• I always like listening to Gregg Bradden and Bruce Lipton. Thank You for posting.

    • Thank you, Hellen...have you heard Gregg's "Isaiah Effect"?

      He shows that time lines are in the scriptures.  I have never seen that as much as I've stuied the scrptures. All te theologians have Isaiah completely wrong, not understanding time lines but when  one knows somethig then it comes out clearly in other book does that..but first we must know it in our heart then it becomes clear in our thinking.

      It also goes along with Val's teaching on prophesy not being etched in stoe....the Bible teaches we can change prophesy because if one finds two witnesses in the scriptures that means it's possible and there's at least two where prophesy was changed.

      So put Val's revelation with Gregg's and we see that we can move right into the Kingdom promises or as new agers say it, we can acend...wthout the trbulation or bad stuff happening that somany Christans are saying must happen before peace comes...not true..the Isaia effect of Gregg Brden's explains why...Isaiah saw the two time lines and we can move up into the better one if enough believe and express love instead of hate, peace instead of war.

      There's hope for a better tomorrow and t's in the prophesies pf the past and the faith and love in our hearts of today.

      Love to you, dear Hellen....

      Valana and Val

    • Oh Dearest Amparo, you are the strong one that's held me up and taught me soooo, Joanne's meditations and Albertha have seen Lights in the desert at times for me...and there are others but seems we are the older ones, so many come and go and we cant leave out Pet Rock!  Without his and Rev.'s news what would we do? Seems we've been here forever though...

    • Amparo, I was just thinking the other day...I don't mean in age but that you were the oldest member in length of time here that I know...that I remember from first time I was here, had I staye I'd be one of the oldest, I don't remembr anyone else being here other than krishna and Rev when I was first here that are still here, everyoe else seems new and they come and go.  Lee came second time I was here but you and I were here almost at the beginning...I rememer Star that was so sweet...I loved her but I don't remember many others by name but I'd kow them. I'll never forget Pop's writing that got over 22000 hits but we had a lot back then that participated and there were the scientists that discussed that writing...I think I'll find it...hard to understand but it's scientific and I'm not trained in science at all but those that were seemed to think it great...I know there's a reason I'm still here.

      You just have no idea what a blessig you are to others.

    • Be careful dear, and don;t believe all you read of the Valiant Thor, tht is not the original Val...he won't tell someone else a prediction and not give it to me...he doesn't talk to oters as he's not in this solar system now, he runs the Universal Protection Command just as Ashtar runs the Galactic Command and he has no time to be giving predictiosn as when they do not come to pass then people especially the governent discount him and that's a good trick by dark orces..

      He's given no preiction of Texas, not my Val so watch and see if it doesn't fail to come to pass...every predictio we've made came to pass but he's not involved here anymore except to write a few things with me ...he's mostly just teaching and we do it in a fun way as it's easier to learn something if you are laughng...

      The doctors now tell people in termial condtions to watch comedies an sometimes they are healed..laughter is the best medicine...that's why Val and I carry on a fun line...

      Love you oh and if you search for him on Amazon there are several writers that claim to be writin for him... they may be writin for someone real but some reason theylike to use the thor name as it sells best... :-)  Love and Light...

    • Amparo, Val wanted me to ask, you didn't mean anyone stole my story, you mean Frank's story...I should hope...

      No one would dare steal my story in "Government Woman" abut the 1950 visit, the Panama Island landing in 57 or Okinawa 79? If so let me know he url as that would be a law suit and demand for proof...  I don't re they claim to channel him but no one better dare take my story and use it for their own as I'll have in a civil court faster thn they could blink an eye..those tories are provable if they'll ever truly lift the coverup, too many were aware of them... there werre too many military on the Panama Island and way too many knew of the Okinawa visit...I am hoping some of it comes out but then ne would have to knw what to look for but I have a few doing it...LOL

    • Oh I know what you were thinking about...I said many stole the name from Frank's books and have written for a Valiant Thor, thank God they call him Valiant as mine is Cmdr Val Thor.

