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In our now moment we are divulging the next steps in your reality as ones of great importance. What we wish to convey is that the Light at the end of the tunnel has arrived. In great forward strides you have moved entire structures of society to an enlightened realm of great potentiality for all of civilization. What we offer you now is a moment to reflect upon the amount of work that has been put forth by selfless servants to initiate these great and expected changes. We of the Lighted Realms have great respect for the civilization upon your planet and we are here to affirm that your intentions have finally broken through the crust that has kept you bound. You are already experiencing the beginnings of life in The 5th Dimension...

In lieu of much greater events about to take place in your reality we wish to bestow upon those of the Light the first opportunities to actualize the visions of their intended outcomes. It is in the dedication of the warrior that you are owed grandiose rewards for such deliberate and compassionate undertakings. Allow yourselves to be fulfilled with the Light of Creator, for he beckons each of you now to absorb the Light of Omnipotence. He has determined that rewards shall be bestowed to all who have steadily worked toward the total upliftment of man. It will be up to you then to show the ways to the world of the total power of abundance that you have commanded for yourselves in the name of ascendancy. It will be a great undertaking still to complete your missions to serve, however these missions employed will be of great joy.

As each of you receives thy bounty, be astute to the underpinnings of society who currently holds the power. For they will continue to grasp for this power that is now changing hands. Each of you who are about to take the final steps out of duality should have a firm understanding of that which no longer serves you. In knowing this, you shall be free to disconnect yourselves from the paradigm which holds limits to reestablish yourselves within the new paradigm of limitless supply. This great step in your evolution is one that has been whole heartedly earned by you and it should be in this knowledge that you find the deepest respect for your journey and admiration for your tenacity in times of challenge. Whether you are tempted by the fruits of lower thinking matters not. What matters then is the way in which you choose to react to those urgings. If your actions are suited for the higher ways then you will have known the discipline to choose a better way regardless of the pull of lower thinking and feeling. This is what is meant by self mastery, knowing the outcome before it is presented to you and choosing the highest good for yourself and for all in these circumstances.

What we see is a rise in discernment among the human race and this lends credence to the readiness of man to take the quantum leap forward to your destiny. Most who are duly prepared for this next step in your virtual reality will be undergoing a transformation of great impact. This means that the timing of your soul’s journey to evolve is timed with the Great Mother’s. In this quest for transformation you will undoubtedly find resolve with any discordant energies in your life. It will be a time of healing for many, a time of clarity and purpose. It will be up to each of you to utilize this new expansion for the purposes of enhancing your lives and the lives of others. It is in the successful completion of the cycle of initiation that you shall victoriously emerge.
We are with each of you now preparing to assist you with your new roles. You all have the divinely encrypted blueprints encoded within your DNA which will unravel before you. In choosing the opportunities that lie ahead, know that you may call upon us, the Lighted Beings of Nebadon, to assist you in your missions. Many of you will find all the support you need within but know that it is available to you should you ask. We are ever so joyous at the coming transformation of the new Earth and her inhabitants. We assure you that you will be in great joy as well. The times before you now will offer each of you an illumined path to greater service. Of course it is always up to you to determine your destiny, however we see you as duly prepared for greatness.
Blessings on each and every one of you in the successful completion of a most divine journey to truth. The seasons draw to a close and the heightened energy abound for rebirth and renewal gather at each equinox. Utilize the cosmic intelligence for the alignment of your cosmic being at this very special time. As always, we are supporting your endeavors as our role in this great shift of consciousness. Soon, all of you will have untapped resources to explore and new heights of transformative energy to share with all. We are safeguarding your future under lock and key, however, Creator has beckoned each of you prepared to be given the combination to unlock your rightful destiny among the stars.

We are the Lighted Beings of Nebadon and we give thanks to you for your assistance this day.
It would be a Blessing to us; If you would share this missive...

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