The True Stpry of Val Part 2

The True Story -Part 2


I want tosimply  outline my story as it would take more than ne book to write it in detail.  It's hard to know where to start as it has many starting places.  And Val wants to get into it with me but I'm determined he is not.  I'll give him the last part to write in but I am ging to tell my  story with no interference.  I must do this to have peace mind I hhave told it correctly.

As a telepath I understand we can al be fooled by powerful minds that do it for money or fun.  The mystery schoos teach you how to control others.  it's not hard when you know the power of the mind.

Has parts of my story been mentally controlled by powerful telepaths or by Val Thor himself?   

Therefore I am going to outline only that which could be proven if it were declassified. I am not going into detail on any part but just as briefy as possible explain what happened.  Then I'll allow Val into my mind to direct his words for whatever he is so anxious to  say.

1980 Los Angeles, Calif.

At her request, I stopped over on my trip from Okinawa, Japan to Texas as she had something very important to tell me,. What she told me changed my entire future.

She admitted lying to me in 1950 abou a phone call from a man that told her to give me the message when I got his message he would be married to another woman and I would never see him gain.She also told me that three men claiming to be agents from Washington came looking foor me for a man they said was in deep trouble after she told them I did not want to go to him as he had raped and hurt me and left me for dead at Wite Rock Lake...a lake outside of Dallas where she lived at the time...They said he would be in very serius trouble for this.

When she told me this, all thememory of the 1950 meeting of the man I named Val Thor I was o work with, after taking a week long Government test for a special assignment under my President only.

This assignment includd being the man's wife in name only as part of the work and taking his messages to my President and only one other man would be aware of my work and make arrangement for me to be alone with the current President.

The man and I devised names we woud be known by. He asked for names of my mother's ancestors and when I said 
 Routh, he scribbled some on a clip board and saiid "What about Thor?
Which is the reverse of Routh without the "u".  He also said could I remember Thor te God of Thunder of ancient beliefs? He often related things to other things which is a way of remembering in case one forgets..lie he knew he was going to block my memory for awhile.

He then asked me to pick him a first name and I picked Val and he asked who my best friend was in school which was Nancy but I liked Terese after Saint Tererese of Liseaux as I had wanted to be a Carmelite Nun until I met him.  I'd never been out with a man, only boys that I felt were not too interesting though one became a real rocket scientist that worked at White Sands. LOL

I was deeply in love with this man I was only to be his wife on paper only and he was truly in love with me.  He soon changed his mind and wanted me for his rea wife and I was to meet him in Washington and we were to be married in a small chapel he knew about there and I was to go with him and then we were coming back and have a home ut west i  the mountains away from city vibrations and he could do o his work for my Government from there.  We planned our family, we named our children we wannted two boys and two girls.

All the memory of him suddenly returned when the Aunt told me what she had done as she feared a man had gotten me in trouble with Government....after she had told me back in 1950 a man had called and said he would be married to nother woman it did something to my emotions and mind, as I'd never been out with a real man, I'd wanted to be a Nun and i felt I could be pregnant.  I had been illigitimate and made fu of i schoo because I had no father nor mother, my mother died when I was born, so it was too much for a 19 year old girl to face...I just blocked it all out of my mind and have read that is quite possible and for the memory to return if the mind finds it wa not like they had  believed.

When I first met the man I named Val, he was very professional, when telling me about the assignment he said he did not want a real wife from here.  I presumed he meant Texas.

He wore a large stone ring on the little figer of his left hand and he put it on my ring finger and as it was way too lrge he said he would have it cut down for my wedding ring if I liked it.  That is the first sign I remember of his being very strange ans wdding rings are usually not large stones.

When it was too large he wanted to measure hands and when he touched my fingers he took my hand in his and felt of my finger tips.  

He said, "You don't have fingerprints. Neither do I.

 And he showed me his hand and his fingers were smooth as well as his hand. It was then it all changed and he changed his mind about the paper marriage..

When the Aunt told me the truth she said he never called and said he would be married to another woman.  This was the catlyst that caused the whole memory, at least a majkor part of it, to return....

As we were dancng on the beach he would stop and show me the full moon over the lake and say,

"Isn't SHE beautiful." a few times.  I thought it a strange moon as it looked flat and only round at the bottom...then a brilliant light flashed in my eyess and the next thing I remember was playing my repertoire for him where I had been staying to take the tests....they had a Baby Grand Pianoi the parlor of the YWCA and I had been a alented pianist my teachers and ohers wnted me to pursue my career in music as I supposedly had what they called the touch of a concert pianist and could have been one, had it not been for Val.

I remember crying all morning before my first marriage as I did not want to marry this young man I had met only few weeks before but I knew I had to marry.  I did not face the fact I cud be pregant with Val's child, I could not remember Val I only knew I  had to marry someone I did not love but I did not know why I just knew I had to do it and that was the start of a life that was never really complete.  I always felt I was sinning, being the wife of another and it seemed my whole life was filled with one divorce fter another trying to keep a fther for children I kept havng in my marriages.

It was not until early 1970's when I was taken in ody to a real ship and cam face to face with the Commander who said,

"I'm Commander Val, don't you remember me?"

Yes, I knew he was the one man I'd ever really loved but I could not at that time remember when or where, I just thought it must have been in another previous life time but Iknew I knew him and I knew he was the only man Id ever really loved. 

Continued in Part 3 

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