      Also, Val insisted I expse the "Loutwitting Tomorrow" book that was published under the valiant Thor name with the picture of Val on it as author.

      Val did not write the book plus it's an occult book, written by an occult writer under penname of Frater VIII and published in 1939 by the Golden Dawn Publishing Company which is now defunct.

      Books go into public domain when the copyright runs out and the book no longer publsished so it's legal to publish it...but may be legal to change the author's name but not morally right as of course many bought it believing that Val wrote it. James Gardner was the author's real name, an occult writer of the time and member of the Golden Dawn...Val is not occult nor does he teach it. And someone, more than one got in trouble with the book as someone claiming to be Valiant Thor abducted and raped them and took them to a ship and described his quarters as I had described them.

      Val went to the ceiling over the book and said expose it as he was no I did, that's back when I had a wesite..not the social network I have now, it was years ago...

      That's what I said was stolen.. anyoe can use a name one cannot copyright a name but there's a lot of books by valiant thor that Val/Valinat did not write.

      This is funny, I got one because it waid it was Val Thor's son...thankfully he called him Valiant... so I just wanted to see the story...well here's what it said Valiat told him...that he did a bird ritual on Venus, took three days, he never had relatioship with the boy's mother but it was the bird ritual got her pregnant with his that's the gospel truth I have the book on Kindle...

      I was teasng Drekx one time about his lady from Sirius, I told him she visited Altair and Val gave her a set of birds to take home...referring to that book I don't kow if he caught the joke or not..

      Enjoy yur Webanar I'm trying to catch up with email and private messages, no one writes on my site they just write private messages...LOL

      Love and Blessings

    • Amparo, I wanted to ask, what is the Texas thing he's supposed to have predicted..strange but he doesn't know! He said ask as he's curious. :-)

      I'm curious, too, tell us.  I'm in Texas, I want to know.

    • But it was not Rev Frank that did it...what people do not understand and Frank  shared with close friends, is that he worked for Government and had very high security clerance and could not tell the story correctly orr he would go to Federal prison for life and maybe even death row. Those that understand Government Security understand Frank could not tell the true story as it happened.  

      I never knew Frank on this earth but met him in the Spirit world after he "died"..there is mystery around his death you may know, much mystery.  

      Frank was a kindly and good man, he had sweet Spirit in his heart, the Spirit of God...he put his arm round me and said, "I would have believed you".

      Long story but to shortern it, Val showed me his small ship he calls his "Scout" he comes to the planet in, not a bigger one they called Victor One... right over my place back in 2000 and moved and stopped several times so could make sure it was not the moon then asked me to tell him what direction to go to further prove he wanted me to send a letter to Frank he had written and wanted me to tell our story...and that he wanted me back in 1950 for his real wife on the planet and still did..that's why I did not send it...

      So when I met Frank he put his arm round me and said, "I woud have believed you"... I met him through Val soon after his strange demise... soon as I told Val Frank had died he said, "murdered" was strange ccircumstances, and what I heard came from someyone very close..I can't talk openly as I don't have proof but Julie spoke on a talk show about suing the hospital as he was not taken care of but no one could get to him. Val kept trying to get me to find Bernice, his wife at the time Frank knew him but only located her after her death, same about Connie Menger, found my close friend lived only forty miles from her the week after she passed thru the veil. Both of them had something he wanted me to know.

      I had two of his closest confidents tell me (and their emails in safe place so I can tell it)  that Frank would call them in tears about  prolems at home over his story of Val...yet that party claims Val calls her every week..She would be last on earth to get a call from Val and was divorced at time of death but still living in same house. Val is not on the planet nor living in Banquok you know that's they have legal prostitution there.  Val considers that an insult to him.  I know where Frank met Val, my first Gov name was Nancy...Nancy Terese. It's in our first book, I'm trying to get back as contract ended several years ago but I found it still on Amazon.  So wrote Amazon it was my book who was getting money for it and they never answer me but took it off their advertisement.  We published under Sci Fi Romance because of some of the things Val put in it I did not want to lay claim to at the time because of Security. I never went under security as Frank did but I still was afraid so put it in fiction genre, trying to get it back leglly so can make few changes nd republish.  

