Not long ago I posted a short messae from Cmdr Val Thor that the monoliths be left alone.  He explained what they were accomplishing and why they were placed on the planet.  I will try to find that post and put an url to it as the date line is on it.  I have just tonight found an article that discusses the monoliths.


He said in the article that they were using the monoliths to attempt to prevent major earthqueaks.  If these monoliths are bothered we may see very severe activity in various loctions of quake damage.




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  •   Valana you mention awhile ago there was monoliths under the oceans there is a lot things going down there earth is alive with powerful energies could this get much stronger during solarflars and the equinox and the alignment of the planets? You had an article that says mammals such whales,dolphins and fish makes sounds to balance the earth's plates and votices etc..


    • Dearest Hellen, give Val and I a few hours and we'll write an informal  discussion about some of these things that has the nxiety level of a section of the world very erratic and has lowered the consciousness level.  

      There is so much fear talk and not that it is not true on a time line but we must not allow it to affect our path of Light.  We're going to discuss time lines, conspiracy theories and Acension into a higher level of living...I'll have it posted in an hour or's affter 6 a.m. here in Texas  so we'll post sometime this you, Valana and Val   

  •    Earth is in the mist of a pandemic. What is the current future of humanity if they chose to take the vaccine? From what I have already heard there has been a depopluation agenda for decades perhaps those vaccines could thin out the population in greater numbers. So what is the future of mankind?


    • Hellen, are you askng for opinions in general and all are welcome to discuss your very pertinent question at this time in the histry of the planet, or asking a question of Valiant Thor?

      As when we get into the philosophical, metaphysical or reiigious fields, he prefers that name, though he is the same laid back, fun loving,joking Commander Val that people that knew him in person loved so much.

      The Holy Spirit has always confirmed our communications, and we were about to discuss the very answers to your question and he had just awakened me from a long discussion with him about the very topic you have so well exprssed, a question so many have pondered lately.  

      Give us some time as when I type too fast I often get my hands off the right keys and I cannot see at this time to edit my work, I have to depend on him to stop me if I'm in error.  

      I need someone to edit me for awhile but so important I stay online at this crucial time in history, and as you know, I pay my own way and do not use Val for financial gain as the manner of some, not caring for eht rtuth only for the sensational and the poor little lambs of the planet just eat it up and push my work aside because it's not sensational but show Val as a down to earth, very human man born on another world, a world not all that different than ours...not a space god with super human powers, though he does move in the Astral realm quite well and some of my family calls him "the ghost" and some think I'm a real nut cake...a fault of my high security husband that was very brin washed and fearful of what would happen to him if he dared leak the fact our Government has been involved with the Alien visitors, some not too good, since way before Eisenhower and way before Cmdr. Val Thor appeared on the scene.

      And  dear Hellen, this is not the "Valiant" that hurt you and took advantage of your innocence that abducted you when you touched the book, "Outwitting Tomorrow" that you shared with us on the Galactic site years ago, as that is the false Valiant, as there is a false Ashtar, a false Val and I know of a false Germain and there have been false leaders of countries, having their bodies either possessed by spirits of darkness or bodies so similar that with a bit of plastic surgery taken over by sinister Earth beings and the world never knew, as the possessors of those bodies were either deep in the grave or kept captive on isolated and hard to acess Islands owned by the power group some call the Cabal.  

      You should join Lee's "Living With Contact" and tell your story.  Those that think all off world visitors are good need to understand that is not the case and you could help many, especially those that believe a created being without a bely button, that stepped into the picture of the real visitor from another world, the then Ambassador Commander Val Thor of 1950 that made a partial deal with this planet for protection from invaders from without and shared technologies which have changed the world and advanced us hundreds, perhaps thousands of years into future technology.

      As a great mind, Carl Sagan stated; "A world that advances technologically faster than spiritually is mpt gpomg tp last."  And I don't think Ifinished that quotation ver batim but close enough.

      So oftehn you let Spirit guide you what to say and as you put up such memory touching music on my site, it's obvious dear Hellen you walk very close to the God of Creation that so many want to advance and ignore, making themselves gods instead of part of the ONE, a part of our "Field of Dreams" and a part of each other; In the worlds of the great Master Teacher,

      "As you do it unto others, you have done it unto ME."  And the "ME" being the great "I AM" that the Master Jesus and all the great teachers before him of the Light and Truth have given credit...the God Spark within us all...the spark of the ONE LIFE, TRUTH an LOVE we call by many names...the Yahwah of Israel and the Allah of Islam and the Christian's nameess God are all the same and one day mankind must learn that simple truth and stop hating and division and begin to work together, and being our brothers' keeper for real, fin a way out of the dilemna of over population without killing that is what is being done at this time....killing eachother and the law of the jungle, the survival of the fittest, is still in effect.

