Contact - Part 1

There is a story I must write.  I must write it myself, without Val's help, as he tends to pull me another way than I want to go.

I want the truth to be "out there" for one reason, my Goverrnment has released only a very few facts...only enough to plant fear  of off world intelligences and not all are evil.

I'm sure there are those that are.  A few years ago, prior to Yahoo deleting all the mailing list files, I counted over 125 Abduction mail liss, some quie large.   

I do not know this as a factt but it was commn nowlege back in late 90s, when I came on the Internet, both on the Inernet mailing lists and at the Ufolology Conferences, that humans were being used by the Greys for experimentation, due to an agreement made in 1952 in exchange for technology that could be used in mass destruction weapons.

I do not know the above is true as fact, I only know what was commonly blieved in Ufology circles. I read a lot of abduction stories, some unbelieable, some I truly think were made up for attention and some by unstable souls and I'm sure some from drug trips, too much alcohol and unstable mentally sick people.

But all could not be false, and the story of the then sitting President meeting with Grey leaders on an Air Base in California was believed by many that claimed insider information.

Is there reality to "Greys"?  Yes, I've been on a Grey ship but I was not harmed.  However, I dropped the name of Commander Val, claiming he'd sent me with a message, and I felt a warm feeling of friendship and was not harmed but sent back to my body after giving the message.

I wasn't going in this direction but since the story seems to be moving where it wants to go, I will continue.

I'm been an astral traveler since a very young child, in fact, my first memries are of being taken to a ship I called, Pop's Round House in the sky.  Now this was in early 1930's and I had never heard the people that raised me speak of UFOs or ETs or Aliens nor of round houses in the sky.  Why I called it that,I have no idea.  

I have no memory of seeing the ship but my first memories are of sitting in the lap of a being that seemed very much like my Granddaddy Routh only he had very long fingers which he would point and tap on stars on a screen like my computer scrreen.

Remember, this was in the early 30's and we had no comuter nor television screens in those days.  He would let star scroll downwards and stop on a screen that pictured a dipper.

I knew what a dpper was because we had a well in the front yard, a bucket on a rope and a silver dipper in the bucket.  Granddaddy would let it down in he waer and then give me a cool drink of water with the silver dipper.

Granddaddy also would show me the stars and the big and little dipper which I could pick out easily. So it wasn't hard to understand when the being I called "Pop" in his round house in the sky, would tap on each star of the dipper....up the hanndle and then to three stars on top of the diper.  He embedded this in my memory as I know it seems he did it thousands of times though I remember only a few.

I never saw his face and do not know why I called him Pop, ther than I so wanted a father like oher children had.  Mymother died in child birth and if I had a father, he gave me to my grandmoher and her parents to raise.  Many times I'd hear she and her mother say, 

"If that child had not been born we would have Fran Nora with us today...that was what they called my mother, who died due to childbirth three days after my birth.  For any that might be asrology buffs, my motherr died at 10:26 on a Monday morning on November 10th 1930 and my second child, a girl, was born at same time on same day of week...I believe it was on a Monday, on November 10,1950and I almost died.  In fact,  the dctor wennt out and asked my family where to send he body but thanks to a single nurse that leaned over and picked up a heart beat, I'm still here, thugh I was in a coma for four hours and the doctors that were over me when I awoke had told my family if I awoke I would be  vegetable as I'd been without oxygen way too long to have any memory at all.  That is why it took me so long to remember the 1950 assignment where I met and helped to name a very human man for my  Government...Val Thor.

Back to Pop and his three stars he etched on my memory, when I came online in 1997 I told my story of Pop and the three stars over the dipper handle.  I found a star map online of the little dipper and Polaris over the handle which had one other star close by.

However, Pop showed me three, that memory was never lost. In fact,the only part of my past that was totally gone was the memory f Val Thor but I'll get to that in a moment.

My story of Pop and his round house in the sky was posted in many places  the Inernet.  There was an Internet Newsletter named, "Caus" posted by an Attorney in Arizona that sued the Government for the State of Arizona to stop the UFOs from flying over their state!  It was also on thewebsites, bsides my own which was called,, in Dr. Richard Boylan's mailing list which had all the Ufo buffs, over 2000 members, Sassy's website and her hewsletter called "World of he Srange and Unknown" as I remmber, and I held to the fact Pop showed me three stars over the handle of the dipper instead of two, which was known at the time by our astronomers.

A man called himself Sam DeGallo wrot e me and talked about my story of Pop asking me details.  He claimed to work out of Washigton and had something to d with interviewing people that claimed to have experiences with ETs ahd the ships.   We stopped contact for years then I got an email from him saying I would enjoy reading the bulletin from NASA he atached, they had found my third sar of Polaris in 2006 but pushig their technology to the zenih,...that full story of Pop and the bulletin of NASA is somewhere on my group on Ben's site and also my own and has been published in my book, "Government Woman"...the story of Val Thor.

I believe, especially because I was a little girl, I would be fearful to talk about Pop if he had hurt me in any way as I would have subconscious fear of Aliens.  But all my life I have believed hem to be  kid and good and have never feared he hought of the ships picured above us.

My main desire in being online has always been to aleviate fear of beings from other worlds, both in this dimension and others.  I have never been harmed or I would be fearful.

I'll go into mre detail of the 1950 Gvernment assignment where I was sent to meet a man I was to be contact for to my President only....the mann I named, Val Thor.

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