I'm going to ask a favor of you.

I' sure you remember the incident in 1979 at Kadena, AFB, Okinawa, Japan, when my telepath and I helped to prevent the 3rd world war.

She has past her 90th birthday and it has been her prayer and dream that one day you would give her some former  "Thank you and apology" proof of the private ceremony you ordered for her after receiving her message from your aent in Moscow through us.

I am sure you will remember it as throug our work the message and your uick response to my request, prevente a war.

You then ordered a private ceremony for my telepath with apologie from you and thank you for her work your Governemnt ent er to me to do Juy 1950.  July 14, 1950 to be exacct, after taking a week long testing for the work, reportabe only to her President.

That information will be in no lower securty files and you may be the last President for which she worked.  It would mean much to her to have proof of the commendation ceremony, that and if possible, the pcture of u together in 1950 that is somewhere in the President's files.

If you woud do this simple thing for me I would apprecite it as she urely deserve it as  she received no pay for the work she has done through the years. She refused to go under security as I asked her not to do so that she might tell her story of meeting me in 1950. 

You would not be breaking security as former President Trump gave orders for all information to be released regarding the Alien ships.

My ship was on the north security field runway a we transferred the message to yyou through the hot ine on Kadena. 

If you could make her private commendation from you available publicaly is all we ask.  I do not ask that you make my landing public only  the commendation given her in private.

That was the time you took a Commander off the base due to my request so you should remember it.  Her name officially was Patsy Jean Spencer - Politte.

My prayerr also is that you will do this for her.  That is all I ask for our work in passing my information to you at te risk of her life without pay. She refuse any financial aid for putting her story of me online and she wnts no pay for her work. 

It s my elief she should at least have recogition for the Okiknawa private commendation for the hurt she's had to sustain in teling her story of our meeting. She uses the screenname "Valana" at this time.


Cmdr Val Thor


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