• Connection with Jesus is in the heart not the Intellect.

    False religion called "Cults" are intellectual knowledge...

    True "born again" experience is of the heart.

    The greatest of healers and soul winners could not even read or write.

    Some cults teach healing is Satanic and not of God. Yet Jesus told his disciples to heal the sick.

    Any kind of healing is of God, whether it's the laying on of hands of Christias in Jesus Name, the crystal healings by the frequency vibrations of crystls and other sacred stones, or the beating of the native drums and chants of the Ntive American Priests.

    All good things comes from our Creator God.  It is never God's will to be sick or suffer.  The word in Hebrews that tells us all that come to God are chastened means "trained" ike we train our children to do good and be obedient and respectful of The moveetheir Elders.

    /tge abive nivue sgiws trye Christianity anything else is cultism and Jewish law which ended on Calvary.  True salvation is to come to Jesus and Jesus will help you overcome.

    Cultism says clean up before you get in the bath tub so you won't dirty the water.  

    If you truly want to understand true Salvation and Christianity as the true ministers called of God preach...not the false religios of cults and false prophets Jesus said woud be in the earth at the time of his return, watch the first and last ten minutes of the video if you do not want to watch it all.

    I am trying to get no one "saved" I am simply trying to present te truth of true Savation religion as I've witnessed it first hand and it changes lives instantly.


    Witness it first hand and then hear the short interview with the former Mau Mau War lord below...who has helped thousands out of drug addictions, prostitutoon and gang violence as a Christian the instant salvation as the Holy Spirit changed him from an Animal to a kind and loving man tht only a change of heart can do.

    I don't like to quote scripture as it helps no one underrstand true reigion ut Isiah said "God will take out the stony heart and replace it with a hert of flesh"...forgive me if I do'nt quote exact words but means the same thing...

    But it is good to understand what others believe and as I have understanding of new age and am partially new age myself, I   I'd like for all to understand where I came from and what I believe truly helps others.

    This movie represents the true Christianity not any church nor denomintion but the old time religikon...they call "Salvation"or being "Born Again"...

    Love nd Blessings,


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