Valana: Val, I've been asked to ask you about the 21st and about the Planet Ascension.  Now I said I wouldn't write for you if you ever missed a prediction so you'll walking on ice here.


Val: What do you mean, Valana.  I told one of your Presidents when you no longer wrote for me there would be silence as I refuse for you to be ignored, and I don't think you are...not by those that count.

Valana:   I'm referring to your missing it on the Presidential election. You said Trump would win,.

Val:  Trump did win, when you subtract the extra million that voted on the one million ballots sent out and subtracct the resurrected Democrats. It's unfair for God to raise all Demcrats in the U.S. and not one Republican.  Those votes must be thrown out.  Besides, it's not over yet.

Valana:  Do you think the planet will be damaged by the predicted Solar flare and do they have the time right?

Val: People pay too much attention to dates and times, though they are at times very accurate.  We have our ships in proper order to reflect much of the damaging rays whenever it happens.  We reflect much that could be very harmful to the panets.

Valana: By the word "we" do you mean onlly your Command?

Val: No, it is a joint effort.

Valana:  But I have not read anything else from another channel about the reflectors?

Val: I am not responsible for what others revceive, only that you pass on my inforfmation I wnt passed on. At this point you may go to private contact alone if you wish as I tire of you being tricked to write your feelings  just to have a good laugh...then write of ascension and pointing the priestly finger at others because of what they eat.  Yeshu taught it is not what goes in but what comes out of the mouth that matters. Without love for one's fellowman, and especvially compassion, one is not ready to pray. Rather as the Christ said so eloquently, lay down your gift, if you have offende your brother or sister go make it right, then return and place your gift on the alter.  All the chants, prayers and canddle burnings will not make up for a cruel heart and hurting one's fellowman or woman.

Valana: What about the 21st of December, do you think the planet will ascend to Fifth dimension?

Val: The planet will always be as it is, a school for Spirits to be birthed to gain bodies and progress as far as possible on their path of attainment to Godhood.  One will never be God but God will always be us.  The Go spark is within all and the planet where the ones reading this are located will always be what it is.  It is not the planet that ascends it is the person. Many will ascend but no one rides on another's coat tail.  Those that are ready ascend on special days when portls are open.  When one is ready they ascend to higher levels but it's an individual proposition.  At this time there are more ascensions and that is the reason there are more from the higher dimensions to assist.


Valana:  Does the White Brotherhood have place in the Teton mountain range where they can assist ascension with the crystal power and meditation as Saint Germain explained in one of his first dictatod books under visible light and sound ray to the Ballards?

Val: Yes, those dictations are very true. 

Valana: Are they on this dimension or another?

Val:  As the Etheric classes held by the Masters are Etheric, most of the higher activities are done on that level because no one is taken in actual body to any sacred location.  I'm not saying there are not some living on that dimension within the mountains nd substratum of the planet for the sake of privacy.

Valana: Are there any at the centerr of the earth?

Val: What do you think?

Valana: I think a grade school child that has studied some science would laugh t such a question.  If there were not molten lava at the center of planets they would float off into space like a balloon. It takes a core of very powerful iron to hold us in orbit to the Sun, that's grade school science.  I do understand about dimensions.

Val:  Yes if dmira Byrd went anywhere he went through a portal to another dimension. In that way yes, there are cities within cities but on the third dimension and level the planet is on, there is molten ava the size of the planet Mars within your planet center.  There are no third dimensional cities but there are cities of other dimensions and right where you are.

Valana: I know Einstein said a railroad track could be running through our lliving rooms and trains passin through each hour and we would never know it. Some very intelligent college students from the town where I grew up were coming home from college one night and a train came by on abandoned tracks that ran along the highway.  They coud see in the windows of the train people dressed in very old fashioned clothes and men with gun holsters on like in the wild west.

Val: They were allowed to see through a window to the past.  Time as well as space is relative, something that cannot be understood with the 3-D understnding.

Valana: What are the qualifications for Ascension?

Val: When one reaches the place they cannot hurt another in thought, word or deed without feelin the pain themselves, when one can no longer make fun or do anything to cause others physica, mental or emotional pain, whenone can understand and love both victim and villian and no longerr condemn , dislike or hate...then one will rise to the next dimension and they can take no one with them.  Each must walk their own path, the planet will stay as it is until there re none left to learn the lessns taught on that dimension and that time will never come for creation will never cease.

Valan:  Thank you for your time and answers, Val.

Val: Thank you for writing them for me, dear.


Note? If any have quetions they would me to ask the Commander I will be glad to do so. I am having troube with some keys sometimes sticking on my keyboard s if some letters are missing I believe all that read are smart enough to understand...I cannot see at this time to edt but soon wil be able to agan..  I must continue to write for Val as his words are important to humanity especially at this time.  God bless you and we love all of you very much or I would not bother to go to the trouble of posting. Valana



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