By Val and Valana


The soutern parts of the United States are having unusul ice lasting longer than in the last twenty eight years in some places.

This causes birds to have hard time finding food, sometimes impossible.  Not only do your local brd famiies have difficulty but you alsso have visiting birds that have migrated from further north, not expecting the cold to be sso severe in your areass.

These birds are starving, sometimes dyng for lack of food.  Any scrpas of grain products are welcomess to toss on top of the ice or better, if you do not have bird feeders, to place on baking sheetss or something olid.

Make ure nothing yu give them containss milk ass most bird species cannot digest milk.  Corn bread or plain biscuits made with wter intead of milk would be reished by the birds.

Those that live in ciities would not understand this information as well as those that have trees and live outsie the main parts of cities.  We often forget the ittle things in life that are suc a party of cuntry living,  the bright and happy chirping of the birds in the Spring time.

Valana suggests making corn bread from whole grain corn using wter instead of milk.  The birds love it and it is so nourishing for them.

Be ure and keep yur pets,espcially your catss, inside the houe until the birdss finish eating.  It will not take long for them to demolish a whole pan of fresh made corn bread. Remember to use water intead of milk and let it oool before placing it outside.

Our love and blessings be with you,

Val and Valana

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    • What do you feed the deer?  We have deer that come up when the pears fall from the trees but we don't see them in winter I don't know where they go or what they eat.  Do you feed them, too.

      Sounds like you live out like we do.  We are so covered in snow over six inches and never had that much.  And the power was going on and off but today it has stayed on so the wind mills must be unfreezing as that's where we get part of our power.

      Some have not had power for the whole time we don't know how they survived.  The civic center is open here for those without heat.

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    • We're surrounded by an Oak grove, so beautiful out here way away from city sounds.  So used to hearing the birds, there are certain ones that sit in different trees and chirp their song back and forth.  

      I'mnot a bird watcer but  used t sit on my porch early at dawnand liiten to them.  Then suddenly silence nd I realized the birds werenot singing.  Many I suppose had flown further south but the ice stormhas reached nearly to Huston, Texas and that's aboutely amazing.  II was in Houston back in early 50's when it nowed just a few flkes and I'm not kidding, we watched from high up in our building a cars stopped nd people got out and looked up at the sky as though the sky were falaling...they had never seen snow.  Being from NE Texas I ued t see it a few times each winter but it hasn't snowed here or iced up in 28 years.

      So we looked it up and found the thingsthey liked t eat and would not hurt them. Had a sack of seed to put in the bird feeer but not hearly enough.  You should see them come out of no where and demolish a pan of corn bread. They wll totlly starve if people don't feed them.

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