Val: Honey why do you continue to infer I drink coffe when you know neither of us do?

Valana: Because! We get more readersassme realize we tell more in our Coffee Breaks than any other writings.

Val: Well, what do you want to tell in this one?

Valana:  I thought we'd tell the true story of 1950 since President Trump gave all the Agncies until June 1, 2021 to release all information oon off world beings. I thught it meant all civilans and agents that were involved could tell the whole truth of their knowledge of off world beings.

Val: It might be good to do that as it's possibe at the last minute the sitting President will stop the final disclosure.

Valana:  Do you think we ought to tell the full truth about you?

Val:  At least tell I'm real, and don't have a pointed head.

Valana: Cmdr Val does not have a pointed head and he's real, only he's not the Val Thor born in the USA with the Government code name, Val Thor.

Val: Have you ever been on my ship?

Valana: Yes, many times.

Val:  Were you ever harmed?

Valana: Not that I recall, were you?

Val: By the way I was.  I was beat in the head with a clip board by a beautiful young lady one time when I tried to kiss her.

Valana:  I don't remember that.

Val:  You have a selective memory.  Let's get serious and tell the story short and sweet.  Then we can finis our book before you start on your spiritua book with Donn.

Valana: OK, to make it brief, in 1950 I took a weeklong test given across the nation for Goverrnment jobs of a high security nature. I aced it, told I was in top two percent IQ and offered position wth Government in the Soviet Union when finiished education  Told to chage major to Russian and other European lanuages and as much Internation Law as possible.  Then the man had me sign some papers, had a phone call, asked me to step out of office while he talked then came out and gave me address and time on a slip of paper to be smewhere that night at 6 p.m.  as something hd just come in they were not expecting and I would be the best to take the assignment if I would .

Val:  Go back a minute to the testing.  This lasted a whole week of 8 hour days and it doesn't take that long for the real IQ testts.  What5 other tests were given?

Valana:  PSI testing and physical. They also asked my belief about beings from other places in the Universe and though I hesitated, becuse they seemed to be interested, I told them about my early childhood contact. About being taken to what I called "Pop's Round House In The Sky and he'd hold me in his lap and tap on a star map on what looked like my computer screen today. He'd tap up a dipper to the top of the handle and overr it was three sars.. When I came online in 1997 I told this story and found a star map of the Little Dipper with Polaris over it and oe other star.  I sid there were three strs and some argued with me.  Then someoe tht claimed to work at the Jefferson lab in Houston (NASA) contacted me and wanted to know all I could tell hiim about my experiences s a child...his name was Sm DeGallo and said he worked in the Lab that examined what the astranauts broought bck from space.  In 2006 he wrote me and said I would be interested in the attached, which was a bulletin from NASA annuncig they had found the third star of the Polaris sector by pushing their technology to the zenith...I have that story and the NASA buletin on my site and my group on the Ashtar site, also.  Though they of course could not tell at the time where they got the info to look deeper into that sector as it came from an off world being I called, "Pop".  Po was real..I have actual memory of him nd he was much like us.

Val: Am I the one yu caled "Pop"?

This ttory will be continued in Part II.

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  • Hi Valana are you going to a book about the Alien Discloure? 


    We have decided to try to finish this outline here so it won't get separated as it's importanat it be known.  As I'm past my 90th birthday and my purpose has always been to alert te public to truth of the Alien situation as far as I could do so.

    Valana: As far as your question are you the Pop of my childhood story, Val,  am really not sure, are you? Only you can answer that.

    Val: Let's try to take the story from the beginning as much as possible with absolute truth about everything, since former President Trup has ordered the Agencies to declassify al they have on off world contact and sightings that shoud incude any former agents and contacts releasing all they have hidden under double talk and fiction in trying to let the public know trut, as far as they could witout breakig any security regulations.

    Valana:  Val, as far as I am concerned I actually was never under security unless some of the papers I signed in 1950 were Security papers but i was never sworn to silence.  I was told onOkiawa in 1979 they wanted me to g under a Clearance and promse never to tell aout you or of meeting you in 1950, 57 and 79 but yu asked me not to do so as you wated te public to know what is goig on in teir skies, so I did not do it.

