A Val and Valana Coffee Break Live for your information.....

Valana:  Val, they now call it Gaia and people get mad when I call it planet Earth so please don't make people mad at me.

Val:  Valana, when I was there in the 50's your Presidents called it planet Earth, they did not call it Gaia.  The neww age society teaches love and understanding for all so that should include you and others that still us the old fasshioned way of speaking and writing if they walk their walk as well as talk their talk. By the way, Happy Birthday, Baby!"

Valana:  Thank you, Val.  No one else remembered me.You used to send me roses through friends.

Val:  But you don't have a frfiend left. All went to Heaven...or..

Valana:  You don't believe in that, Val, and neither do I.  All went to the Spirit world and different dimensions.  Our Scientists have found the dimensions on paper by math formula but as yet no proof.

Val:  That's a good start.  You know your Archeologists found the remains of humans equal to those now living on the Planet from 250 thousand years ago, thus dissproving the long believed idea of mankind being simply educated monkeys.  Finally they found their Alien ancestors that colonized the planet in former civilizations.

Valana:  The Bible explains the former civilizations, flood and ice age though it's not understood.  Some use those scriptures to try to disprove it but it's trying to tell mankind this civilization is not the first to inhabit this planet.

Val: You wrote that for me in a Discussion called...what was the name of it, I think you have it in our group if anyone interested in Bible proof of former civilizations.

Valana:  The name was "Pre-Adamic Flood and Civilization".  Was that a memory test?

Val: No, I'm quite aware you have an excellent memory, but you gave the impression for years you could not remember your whole experience in 1950.

Valana:  I didn't remember.  Something was done to me to block the memory of,then use my name to send an official report condemning you and resulting in my country formng an agreement with the wrong group of Aliens or as some call ETs.

Val:  Why do you refuse to call me an ET?

Valana:  Because you are not an "extra" or "different than" Earth male.  Therre is no difference in you and any male born on this planet unless it's internal.  .

Val:  Are you sorry you met me in person? I understand your Government sent a young girl on a woman's assignment to spy on my, first to see if I really came from another planet or dimension, then to ascertain what was on my ship in technology they could use as well as continue our contact with your telepathic abilities plus an implant of our design.

Valana: I no longer have the implanet, Val, when I was in the hospital they put me in the MRI and I have a problem where it evidently was pulled out.  I remember being wakened and asked did I have metal in my body and I thought to myslef, it was none of their business and I did not tell them, now they swear I was not put in the MRI but I have a lingering scab tht comes off and it bleeds and the scab returns on my head.  I don't have the telepathic ability I once had.

Val:  You were told by two officers of youyr Air force two different occasions you were the best telepath they ever met and you name names and reasons.

Valana: One  was because of your message to my President at the time that he quickly complied with and the other a telepathic experiment with my Major when I worked at USAF Hqtrs Randolph in late 1980's.  There's paperwork  trail in high security files of a lot of my story I had hoped would be revealed to the public if Trump had been reelected.  Also, the time I received the private thank you and apology from former President Jim Carter at Kadena AFB Okinawa, Japan, in 1979 for my message from an American aent in the Soviet Union through your assistance and what we call, "amping" telepathic contact. That dream is gone now. And also your prediction he would win was wrong.

Val: No, it wasn't wrong.  The election was wrong.  I also had high hopes he would open the UfO contact files they now call IFOs.

Valana: I have so many stories of military officers that knew you and others but I never wrote them.

Val: Why don't you write the book we've weritten on so much?

Valana: I can't start it, Val.  There's too much and some doesn't fit...there's a piece of the puzzle missing though it's perhaps a small one, it's still missing that would bring the whole picture together.

Val  Why don't you write it as pieces of the puzzle, you've written so much...just put it all in a boo0k and tell the fearder to figure it all out.

