my President in private however that was to be done I do not know nor am I sure whoo Johnny was, I ony had his phone number and all Ron's ID papers and his llarge black stone ring around his siver chain with twoo other objects and Catholic Saint metal on it, when he left to catch a pane to Washsington three nights ater... as I was walking backward up the pathway to the YWCA I was tkaen captive by the m,en and one woman that wanted to know who he was and where he was going..at that time I had been with him al night, it was nearing dawn....he had been shot early that night and we were at the lake awaiting time foor him to catch his plane to D.C

    This is the very most important part of my story .....I had a message for Johnny I never caled too give him as my memry faded when I returned to the YWCA, beaten and with cigarette burns on my body...I don't know how long I had been kept all I want to remember is I was asked over and over about the man I was with and where he went and I woud not tel them to the airport....my Aunt then told me I had a message from a man teling me when I got his message he would be married to another woman and I would never see him again...  I had been made fun of moost of my life in school because I was illegitimate and my mther died when I was born and I had no father and all the other kids did, so I had sworn that if I ever had a chid they would have a father no matter what I had to do..,.that is why I married the next month and lived in lliteral hell for 7 years....the possibility of my being a concert pianist foorever destroyed.

    It was twenty years later my Aunt told me she had iked to me as she did not want me to marry and agents came from Washington looking for me for a man that I was too marry in Washsington (we were to marry in a small chapel in Wasshington and I was to go with him as he decided not to wait as we had a whir wind romance and he wanted me for his real wife and I wanted to be that real wife....he said  he wanted me too go with him then and he wuld teach me Russian and I could finish my education at  the University in Moscow he also wanted me to continue my piano....

    Twenty years later the Aunt admitted she had lied, no man caled but the agents came foor me and she said I was not with any man the night in question and they said then he was in a very serus situation.....

    OK back to the lake that ast night... he looked at his watch, he said

    "It's 3 a.m. thank God you are with me.Yu are my witness...there's soomething "going down" right now that if found in Dalllas I will be first on the suspicion list and it is a "Trreasn offense" he said he coulld e imprisoned for life, executed, or put out of country for life which he would try to do but I was his witness he was snot invoolved...he felt the reason he was shhot in the arm was to place a bullet from the gun of a man that was to be killed at that time and then he would be blamed...he repeated I was his witness!  

    The ,message I was to give Jhnny was that I was with him at 3 a.m. at White Rock Lake!

    When the Aunt told me the truth twenty years later and that the agents had come for me and she had dliked to them that I was not with a man but with her that night, as she thought he had gotten ,e in troulbe with the law....and also she told me noman called and lleft the message he wuld be married to anther woman when I got his message and I'd never see him again....I just grabbed my sutcase andd waked away I did not speak again mto her and never saw her again and do not every want to...I mdidn't know what to do,, I tried t tak to the FBI and the CIA as wel as I culds tell the storty... I came online and tried to tell it wel as I coulkd...

    We made up the names Val and Nancy Terese Thoor as names we would be known by to the President....they were on papers sent with ur pictures, smal ones and one together with his arm ru7nd me..... and Val and Terese on the back of it.

    A few years ago someone came on my Eagles Haven site, caimed to be sent to give me a picture which was the exact image of me at that age ....said I wud knoow where it came froom.....Val had asked that I be given the picture of us i lieu of back payment fr being hurt on asssignment a few mnths befoore and I had told it here in my group...not this one....I was falsely accused of the picture being stoolen from a person's famiy picture site by the same person that gave it to me to destroy my stoory of Val Thor....she is on this site and shoould tell the truth too clear her soul as one day she wil meet God if she does not do so..She even falsey accused me when I was no longer here for several months of stealing the picture and lying about it...I believe she is the oone gave it to me so this story is very important yet that it be told as I do believe she/her husband or son work for Government as disinformatiion agents.  As I did noot stea the picture and I want it cleared up here the ie was told as welll as on  the Ashtar Galactic site....I deserve that as my group back then had amst 100 members and it destroyed mty reputtioon...

    Let's cler it up XXX and put the truth here that I did not steal any picture from you as yu have yet to tel the truth in tthe places yu have pied about me t destry my story...I'm offering you the chance to clear yur consciuse of it now,.

    Then I'

    ll continue my story....

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I will just outline the story as parts of it in detai is here in other posts.  It begins as…"
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