Val:  Bring your  coffee cup and come up sit with me on ourpatio of our seventh level seventh dimensional home on Venus Mountain.

Valana: Why are you at home and not working at Headquarters, Altair Five?

Val: Just taking a few days off to write with  you as we have much to say.While we're writng we might explain a bit about bi-location and how it works.

Valana: How did I know not to say at the beginning what we would talk about?

Val: Have we ever kept to script?

Valana: I don't have to even answer that.  Oh, that's a pretty new bird you have, sitting on your shoulder.

Val: Put that coffee cup down and let's take a walk through my rose garden before someone waves a priestly finger towards you. We can stop, rest, and talk about old times and different parts of our life together in your current life stream on Planet Earth.

Valana: Val, we are not writing that book this morning, we were going to talk about world events.

Val: No, I said I'm gooing to heal some of the anxiety and stress caused by too much reading and listening to world events. World events are of the three dimensional level nd many have already moved higher.  The Planet is a training school. It will always exist, the civilization of the present moment is the fifth one to begin and end with catastrophic events and the sooner the better for all.

Valana: You think we are going to see the end of the age in this time frame?

Val:  I'd say it's fairly close, with the Bethlehem Star again showing in your current year and the possibility the Governments will try to close Christmas as they have churches.  Bible prophecy is fast coming to pass.

Vaana: We taught long ago onine that all prophecy is conditional and will come to pass only if circumstances stay the same and do not change.  If only a few lift their consciousness higher they can change the world for all.

Val: And I had hopes, when we came online back in your year 1997 that we could do just that if we could oly get a few that would shut out the worldly problems and center their minds and hearts upon the hgher realities of the goodness of the Creator's creation.

Valana: What we envision and put into the Field of Energy which surrounds, flows through all mirrors back to us only that which we believe.

Val: Ture!  There is no angry God in the Heavenlys but truly there is a God and the Sons and Daughters of the Infinite ALL are scttered overr the Universes and dwell on many planets in many star systems but all are ONE...all are a part of the ONE Infinite Creator and each thought, feeling, word, desire and action is a part of the whole.  And the Universal field of energy mirrors it all back, just as when one cuts a Hologram into tiny pieces, each piece reflects the whoe; each person reflects the whole of the perfection of the Creator God but on their level of manifestation, they only mirror their conscious thought, emotions and beliefs.

Valana: That's a lot said that needs reading over many times and each time more truth will come forth.

Val: Now for Prophesy.  One should constantly prophesy to ones' self good things. Never think of being a part of the extermination of the human race which has begun on planet Gaia as some want it called, and that's alright, but not for all.  There are levels and differrent time lines being played out on the planet.  Your neighbor may live in a total different level and time line though you speakeach morning as though you live in the very same universe.  

Valana: Each in his own separate wrld and can make that world whatever they envision and do not have to conform to the hypnotic suggestions of the world news or conspiracy theories of others; though those theories are often true. Genocide has begun...but we don't have to be a part of it.

Val: No indeed.  One creates one's own world in which they walk and talk and can refuse to believe in, listen to or take part in the negative dreams and nightmares of others.

Valana; The Consciousness level of the planet is at a new low now isnt it?

Val: I'm ging to refuse to answer that one as it makes no difference what the world is thinking...what are you thinking about yourself makes all the diffeerence in the world.  Are you seeing a brighter tomorrow? Then a brighter tomorrow will come for you if for no one else in the world.

Valana: I am thinking daily, I'm not going to be a part of the problem I'm going to be a part of the answer.  I'm not going to add to the already too low consciousness of the planet but I'm going to lift it up.

Val: And if we could only get the squre root of one percent of the population,which is in the vacinty of perhaps ten thousan persons to think only of the Kingdom of God within, not out there, as Yeshua taught.

Valana: When asked the time he would return to set up a Kingdom, as they did not understand that Kingdom was to be set up in their own hearts, he answered not to go there or here to seek truth but that the Kingdom of God was within their own herts.  It is what we truly believe. We can choose Heaven or Hell here nd now and live in a literal hellish existence until we decide the door has been open all the time and walk out into freedom.