      Frank met Val at Camp David, used to be called Shangrala until Ike changed  name... FDR started it as Shangrala.  He worked under only the President, just as I did but I'm sure it was him as they called him, "Doc".  

      I'm praying some of my story will come out in a real disclosure, there was too much, for both Frank and I, that somethin should not show up...I was taken to an Islnd off Pnama by a General for Val's landing,  think it was his first but not sure as my memory again blocked but I remember Val and the one they called Doc was at Camp David and Val wanted me to tell him to get him alone, as Val knew he had written or was involve in Ufology and interested and he culd get the info out to the public, Val always wanted the public to be aware of truth, that's why he asked me not to go under Securty as they wanted me never to tell I knew Val and Val asked me not to do it though I could not at the time mention him he said later I could inform the public of what is going on so that's why I'm onine. I still have to be careful but I'm not under security, Frank was and they hearly killed him once I know of. He had t use fiction in his story he never told of Camp David or the Panama Island and I'm not sure he was there but Doc was at Camp David and I set up the meeting with Val..I never read his books so I don't know how much truth was in them but I know he could not tell it like it happened...I was not...I never took the security vows but they had to use me as Val would use no one else for his translator.  The reason I know he does not call Julie every week is she coud not hear him. Val speaks fluent English but on another decibel level...I hear on that level...I have no fingerprints either...but I was born in Texas but have Alien DNA, I'm a real Starchild but I don't make a bbig thing of it, I don't usually tell it but at my age it's ok, I sure dont plan on being on the Jerry Springer show!  I remember wwatching Omnec and Frank was on it, they asked him opinion of her, so he asked her one thing, "do you have fingerprints" and she said "yes" and he just turned away, all he said but I knew what he meant.  Aliens have no fingerprints, so that shows Frank has known an Alien..yes he was real but had to hide truth best he could, wish I had met him, Val wanted us to work together and Frank was a sincere minister...he put his calling before his story of Val, made a lot of people mad but he preache and prayed for people before he would talk about Val.  Val loved him, I would have, had I met him on earth...he did his best to reveal truth veiled in fiction form.

      I don't like to use pictures as they can be framed...(play on words there).  But Frank cut off the back row in the Menger picture, perhaps to protect a woman...I've been told the picture was run thrugh professional gov technoogy with my Hgh school picture and it was it could have been me but implanted in the Menger  picture s if I used it someone could cme out and say it was implanted there..I'd like to find someone with professional equipment that could say it was not, then I woud use it..I can't find my highschool picture I had as my picture galery partly disappeared but it's only in my Highschool annual of 1947 maybe I'll find it's the full Menger picture if I can find it. And Menger was not a fake, I have a story of Connie, she called me in 1999 I believe it was and that womn was sincere.

    • Dear Amparo, do be careful, not every Valiant is Val...he told me long ago to not call him that and I noticed therre are so many that write for a Valiat Thor that is not my Val at all..he doesn't give anything to anyone he would ot first give me and he hasn't time to channel through anyone even me muc at this time.

      My Val is on Altair Five under the dome at the Headquarters of the Universal Protection Command..he's not here...someone said o a talk show that he was living in Banquok and calling her every is not my Val, the original one... no he hasn't said anything about Texas as he makes no commitments like that, then when it doesn't come true he is discounted as not real so he makes no predictions thru otherrs..those he's made thru me have all come to pass nd we've made none about Texas what is it you've heard? But watch it not come to pass then everyone will say he's not real but he relly wishes people wuld just name their contacts something else but he also thinks they do it to sell books...

      That's why I didn't put hs nme on the front of my book... I wo't use the name to make money...

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