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Universal Mother Mary on the Law of Change - Part 1/2

The Divine Mother herself incarnated as Mary, Mother of Jesus
(“Transcript: Universal Mother Mary Discusses the Law of Change, September 3, 2013, Part
1/2,” September 6, 2013, through Linda Dillon, at
Heavenly Blessings: Universal Mother Mary, September 3, 2013, Part 1/2
Suzanne Maresca: Good morning and welcome to another offering of Heavenly Blessings with
Linda Dillon, channel for the Council of Love and author of The Great Awakening, and myself
Suzanne Maresca.
This is the fourth installment of our series on Universal Law. And the topic today is the Sacred Law of Change. We’re especially blessed today because our beloved Universal Mother Mary
will be joining us to offer guidance on this fourth Law. Change is something we all respond to differently and right now on Earth, change is all around us in the most profound of ways.
This can bring up fear for some and excitement for others, but change is indeed inevitable. The CoL tells us that this law speaks to movement and action. As we settle into our innate role as
creator beings, the world around us will be in constant state of flux and it’s going to be vital that we learn to embrace change for the blessing that it is Universal Mother Mary on the Law of Change -

Part 1/2

This is an exciting topic for me because I’ve really always loved change. Leaving a job has always been an exciting thing for me, but I’m certain that there are many reasons to be excited about change beyond simply looking forward to something better. …
Universal Mother Mary: Greetings, I am Mary. Universal Mother, mother of love, mother of hope and, yes, beloved ones, mother of change and mother of constancy, continuity. And it is these three “C’s,” change, constancy, and continuity that I wish to speak to you of this day.
My beloved children, children of my heart, when I say that I have birthed each one of you, what do you think I mean? That I am somehow responsible? Yes, that is so. But it is more than that.
You have moved and traveled and been expelled, birthed, from my essence, from my core. And even in that birthing, dear heart, is the movement of love, the movement of energy into form
eventually, for you did not start out in form. You simply started out as a spark of light, of love, and then the adventure began. And if you look at it over what you think of as timespan, you can see the progression and the many changes that you in conjunction with I, and with your beloved guides, and many consultants have wrought.
For you have been angels, some of you archangels, star beings, interplanetary beings. You have assumed many forms – rocks, trees, animals, humans, Pleiadians, Arcturians. You have always
been in accordance with the Law of Change, the Law of Continuity, the Law of Constancy. For it incorporates all three of these aspects.
So the core of you, the essence, the very essence of who you are does not change. It continues.

It assumes different forms. It travels throughout the Omniverse. But the core of your being is constant and it is in constant movement. Even throughout what you think of as this lifetime.
You are in constant movement. Yes, there are times when you are in stillpoint of creation, but also understand that in stillpoint there is still the movement of creation and of re-creation.

The essence of who you are continues throughout time and space. That is the law. That is the Law of Change: constant movement and consistency. And you remain in that movement until you actually return at the completion, the end of your journey when you reunite with One.
Now does that mean that you do not have the ability for still point? No. Because that is part of your spiritual genetic makeup as well. But even as you hold the still point for seventeen seconds, which is the amount of time in your realm that you hold for what we would think of as fertilization and actualization. You think of gestation as nine months. In reality when we are speaking of this, it is seventeen seconds.
But when you begin your seventeen seconds of stillness, you are not the same person at the end of that seventeen seconds. You have changed. Skin has changed. Hair follicles have changed.
Ageing has taken place. Restoration has taken place. Gaia has continued to spin on her axis.
So you are never not in the flow of change. It simply is not possible.
So even when you take the brief hiatus on the still point, you are still in the movement because the energy of the universe continues to move. It moves with you, through you, around you.
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Your blood does not stop flowing, your heart does not stop beating, and this – I wish to be very clear with you – this change of your breath, of your heart beating, of your blood flowing, this is my gift of infinite, eternal expansion.
This constancy of change and the continuity within that is the gift of your eternal becoming. So what do you do with this law other than understand the obvious? You work with it.

