With Supreme Cmdr Val Thor

Supreme High Cmdr of the Universal Protection Command Hetrs Altair Five

(Under the dome)


We'll be posting to this on occasions we have other questions.  We welcom your questions for Val. That's what the Group was created for.  If we insert a bit of humor that's just the way we are in person.

Valana:  Commander, I have some questions for you if you have time for me.

Val: Oh, lovely Lady, I have all the time in the universe for you.

Valana:  Val, we're writing for the public, let's be politically correct, after all, I live in America and we Americans are always politically correct.

Val: Except in your elections that certainly are not politically correct.

Valana:  Val, you'll loose all my "Leftist friends"!

Val: You have leftist friends? Valana! I thought you were in the top two percent IQ bracket.

Valan: That was  Government test, Val. Like they felt I was fest qualified for the job as ne that could identify you years later.

Val: What were your qualifications for that?

Valana: I am facial challenged.  By the way, where have you been? You seem out of breath.

Val: Oh, I just got back from a fast trip to Venus to see my lovely wife there I haven't seen since July 1950 your time.


  How was Deena? Or was it Diana? I heard someone being interviewed on a radio talk show one time couldn't remember the name of your lovely wife on Venus and the talk show host asked him which was it, that he had one time said Diana and another Deena?

Val: Oh, there were two of them.

Valana: What do you mean were? Are you divorced?

Val: WWell, not exactly.  You see, I meant well,I went to see Deena and Dianas they both now live together. I was lowering my ship down to my docking platform and saw lovely Deena, sitting at her bedroom window w window nd lovely Diana sitting at the living room window, both looking towrds my docking platform, watcing for me.

Valana: I know you were greeted well.

Val: Actualy not.  I decided gainst docking.

Valana:  Why did you do that?

Val: I got out my super telescope I ordered from the Star Trek show when I was on your plnet, took a look at them and decided not to dock at all but return fast as I could back to Headquarters.

Valana:  Were they too old?

Val: Oh, no, I don't see age, I see someone as I want to see them, the way I first saw them. For instance, I see you as an innocdent young girl that trusted a man that let her down, and didn't come back for her as e promised.

Valana: Don't get serious, tell me about your wives on Venus, why didn't you at least go in and give them a hug?

Val: I told you, I got out my super tepescope nd Deena was sitting in the bedroom window with a sawed off shot gun pointed to my docking platform while Diana was waving  book out the window at me.

Valana: What book was she waving t you?

Val:  The name on it was, "Government Woman".

Valana: Alright, we've had our fun now let's get to the serious questions.

Val: I'm just glad we're back to our normal way of writing.  All work and no play make for a very dull day.  Whaare the questions?

ala copy them and you can answne

as you have the time.


question one:

will those crafts be sitting on the ground for others to climb aboard?

AbswerL  The ships will be seen in the skies and will come down in every available loction where most people might be located.  However, we are lookig for more to flea from us than to want to board due to Hollywood's great portrayal of us.

There are aready cloaked ships in strategic loctions.  And by cloaked, I do not mean what the Sci Fi shows mean by cloaked.  Their frequency modulations have changed to anther level of the dimension and they are not actually there...but they are there and that's the best I cn explain.  They will appear when orders are given. You may be sitting in onenow and not know it; just as Dr. Einstein said a railroad could be running through your living room and trains running through and you do not know it.  If you have desire to go you will go, my son, do not fear.  And if you have desire to meet us and live up to the standards we set, which are very high moral standrds, you will meet us in due time. - Val

There are more questions but we need to take a break and will be back shortly with more questions and answers....

Cmdrs Val and Valna Thor


Question Two

If evac ships don't land in my area, will there be a way to locate one or somehow call upon one so a person can be picked up?

Answer:  If you have desire to go and are found worthy, you will go. If the original words of Cmdr Ashtar Sheran are still in the book, "Tribute To Ashtar" he made clear that he would return at the time of the end of the age and assist in the evacution of the planet.

There is still hope n evacution will not have to occur but remember the scripture in your western sacred scriptures that says, "And he will send his Angels to the four corners of the Earth and gather his elect." And "Fear not little flock, it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the Kingdom".


Since you mentioned no jewelry or metals can be brought on board, does that include smartphones? My only concern would be me being unable to contact friends and family for the purpose of directing them towards an evacuation vessel. 


In our  Transport Technology you are not taken as a body but  your DNA is taken and your body is re-estabished with the subtle bodies n tact.  Any metl would possibly show up inside the boy that's wy we request you to stand way from metal objects.  These orders were notaccepted in the Rainbow Project and the Alien involve was bamed with its failure though he screamed at them to stand way from metal and take off their guns and clothing as the metl bet buckles were a part of the failure of that experiment and caused the deths thouh the Alien called Valint  Thor was not the cause.   Next question....

Valana: Val,his concern about the cell phone was his family and friends. Will there be a way for him to contact them?

Val:  Yes, we have means wereby you will be able to contact them but d remember there are nuclear bombs in the air while the evacution goes on and the ships will be leaving the area very quickly.  The possibility they will be sfe on other shps is quite possible as we know those that are willing to be evacuated.  I woud not be surprised if your name was not already on the manifest of one of my ships since you are in direct contact with my wife and twin flame. 

Valana: The last thing we want to do with this post is to cause fear. It was because the fear conciousness had gone way low across the world we are doing what we can to liftt it where we can.  

Val: It is our belief that the lowered consciousness of the world that can be registered on our technology as wel as those of the planet, is the cause rather than the prophetic warning of disaster.

Valana:  And since Val and I came online in 1997 we have attempted to raise the consciousness of the planet.  Sometimes ur ittle skits we write urselves before posting time helps to cause people to laugh instead of cry.  We've been called the resurrected George Burns and Gracie Allen world famous comedy team of the 50's.  Vl and I enjoyed them back when he was here in the 50's.

Val: We'l be back later with some of Hellen's questions I'd like to hndle again and anyone have questions that's what this group is all about.

We leave you with ur Peace,

Cmdrs Val and Valana Thor

Universa Protection Command











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