Please study this short, five paragraph Hebrew Grammar Course with Val as the soul you save could be your own.

Sons and Daughters of Elohim,

I ask you to look into your mirror.  Do you see a male or a female, or do you see seven males?  Then cme back and read this simple Heb<iframe width="320" height="240" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>rew grammar course known by every first grade Jewish student. if you see seven males then don't return as I am a false teacher spoken of by Yeshua to his disciples to beware of.  If you see simply a man or a woman, then return as I have something to share with you that may change your life forever.

YOU, my beloved brothers and sisters, are children of the ONE, sons ad daughters of Elohim.  Let us go to Genesis chapter one verse 26 and we see that "God said, let US make mankind in OUR image and likess..." 

And he made them to be seven males....and

Valana:  "No Val, that's not what it says.

Val: But Elohim is plural, and there are religions on your planet,both of which teach there are more than one God.

Valana:  I studied Ancient Hebrew andandible interpretation with  the Rabbis of the Univrsity of Jerusalem onlne and I understand Hebrew grammar which cannot be translated word per word as their grammer is opposite ours and it will not be correct interpretation.

Val: Ten why wake me up to teach this when you can teach it?

Valna; No one pays attention to me, they pay attention to you.  Rev Frank made you famous.

Val: Rev Frank made Valiant famous, I'm just your man from another world and have you written our book yet?

Valana: Val, teach this simpe Hebrew lesson.

Val: Oh, alright, then will you...

Valana: Val!  Teach the class!

Val: Well, I just wondered if you'd fix me a cup of tea?

Valana: Alright, after you teach the simple Hebrew rule of grammar and explain Tenesis 1:1.

Val: Englis is unlike most other languages in that it puts the subject before the verg.... simply speaking, "the cat ate the mouse" but in many otherr languages including Hebrew both modern  and ancient, one would said...

"Ate the cat the mouse" if you transated that word per word  you might  get the idea that the cat was eaten by the muse which would not be correct, as for instance, in Hebrew, that is the way it would be written so one culd think the mouse at the cat. So we see we must know Hebrew first grade grammer in order to correctly translate into English, "The cat ate the mouse", thus understanding it correctly.

Valana: Val, that is a better explanation than I could have used.

Val: Of course!  ahemmm cough cough....

Valana: Now quickly explain Elohim and I'll fix you a cup of tea.

Val:  "IM" is equal to an English "S".  It s a plural ending, a MALE plural ending "OT" being a female flural ending.  The only problem is "Eloh" is a "female" word not a male and the only word in the Hebrew language where a female noun has a male plural ending.

Valana: Val, don't forget to explai that in many other languages nouns are considered either male or female but this is not true of the English language.  Therefore, a female noun should have a female ending and would ordinarily be Elohot...ut it is ElohIM.... a female noun with a male plural ending.

Val: Thus we have a very unusual word, meaning both a male and a female witch said "Let US make mnkind in OUR image and likeness".

Valana: And how do we know Elohim is both male and female?

Val: Because we look in the mirror and we see a male or a female.  Had it meant seven Elohims, and God only knows where they got the seven...we woul see seven males whether male or female and the female actually could not exist and the plan of God, to repleshish the earth he told the first male and female, made in "their" image and do.

Valana: I never had an earth father and mother it is so comforting to know that in Heaven I will have both a Fther and a Mother.

Val: And all will have.  El Shaddi is a female word, it was our Divine Mother that wrote the 91st pslam of protection  and motherly comfort.  This is not ordinary Christianity taught o this group, this is Truth revealed.

Valana: We are not starting a new relgion.  The word has too much religion now and more have died in the name of reigion than in all the political wars put together.

Val: But we are simply teaching truth where we find it and Elohim does not mean seven male Elohims but simply a loving and caring Father and Mother....and every one of you a spirit child known and existing before the foundation of this planet or any other...(Ephesians chapter 1) tells you that God knew you before the foundation of the Earth and how could he know you, if you did not exsit/

Valana: So everything Jesus claimed for himself we can claim as Paul told us in Romans 8 that we were "Joint heirs with Jesus".

Val: I like that song you used to sing...

Valana: I'll try to find it and post t here.

"I'm so glad I'm a part of the Family of God...

"Joint heirs with Jesus as I travel this sod"

I better find it before I try to sing it....thank you Commander, for your excellent teaching.

Val: Now, how about my cup of tea?


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    • Thank you for liking it, Amparo...I don't know why everyone can't see that yet most f the educated Hebrew scholars that translate the Bible still want to believe that God is only male and put the woman under the male, even Paul did that because he was raised in a Patriarchal atmosphere but their ow Bible tells them in Genesis 1:26-27 that God said, 

      "Let US made man (mankind) in our own image.."

      Then vs 27 says "He (They) made them male AND female.."

      So God has to be in the image of the female as well as male and said iet "US" they turned that into seven there are gods, we are little gods growing up as we are Gd's children...little kittens are Cats grwing up or puppies arre little dogs growing up, evrything is like it's parents so if we are God's children then we are little gods growing up..ecause Hermes law of correspondonce says everything is the same only on higher and igher levels and science has proven this true, they say even the atoms marry and divorce...they at times attract and the same atoms then turn and repe and they don't understand it but everything is true on all why shouldn't God be both male and's so obvius to me anyway.

      But you nevr see a scholar want to discuss that wrd tho it's the only one in the whole Hebrew language that a female word has a mae ending ...and some of the names used for God are also female like El Shaddai... I know El in Spanish is male but in Hebrew the whoel word is female...very interesting to me, also...males tend to ignore it but it's still true.

      Now there's one church the Mormons, that do teach we have both Father and Mother in Heaven but not from that word or perhaps so...but the JWs and Mormons don't understand first grade grammar as they try to translate word per word..

      You, being Spanish, understand what I mean by the subject and verb being opposite in Spanish and English..Herew is very same grammar rule as Spanish in that way s you would understand what I mean by translation.

      I don't know a lot of Hebrew I only studiend a little, I'd love to be able to read the whole JewishBible and translate it...but they don't even see that at least not openly but they have scret beiefs among some they call the Kaballah' and they believe in a Mother Goddess but they call her by another name I didn't go that far in it but that's where we get the Arch Angels names, Michael is the only one mentioned in the Bible as an arch angel, the rest come out of the Zohar which they consider as sacred as the Bible and the Talmud, te teachings of te famous Rabbi teachers on scripture..I'm not Jewish but it's interesting t study their isn't to be taken literally as each rock, well, village and person has a deeper meaning and it's the stry of our journey throughlifetimes of incarnation...the 40  year trek of Israel thru the wilderness is our  lifetime journey thru life and when God told them to kill every man, woman and child and animal of a city it means to put all evil ut of one to change the eart totally to a dwelling place for God...a baby is those tiny thoughts we allow to slip by that can grow into giants and destroy us...I've only  learned a little from the Rabbis I studied with of the deeper meanings and it has levels but ne relly needs to read it in Hebrew to see all that...reading in English is like a text book that makes very little sense...

      Love you so much and feel more at home here thanon my site...but started out here so many years ago it's like home.

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