Because what is creation except the manipulation - and I mean that in the most positive of senses - it is the manipulation of particles, subatomic fibers, molecules and energy into what you wish to experience.
And dear hearts, let me be clear with you. I do not care if it is six, seven or eight billion; the only thing you wish to experience is love.
That is it.
Now, you may label it relationship, financial security, adventure, meaningful work, but really it is love. And what is love except the eternal flow and the constantly-changing flow of energy? Not only the flow between yourselves, not only between you and Gaia, but, sweet angels, between you and I.
There are many cords that have been broken by my sweet Michael with his sword. He has assisted you magnificently as he has assisted me in removing ties that bind you to illusion, ties that do not serve you, cords that simply imprison you. And he will continue to do so because, yes, in
the effort and the human reality, even as you are anchored in the Seventh, there are still some residual cords that you carry, out of love and sometimes out of fear. But that is not the point of
my conversation.
There is one cord that cannot and will not ever be broken. Not by Michael, not by dark forces, not by you. And it is the infinity cord, it is the flow of energy between you and I.
It is my love that I send freely and constantly to each and every one of your hearts. It is the infusion of my blue diamond and, yes, we have added to that with your pink and the father’s gold so that your tri-flame is balanced. For I do not simply desire to create a clone. Some of you are very much like your Mother, but some of you are magnificently like your Father as well. And then there are some of you who are so uniquely and distinctly yourselves that you are celebrated
above, below, and beyond.
But this flow of love, this infinity of love, never stops. And inside that, as it comes to you simply as life force, as inspiration, as ideas, as energy to keep you going, it is to create, and it is to create not in confusion and certainly not in the old paradigm of the old Third. It is to create and
to co-create with us your Ascension, your claiming your position in service to the light. It is implied service to your sacred self, service to your sacred unions, plural, to me, to Father/Mother
One, to your guides, to your brothers, to your sisters, to your soul family, to your partner, to your children and to your community. That cannot stop.
So when you think of this Law of Change, really what it is asking is what are you doing with every moment of your life? Am I keyed into the infinite creation and expansion of the Moth-
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er? Or am I hiding in the h***? Am I cowering in fear? Am I limiting myself? That time of being outside the Law of Change, or of denying the Law of Change, is over. That is why I have stepped forward this day.
You have all witnessed children who put their hands over their eyes and think because they cannot see you that you have disappeared. It is very sweet. But many of you have done this and thought if I can’t see it, then it will disappear and I will not have to deal with this constant
The change - the constant change - is the gift, my beloved friends. It is the gift of infinite becoming, of such expansion that you would marvel. Now you did not come to this Earth or to this lifetime with limited capacities. You brought the totality of your mastery, of your talents, your
capacities, and your abilities anchored in your human form. You brought them in your mind, your heart, your body and your will.
So the question is, with each moment as a brand new opportunity, what are you creating? Are you in that infinite flow? Have you accepted and have you paid attention to where are you in your cycle of creation? Are you in the formulation of inspiration and simply listening and dreaming, which is magnificent and playful and gleeful and fun?
Or are you in the position or in the point in your cycle where you are planning and putting the pieces together? Are you in implementation? Are you in the action and the fulfillment and starting to believe and think about what your next undertaking will be?
And within each of these creations are a million small creations. Because in each moment the energy is shifting, expanding and moving. The Law of Change is the Law of Movement. But the core of that energy and your energy is constant. And it continues until the time you return and even in that merger, that re-merger, there is movement.
So the question isn’t do I like change, do I embrace change, how do I manage change? It is the deeper acceptance and allowance. This is the law of the universe.

What are the Universal Laws except what we have laid down to help you understand how things work? It is very simple.
So it is an acceptance. It is not possible for you to exempt or divorce yourself from the process and the Law of Change. You can put your head in the sand and you can pretend, and - some of you are very good at pretending. You have excelled at it - you can deny. But it does not change what is going on. And that is, change.
So let me show you. Let me help you not only with the acceptance, but the invocation of this Law of Change, to work with it and to be in the flow. Let me help you to be the constancy of creation and the mirror not only of the Mother/Father One, but the truth of who you are: infinite
and evolving. Do not think simply because you have arrived in the Fifth Dimension with Gaia that the journey is done. Dear heart, you have only just started.
And you are not limited to one dimension or another. Your playground is very large; your palace is very large. The human realm has twelve dimensions, and twelve levels within each of those dimensions, and then some fine tuning. So let us begin. What do you wish to do with this
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change? Welcome it. And work with it. You can say to me things aren’t flowing. Well, dear heart, that is simply not true.
Things are constantly flowing. So what you are saying to me is things are not flowing in the way that I desire and that is very different. When I ask you to stop - yes, even though the energy continues flowing - stop, think, feel, and re-direct yourself into that flow so that it can be working
with you in ways that are harmonious and in keeping not just with our trip, but with yours.
You are magnificent. You would not be here at this time of rapid change if you were not up to it, if you were not fully-prepared and competent. My trust in you knows no bounds and my knowing of what you are capable of knows no bounds. So stop hesitating. Stop denying. And get into the flow, sweet angels. I am with you

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