A Man Called Val

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Terese Thor (Valana)



The number one reason why I'm still trying to write this book is because I'm the only one that can tell the true story of a man from another world that visited the planet a few times in my lifetime because I know him better than anyone that claimed to have met him.

I'm the woman he wanted for his wife, I'm the woman he told was his Soul Mate and possibly more, and I'm the one person my Government knows knew him as they sent me to him July 14, 1950 as his only contact with my President.

Perhaps the very most important reason I'm wrriting this story one more time in more details is that Val won't let me rest until I do write it in full, with all the trimmings.

I just past my ninetieth birthday and would hesitate to not tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. I have no reason to do otherwise.  I am not writing this book for money.  As with my other two books about Val, "Government Woman" and "The Val Thor Discourses" I will also give it away free to anyone that sends me their email address and asks for the PDF copy.

Using a real Extra Terrestrial being for financial gain is not a thing I want to be known for.  Tere are honest ways to make a living. I have more respect for Val Thor than to use him to make money off a book, a movie or any other way.

Had I wanted money I wold haved gone under a Security Clearance in 1979 when asked to do so for my President at the time but Val asked me not to do so as if I did I had to promise to never talk aboout or tell I ever met or knew anything about an off world Being that visited the planet in 1950, 1957 and 1979.


I wrote "Government Woman" with only parts of my story that would be important to a Congresional Investigation that I could tell under oath and call witnesses to back my story at the time, one of which was a former President of the United States of America.

In the early 2000's Dr. Greer tried to take a group to Washington to get a Congressional Investigation of the Government's dealings with off world visitors.  I was asked to go, I did not do so though I received several calls and was asked to just make a video for them, as the key witnesses had all backed out. They asked me if IK, too, were threatened as some were but I was not. All I could tell them was I had personal reasons.  Those personal reasons I can now tell as they were the most evil of any used to stop that investigation into the secret goings on of our Government.

I had been deceived on email by one that made clear, with inuendos and exact words of Val from our 1950 meeting that he was Val, on the panet and trying to get to me.  I was told his sister ha starte clearing land in the Ozarks for us to build the home we planned together in 1950.  All the time Val was screaming at me telepathically it was not him, that they were using "Psychotronics" and not to open more emails.  I confided in Dr. Richard Boylan who told me they did him the same way and destroyed his career and to listen to the telepathic voice of Val.  But I didn't do it, I wanted so to be with Val and I wanted to believe, and how could he say some of the very words he had said back in 1950 to me?  I hd only shared some of my more personal story with very few and one of those few was the wrong one.  As soon as Dr. Greer's trip ws over without success the mysterious Val Thor email stopped and I knew I'd been deceived.


It will be the story back of the story. I'm not sure how I'll write it but I'm not a writer, but I'll give it my best shot because it's a story I have to tell.  I want only those events that are clear in my mind and that I can explain clearly and in detail.  The conversation cannot be ver batim but it will be very close to what was actually said.  I'm not going to try to write it as an unfolding story but I'm just going to tell it as it happened and the various important details that prove the reality of Val and prove he was not born on Planet Earth.

I don't know everything.  No one knows everything.  But the one thing I can say in all sincerity...I am writing to fool no one, I have a story to tell because I've lived that story, the story has been a major part of my whole life and the reason I've never had a real or happy marriage.

As Val has said, my Government sent a nineteen year old  on a woman's assignment and I have a right to tell it. That's why he did not want me to go under a Security Clearance...that and the fact he wanted the world to know what was going on in their skies and with some of their tax money.  And he still has things to say to this planet that no one else can say.

It's like what he told former President Jim Carter back in 1979...

"You sent her to me July  14, 1950 as my contact and if you want to know what I'm thinking, then ask  her.  Others may receive from me at times but if in doubt, clear it through her. I accepted her in the work, and you will not toss her away. Cmdr Val Thor".


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  • Hi Valana i would like a copy of each book you wrote if that is O.K with you.

    • Yes, dear Hellen, but don't send your email openly, send it in a message.

    • yes, i will send it by message Valana


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