      Love and Blessings dear,


    • Hi.Valana. you mentioned the book ''Out Witting Tomorrow '' yes, I read the book I not sure if I'm not if I'm ready to explain everything that happened to me yet. I have to think about. I now what happen you already know we have many imposter on the planet and I have seen them and they are here and as you say they are connected with the government espeically with the Reptillian race I have seen many times here. I don't if you remember that I told you I was assulted at the Library it was such a difficult time and stressful time for me back then this incident occured on August 15th.2018 or 2019. i don't remember the exact year. I fell on the sidewalk and physically hurt my knee and I had some bruises on my part of my face and I had difficulties controlling my anxiety it was a very difficulty year. This one who assulted me at the Library was different I believe I saw black tentcles it was well hidden in him. I believe this was probably a black spider I have  seen this flash image in my mind of  this creature. This is the first time I ever seen a black spider. Some people took pictures of large spiders moving on top of buildings in the cities. I've had black Ops attack me for a while and then MIBs This is why I am so afraid somtimes.When I ws ten years old I had these two spaceships follow me and I didn't know until they showed up at the back of the house on near the railway tracks in 1966. I was so afraid and I was sad,depressed ..etc.. then years later I had a lot of anxiety issues and had to be hospialized for years until 1993 then in 2005 I don't remember the exact date but it about 14 years ago two of sisters and niece attended one Dr.Frank Stranges meetings at the University of St.Paul in Ottawa,Ontario,Canada. I was living there at the time and the new age was very popluar then and one of sisters purchased two or three of Dr.Stranges's book one was ''Out Whitting Tomorrow'' and ''Stranger At The Pentagon '' I don't remember the title of the other book. After I read Out Whitting Tomorrow I had these stranges experinces and not all of them were pleasant sometimes I would see stranges different things.This imposter suddenly appeard in a oval shaped halo and he was dressed in black and white suite this is what I saw and I also noticed that when I stepped on the floor with my right foot he would suddenly appear. I seeing a councilor once a week and I  into mediation trying to contol my anxiety.I feel very uncomfortable having to explain what happened to me because this was a very personal story. I know there is imposters,demons, creatures of all kinds on earth and some them look human.Just recently a man took a picture of a demon that was on top of the stairs of his house I saw this picture on George Noory website.  I once saw a snake coming out of my bedroon wall it came right to my face and it open it's mouth and I saw it's large  single tooth then it disppeared.There's all kinds of beings here on earth Valana.


    • Oh my dear child, you must not ever even think of such things, I am so very sorry I thought you were over it as you are such an intelligent person and do so much good posting good videos and beautiful gospel music of the past on my site.

      I won't even use the name I have had others that had terrible experiences with a being of that name similar to what you told on the Galactic site on mygroup there years ago and I am no longer there I have my own site and still post here at times.

      I would never have caused you to become anxious gagain over that terrible experience. But that is why Val wanted me to expose the book, not to hurt dear Rev Frank as though I never met him nor read any of his books or writings until I'd written for the real Commander Thor for years in private for my Government, I did not want to hurt anyone.  

      But Val said when one fools with the Occult though they are not evil but much truth taught, some Occultists find it wrong to steal their work and put another name on it so they do weird things to people in the spirit world like what happened to you...

      We have an expose' on that book posted here and on my site only because of wht happened to others that have confided they had strange experiences from even touching the book... It was first published in 1939 by the Golden Dawn Ppublishing Company, an Occult group and written by an Occult writerr of the time, James Gardner under the pen name of Frater was in  public doman I am sure as the copyright was out of date and the Publishng Company no longer in business, so anuyone couldpublishit, that was no crime, however by putting ther name of Vaiant Thor on it and his picture on it, it incurred the wrath of Occutists and we do not die we simply go in our higher bodies to another level and no doubt James Gardner put some bad curses on the book.  

      I am one that believes one cannot curse what God has blessed so I'm going to pray right now this wholer situation be wiped from your mind, memory, Akashic records and heart and from this very mment it will be over... Val nd I would never do anything to harm another and he has asked me not to use the Valiant name for him because so much has happened in that name and you have convinced me never to do so again.

      I want you to open your Bible to the 91st are you familiar with that psalm?  Leave it open on your night table and each night before going to sleep, read it aloud and believe every word is true right at the time of reading, ekspecially the words,

      "Tjere shall no evil befall me neither any plague come nigh my dwelling for he gives His Angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways."