Val: Freedom from every sickness, virul, evil thought and desire and death of the body Temple itself.  It's all there for mankind in the simple truth of the Words of the Master Teacher. It was in the words of the Buddhas, the Krishnas, the many ancient teachers...Hermes Trismeistis taught it hidden in sacred secrecy to protect it fromthe profane.

Valana: And it can be found only by those that are ready and have finished their course in victory as Paul so well stated it.

Val: The mystery hid fromgeneration to generation now revealed.....

Valana: Christ within us all but we must find that Christ each for themselves.  Vl, as usual we have not begun what we planned and I amnot going back and change the first of this writing. Let's at least finish with the Star of Bethlehem. Is it really Astar's Command ship comng in close they are clling a star?

Val: I don't know if they changed Tuella's writings for him or not in her book, "Tribute to Ashtar" but he had said he had a part in the firrst appearing of the Christ child and woud have a part in the return.  

Valana: The return of Christ is going on now within the hearts of all sincere people of all religions and non-religion.

Val: What has been in the hearts and minds of so many people for so long a time must mnifest.  There is hope for the planet and that hope is in the Christ. Ashtar has been chnged into a godless figure to accoount for beingsof drkness that would come nd rule planet Earth if given the chance but the real  Ashtar at the beginning spoke of Christ Jesus nd his part in the return to bring peace and raise the planet into higher dimensions and it ill happen.

Valana:   Though the evil powers of drkness may close Christmas they cannot take Christmas nor the Christ out of the hearts of those tht look for Him as he has aaid, "To those that look for me I will appear".

Val: And did you know the true Muslim believers are looking for him to return and destroy the anti-christ powers on earth as their Prophet wrote in the real translation of the quaran?

Valana: Yes, I have a real descendant of the Prophet Muhamed on my site that has shared with us the truth.  Their Prophet never sid to kill Christian believers but allowed them to marry Msulims and gave them Christian burials t death while he was aive.  

Val: People need to know the truth for the truth will truly set all free.  

Valana:  Ashtar said he would come to the planet  when Jesus returned and he would bring him was my understanding of Tuellla's writings long ago when I had her books.  Are you coming, too?

Val:  Frank inferred I would bring him.

Valana: I met him after his transition from Earth as you know, and he hs a sweet Spirit and a sincerity about him when he put his armr round me and said he would have believed me had I sent the letter you asked me to write him.

Val: He would have and the two of you would have preached together s you both hd the sme ministry which many did not like in  Frank.  He would prreach before he talked about his Venusians nd tht was alright though he didn't understnd the dimensions nor time trvel wwhen I brought him bvck in time to meet you in our Venusian home where we ived on surface Venus seenty or so thousand years ago.  He felt people were not ready to discuss time travel.

Valana:  Val, quuickly answer this.  Will the pandamic end or is it the scourge spoken of in Revelation that will kill one third of the people?

Val: I believe the prohesies are upon the three dimensional people on the planet and the next warning is the so-called star named "Wormwood"that will fall fromthe sky and take another one third of the population out.

Valana: The Asteroid coming towards earth has been named, "Wormwood" out of a type of making fun of the Bible.

Val: They were laughing at Noah in the pre flood days, also.  I believe we have finished for today,we have said much to help others.  Keep onthe sunny side of ife and fill your minds with that which is good, beautful and of good to be manifest.  The more you discuss and think on the bad, the more bd there ill be manifest to think upon.  You are all creators of your own world.  Create a ne tomorrow with a new time line that bypasses all the neative. See the return of the Truth and world peace and we sih you well and may God be with you until we meet again on the shores of time, dearest Valana! - Your Val"

Thank you, Val, for this beautiful lesson in creation and life.

May God bless and surround our reders in peace, love and power...Amen

Val and Valana



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  •  This is wonderful article .Thank You Val and Valana. I don't have anymore to say but I will post something inspirational here if that is ok. with you Valana.8271353466?profile=RESIZE_584x8271353890?profile=RESIZE_930x8271355477?profile=RESIZE_930x

    •   yes, Valana she is out of pain but I know I will miss her.I have a trip to make in the near future. Thank You for sharing your story.


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