Valana:  There had to be two assignments, two men, one lake, one pace ship when the light flashed in my eyes and the next thing I remembered was playing my repertoire for you on the baby grande at the YWCA where I was staying. Then you were shot, then I was walking up the walkway and suddenly everything went black and the next memory was walking up the grass on the other side of the wwalkway, beaten and burned with cigarettes, the aunt screaming at me a man had called and was going to be married to another woman by the time I got his message and I would never see him again, then the next memory was crying all morning before my wedding to some guy I had met a few weeks before because somehow I had to marry and i didn't know why or wouldn't face why though it was just a fear  because I didn't have a father and went thru hell in schol being teased about not having a father like all kids had back in those days.  So I swore if I ever had a child they would have a father and I was afraid I was pregnant because of you and you promised to come back for me and never came back.

Val:  I caame back and they told me you turned in a report I had raped and left you for dead at White Rock Lake and I was retained awhile over it.  You were the last woman I wanted to find at the time after that.

Valana:  It was20 years later the Aunt told me she had lied to me and three agents from Washington that came looking for me for you and she thought you had gotten me in trouble with the Government and lied to them, told them I had not been with you that night and you had raped and hurt me and I never wanted to see you again.  She told me the truth in early 1980 and all the memory came back at once and I turned and left her and never saw her again nor wanted to. My life was wrecked over that assignment.

Val: You didnt give the message I told you to give and didn't take the other assignment that had been offered to you at the Embassy in Moscow when you finished your education.

Valana: I've not mentioned that much as I felt it could harm our National Security.  Now we will have no National Security.  We will be a part of a new world order under the UN.  America hass kept the world free.  

Val:  Now perhas the ships may be the only hope, if the right ships are accepted.

Valana: I know.  That's why you told me Imight have to identify you in later years to get you back in and I no longer have the implant.

Val: You can identify me without it...go by your heart.  Go by your heart...Auf Wetersehn,Sweetheart."

Valana: The telepathic contact of this writing is the man I named, Val Thor, July 14, 1950 at White Rock Lake, Dallas, Texas, on Government assisgnment after taking a week long Goverrnment test for the assignment. I was offered and signed for an assignment to the Embassy in education to work with an American agent named Ronnie Walker which could have been a code name.  Walker was the man that threatened the US and Okinawa from the mind control lab in  Moscow when we almost had WW3 whie Americans slept in seemin safety in their beds.  It was the real Alien Commander Val Thor that prevented it by amping the message for President Carter who complied with demands made for the safety of our Agents in the Soviet Union at that time.  Val is not evil nor does he have plans to take over the planet.  I cannot say that for any other fleets now in our solar system as I am not in contact with any but if I should be talking to my President I would warn against any other than the man I was sent by the US Government as his telepathic contact, the man from another world I named, Val Thor.

I believe I am alive today to tell this story, now it's told.  God bless America and all of you that have read my story and understand.

I know there are typos as I do not see wellto edit ...may God be with you and my country is my prayer.












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  • Thank all of you beautiful people...I really do not like to mention birthdays as people picture this age as a wwrinkled old hag with one foot in the grave and another on a banana peeling.....wow,one of our Generals during ww2 went thru the whole war and slipped on a banana peeling and it got him, I'm not kiddin'.....

    I have a fairly new pic but the kids bought me a play gold crown and I'm wearing it and some would not understand!

    They were calling me Princess cause I was just out of ICU and was asking to bring me this and that a few days...but I' bounce easy and yes it is sort of a mile marker, next time we do this will be in ten more years...

    Actually Val was getting two birds with one stone as he's going to be coming back into his official messages he asked me not to sign into security and promise not to tell our story and give them only to certain places back in late 70's...so I turned down a gov check and told him he should come back, get a job and support mme.  He wantedthe public to know what's going on for real in their skies burt I've told him the public isn't interested!  

    But I believe he's going to stick with spiritual teachings mre than 3-d info as people really are not ready to know the truth...

    Love ou all.....Valana

  • Happy birthday Valana hope you havbe many more wonderful ones just like this one .


  • all the best wishes Valana for your birthday and your future endeavors


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