      Then a you lie down to sleep, think on those words, "He gives his angels charge over me to keep me in all my ways.

      Imagine beautiful Angelic Beings in white robes singing "Allelua".  You know the chorus I'm sure. There were Angels recorded at a small church in Kansas City, Mo. years ago singing it and a person well educated in music said no human voice could hold a tone that long nor some of the tones heard on that recording, if I can find it I will post it.  Val and I will pray now. He and I have had miracles togetherr as we have prayed with others in our group we had in Shreveport in the mid 70's called "The Life Church of North Shreveport", it was a small group but he was seen with me a few times in a white robe trimmed in gold and he is with you now as we pray togehr and decree the thougts evporate into the nothingness from whence they came.

      "Father as we surround our Sister with our Love and the Presence of the Holy Spirit of God let thy ight ever remove the darkness of her past and the Light of your Presence guide her every step and thought. We command the darkness to be gone. And so it the Sacred Name of the Christ...Amen"

      Save this prayer. Read it when any of these memmories attempt to return and visualize the white robed Angels surrounding you as they are...we all have an angel band given us when we came here from the world of Spirit.  But we must recognize them and give them our dreams and desires and believe they will fulfill them until we can fulfill them ourselves.

      We lokve you and the work is done, forever you are free in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ.  Never turn loose of your childhood faith in our Lord Jesus do not allow any doctrine to takeHim from you...He loves you, believe that and forget all that other and never allow anyone to bring it back. IKt is gone now. Totally destroyed. It exists no our sins are never forgiven they are destroyed and never happened when we give them to the Christ...when a thought comes to you of the past rebuke it as a lie and say it is not my past I have become a new creature in Christ the Bible tells me and it belongs not to never happened as we are in Christ...not in the flesh..just know you are free from every evil happening and it was like a movie playing and you have forever shut the door and stepped into the Light of your creator and God..

    • Thank You so much Valana and Val. When I was a child in the 60s i would go to campmeetings with my parents and uncle. He a lot friends in the Christian Community and he travelled alot all over Canada and he would tape record all the campmeetings he attended  and would listen to them while he travelling to on the road. He passed away in 1991.


  • Val wanted me to show him the map of monoliths someone posted and now he's cracking up laughing he says those are not their monoliths!  He doesn't know whose monoliths they are.  But he says we should also leave them alone, too!

  • Val has me laughing so hard I don't know if I can type what he's saying...:-)

    "Earthians are the strangest of creatures.  One can hide something in the most isolated and out of the way place and an Earthian will snoop it out and put it on CNN.  And yes of course if it's something Trump does they will ignore it.

    "The Monoliths we placed are to offset and deflect any possible solar flare activity away from the inner planet as it could cause the plates to begin a vibration that would set off circulating quakes round the planet.  I have warned against this previously.  When this happens the entire planet crust could give way at  points and cities would be buried literally.  Just leave the Monoliths alone.  That's as clearly as I can say it.  No one needs to understand they just need to go about their business and leave ours alone."

    Supreme Cmdr Val Thor

    Universal Protection Command

    Hqtrs Altair Five

    Telepathic Transmision Received by

    Terese Thor


  • To save my time I just asked Val again about it and he said...well, I can't say exactly what he said :-)) as he's not happy sitting at a desk, he wants back on a ship as he says walking on a planet makes him dizzy...

    Actually, he's not on  this one I told him it wouldn't make him dizzy but he's on Altair Five under the big dome and he said he's already said leave them alone now leave them to @@@@ alone...that's code i'm not going to try to decipher it! LOL  

    Seriously there are some type devices they have placed here to offset a shock wave that might possibly be caused by a Sun explosion... I'm no scientist so hard to explain it but they are strategiclly placed and if not replaced by meddlers, they will be able to take the energy of a possible severe sun eruption of some type and direct it away from the planet because if the energies strike the planet directly it could set off a series of high velocity earth tremors that could likely have some bad effects on the popuation here... those are the Commander's words... 

    Now I don't read a lot anymore at this time until I have eye operation and I'mwaiting as if it's not successful Iwon't be around to write for Val and right now I'm trying to do best I can so I am hesitating here but is there something expected of a Sun eruption?  Don't blame the Commander he's not asking I am as I have gotten to the place I really don't want to write for him and wish he'd use someone else but he refuses flat out todo so..ok Val says leave them @ alone... the ones he knows about are to deflext energies from "super novas" ??? Something the sun might do. 

    "vALANA startover and let me talk.  Stop caring about what people think. nd for God's sake don't let people get you to stop writing for me at this time over some fixtion movie about a wife that makes a fool of me in the plot itself and will never reach the bigt prediction1" Start over...

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