    Val: You missed out of a Government check and retirement for doig that for the public and I am offended by your story being made a lie bbecause of Frank Stranges obvious fction concering me.

    Valana: Let's move on.  There is something I would like to make clear to NASA.  I believe, since Trump asked al the agencies to come clean about what they know of the visitors from other planets, that NASA should tell why they pushed their technoogy to the zenith (their words) to find the third star of Polaris.   think I shoud get some credit there as I believe they did it because of my story of Pop and being shown it.  They searched for Barey and Betty Hill's star and found it they were shown.

    Val: Let's talk about Sam DeGallo. Are you sure that was his name?  

    Valana: My story was widely posted around the Ufology community and I had been invited to speak at oe of the Ufoogy Conventios the next summer.  Sam was comig to have diner with me on his way to Houston and get my story in writing to take to NASA though he already had it for a few months.

    Val: Did he come?

    Valana: I never heard frm him again He had to go by Norad in Colorado Sprngs, Colorado and  checked onie and a Sam Degalllo died in Colorado Springs, Colorado that month.  I do ot kow if him but I never heard from him again..however I heard from sonmeoe claimed to be Sam but was not  He was totally differenet.  Called himself Vinka Luvjalja, a Gypsy that wrked for the Govrnment and he was the oe sent me the bulletin from NASA in 2006 when they foud my third star  He claimed to be Sam but I did not believe it.

    Val: Do you think he could have taken credit for the locatio of the third star of Polaris?

    Valana:  I have o idea but my story was too widely posted on the Interet as well as published i the Third World Jurnal by the publsihers who were o my first maiig list, ProET, back in late 90's...Als I tod it at the ACCET meeting as wwell as on Dr Richard Boylan's mailing list  It was at the Accet meeting of Clinical Therapists that specialized ihelpig abductees and cotactees of off world beings I attended in 1999 at Scotsdale, Arizona.  That's where a man with the technology fund I had an implant.

    Val: This is getting rather long ad let's talk about the implant in the next part  In this part we would liike to request NASA to tell the truth of why they searced so deligently for the third star of Polaris as this woman deserves the credt.  What name woud they know you by?

    Valana: My birth name is in my writings,, I'm not tryng to coceal my identity, the name Valana has a story toit but my real birth name is Patsy Spencer which I never liked and changed to  Patti Spencer...but Patsy is the name used whe I received the private ceremony ordered by former President Jimmy Carter in 1979 at Kdena AFB Okiawa, Japan for my work and was then asked to go uder security to write for you.

    Val: I don't want you to tire out and let's stop until tomorrow early and we'll continue with the whoe truth that you have not felt you should tell.

    Valana: Well, Val, if I'd goe to the Soviet Unio woud you have expected me to walk up to a poliiceman and say,"Hey, I'm here to give laundered money I got frm my President to the head of our spy ring over here...glad to meet you!...Do you think I could have dne that?

    Val: OK sweetheart I do understand but this time I want all the truth as I tired of all the Valiant Thor books ad all tellig differet teachings and different stores of me...just tel tem I'm real...

    Valana: Val is a real person from anoter world I gave the name Val Thor to as at the time I had him mixed up with an Agent I was to work with in the Soviet Union. e's a real Commander and for awhile was o a real very large UFO..wether he's the oe I called Pop only e knows.  We are going to try to get the story right as we go and I am letting him lead the stry line as he knws more what he wants to d then I at this time.

    Val: I want my real identity known and wwho I really am and all the fabricatios and fantasy understood to just that. Just because another man rote some books and made some money off a name does not mean the story was true and I am offended that the real Governemtn Woman that was used by her Government for mor than one episode of cotact with what some cal ETs simpy because she was ot afraid of the Pop of her childhood nd could contact them, I wwant understood as she rreceived no compensatio but was used and covenienty her memory was blocked  We are goig to get the whoe story in public ad later f possible i want it inn a book called "Government woman II - the story back f the story..." Cmdr Va Thor

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